From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 24, 1993

Did you ever wonder how and why you are getting this information from the Outpost of Freedom? I can tell you that I fully expected that I was going to have to wait until I got back to Florida before I would be able to get this information out to a large audience, those being the subscribers and recipients of courtesy copies of the Outpost of Freedom. However, in the process of attempting to get what information out that I could I ran across a fellow named Ken Vardon. Ken just recently (about the time I began publishing the Outpost of Freedom) began a fax network which is appropriately named American Patriot Fax Network (APFN). Ken felt that the information was worthy of broad dissemination and offered, without charge, to distribute my releases to all on his list of fax machines. He also has allowed me to add any recipients to this list, and is willing to provide all information that we have put out since the first transmission, to anyone who asks.

Although neither Ken or I was ready for the amount of information we were going to be putting out as a result of the events here in Waco, Ken has been more than willing to work all night long sending out hundreds of fax transmissions to patriots, media and others. Those others include the FBI/BATF command center here in Waco.

Now comes the big question, what does it cost to accomplish this awesome task? When we consider how broad and far reaching this network has become in the past few weeks, it is easy to understand that there must be considerable expense in just the transmission of the faxes to those within the first layer of the network. Ken has born this cost without compensation. There have been no subscriber or transmission costs assessed to myself or any of the recipients of the transmissions.

When we consider that many have called me, directly, and have never heard of APFN, that others have received and are distributing the information to from dozens to hundreds of other machines, we begin to realize that what we have created is absolutely beyond comparison to normal media communication.

To keep this effort alive, I would ask that every recipient consider making a contribution to APFN, as soon as possible. Any amount will help to keep this new and wonderful means of communications open.

Thank you,

Gary Hunt

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