From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 1, 1993

This week on street stories, Mr. Troy, of the BATF stated that had the BATF not lost the element of surprise, they would have won the "gun battle". It appears that it was obvious to the BATF administration that there was to be a gun battle. So, let"s look at the reasoning behind this.

We (BATF planning party) have to serve an arrest warrant, and also make searches authorized by two search warrants. Now can we go about this without anybody being hurt? Well, pastor Koresh will not submit to arrest if the Sheriff asks him to. It worked, once, but it won"t work again, so that option is out. Our sources say that he never leaves the compound, so the option of catching him off guard is out of the question. That, then, leaves us only two options. We can assault the complex, and risk loss of life, unless, of course, we maintain the element of surprise, in which case this may be pulled off with a high risk factor if we fail at the surprise part, or we can just plain lay siege and wait them out.

Of the two choices we have, there is only one that minimizes loss of life and that is to just lay siege, but that might allow them to destroy evidence, which we are sure exists, cause if it doesn"t we are going to look awful stupid trying to serve an arrest warrant when there is nothing to arrest Koresh for. So, we better go with the loss of life side and hope that there is some evidence inside, and if there is no evidence, we wad better make sure that there is some when we come out. Let"s draw a "drop" 50 caliber machine gun just in case. That"ll look real-good to the public. As far as the loss of life, our guys have body armor and Kevlar helmets, so we should be pretty safe.

Now, if they don"t fight back it won"t look very good, so we gotta go in in such a way as to provoke at least a little shooting so we can get some good pictures. Just in case, let"s send a couple of guys in the second story window.

If nobody shoots at us, we can claim that they did, then shoot them. Besides, we can convince the public that we thought that they would hide their guns and ammo on the second floor instead of in a bunker or something.

We can use cattle trailers and nobody would suspect anything. Didn"t you tell me the Chisholm Trail goes through there somewhere? We can suit up on the side of Highway 84. Nobody will notice cause the good guys wear black, and besides, it will still be dark down there in Bellmead. Yeah, we can let the boys go drinking the night before. Heck, they won"t say anything. We got them guys trained real good. They know that loose lips sink ships, or something like that. Besides, most of them don"t know much about the operation anyway. We got them convinced that there will be no resistance. The uniforms and everything are just for the training films. You got a couple of guys to film this, don"t you?

Okay, we got everything ready. Now, remember, this is a secret operation. Don"t tell anybody. Lets go get some sleep, gotta get up early!

Hey, did anybody call channel 10 yet?

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