From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 24, 1993

Today"s FBI press conference was poorly attended as a result of the activity at the federal courthouse. At least four "detainees" were present this morning. Upon leaving the courthouse one was heard to say that the government did not want us (the people, not those in court) to know. This appears to be in relation to comments about the Seven Seals, but may be more far reaching in that it does appear that the FBI is reluctant to answer certain questions, changes stories and is intentionally misleading in many answers.

At the regular morning press conference a few interesting answers were presented in response to questions from the media that are more imposing and truth seeking than many previous conferences. When asked if the BATF shot first, the BATF representative, Mr. Conroy, said that these allegations were a "ploy". He also tried to imply that the MP-5 rifles were only capable of firing in a semiautomatic mode, which is inconsistent with what I have been able to learn about the rifle. It is a 9 mm, German made, full automatic rifle, which has a selector that would allow 2-3 round bursts as well as single shot mode. Conroy did indicate that the videos of the original events would be reviewed. He did not, however, say by whom.

Mr. Ricks, of the FBI, stated that David Koresh has broken his word in the negotiations. He claims, now, that Koresh had said a few days ago that there would be a resolution within days. We have reviewed the tape of a few days ago and find that Ricks then said that Koresh had made reference to "astrological events" which the FBI construed to mean days, not weeks. Seems a bit ambiguous to me.

When asked if it was possible that the first bullet was fired by the BATF, pointing out rumors of an accidental discharge by BATF that is circulating locally, we were told that BATF has made hundreds of raids with no mishaps such as this. There was not a clear statement of fact. This opens a question that we have presented in the past, who is going to conduct the investigation? Is it proper for those agencies involved in the operation to conduct the investigation, and control the crime scene? We have suggested that the Texas rangers and/or the sheriff of McClennan county be the investigative agency in this matter. It would seem that the FBI/BATF would also be desirous of having an un-biased evaluation of the evidence in this matter. If the "I" in FBI does stand for integrity, then surely leaving the investigation in other hands would be indicative of the integrity, and would leave no question regarding any implications that may be made later.

Texas penal code, 99.31, provides a lawful means for self-defense if the shots were first fired by BATF personnel. If, in fact, it were an accidental shot and the branch Davidians were responding to what would appear to them to be an armed attack by over one hundred armed agents, would they be illegal in defending themselves? If not, it might be wise for all of us to consider the consequences of allowing federal forces to intrude into our homes, guns blazing, and us with no remedy of self defense. Sounds very much like what the government would prefer if they are to have absolute control of the people of this nation. Is that what we want?

Have any of us tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the Branch Davidians? Perhaps it is time to ask serious questions, not only of the FBI, but, of ourselves.

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