From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 29, 1993

The Waco Tribune-Herald had two front page stories on Sunday that can lead to some interesting thought. The second headline reads "FBI: Howell cares only for own life". The story goes on to explain how the FBI has determined that Vernon Howell (the FBI won"t even use his legal name) is only concerned with his own life and apparently is not concerned with the lives of the women and children in the complex. The FBI is suggesting that Koresh will begin a battle without regard for the lives of those around him. It would seem to me that Koresh would be involved in the battle and that his life would be equally at risk. Perhaps the FBI knows something we don"t know.

The headline story deals with allegations by the BATF forces who went in to battle. They claim that their superiors, one of which was observing the action from a helicopter, were aware of automatic weapons, that the element of surprise was lost, that there would be resistance, and that most of the BATF forces had not been apprised of what they were going in to. I guess that we could draw the conclusion that the superiors in the BATF did not care for the lives of the forces that were making the assault on the complex.

So, who is calling the kettle black?

This all sits in the middle of claims by some that the BATF sustained friendly fire casualties on a scale much like desert storm. We have heard the description of how Officer William"s was shot. We are told the he was behind cover (cover is supposed to be protection rather than the visual cover called concealment) and was seen to be hit. He then fell, got back up and was firing again when he was again hit. The shot was allegedly from the side, as it appears that he was shot through the neck from side to side, but there is only a report of one wound.

We also have reports that one of the BATF agents, while climbing a ladder to the roof top, managed to shoot himself in the foot. There is video footage available that alleges to support this claim.

It will be interesting when the Texas Rangers, without the help of the BATF or FBI, complete their investigation. To date we have gotten only one side of the story. When we have heard both sides and an independent party has completed their investigation, there is no telling what sort of picture we will have for the history books.

In light of all of this, perhaps it is time to allow David Koresh"s lawful Power of Attorney to enter the negotiations with an effort to resolve the stand-off and secure a peaceful and equitable solution until the investigation is completed. Is it worth one more life to allow the ego of the BATF/FBI to be maintained, or is it time for common sense to prevail?

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