From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 22, 1993

On march 14, 1993 I was contacted by Linda D. Thompson of Indianapolis, Indiana with regard to the representation of David Koresh and myself in filing with the federal and state courts in an effort to provide the Constitutional protections that are the inherent rights of David Koresh, and the others, being detained in their own home at the Mt. Carmel Church complex near Waco, Texas. It was understood at the time that we would be working together in an effort to find a resolution to the problem that had caused her to contact me on that date.

On Friday, March 19, an Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus was filed in the Federal District Court. This petition was reviewed and agreed to by all concerned.

On Saturday, March 20, Linda Thompson prepared a press release which was then sent through the American Patriot Fax Network to thousands of receiving fax machines, indicating that I was going to enter the complex, at night. I believe now that this was an effort that was planned by Thompson to assure my arrest and allow her to pursue legal remedy for myself and Koresh, with all decisions being made by Thompson, regardless of our agreement to work together in this matter.

Since Thompson"s arrival, she has failed to meet at scheduled times on virtually every occasion, showing a complete lack of respect for our relationship and for my time. I am convinced that the actions of Ms. Thompson are self serving and not in the best interest of David Koresh or myself. Certain agreements that we had when we entered into this relationship have been completely ignored in subsequent filings by Ms. Thompson, and are not, in my humble opinion, in the best interest of David Koresh and those held hostage inside the complex by federal authorities,

As a result of the above, David Koresh and I are in need of competent legal assistance from an attorney or counselor who is willing to work with, rather than take control of, the preparation of and conducting of the necessary legal remedies and actions to assure that justice and the safety of those in the Church complex prevail.

Any interested party please contact me at [New Road Inn], room 223.

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