I have been advised that there has been a Call to Arms sent out by Linda Thompson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, calling for Patriots to come to Waco, Texas, on April 3, to form an armed militia. These past few weeks have been very fruitful for the Patriot Community. The efforts of hundreds of Patriots have resulted in effective compromises on the part of BATF and FBI. The solution being worked toward is of a positive nature, and is a good solution to the problem at hand, as well as the attitude of the American public. The lives of those in the Branch Davidian Church Complex are safer now than at any time since February 28. A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IS IN PROGRESS!

Myself and many others who have worked for a peaceful solution beseech you not to follow the request for a call to arms.

Those of us working for a peaceful solution have had many setbacks, but we have also had many successes. Linda Thompson, being a BAR attorney, has had one setback and now feels a need to resort to violence. Let"s use some good old Common Sense and not undermine what is being successful. This call to arms would, most likely, put the Patriot Movement back many years, or worse, beginning an armed insurrection. This would have a negative affect on every family in America.

If the time comes for such a call, there are many who have worked long and hard for the movement. Rely on those who have put more than just a few months into the movement to judge the severity, or the success, of the efforts to date.

If you come to Waco, come unarmed. If you come armed, turn your weapons in to the Sheriff for safe keeping until you are ready to leave. Peaceful efforts are in order, and their success is becoming apparent. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
(817) 662-2442, ext 223
Waco, Texas

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