From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 2, 1993

Something has been happening here in Waco that I have been trying to understand. It is not what happened on February 28, nor is it why the people inside of the Church complex known as Mt. Carmel are still inside and have not come out, for this I do understand.

What I cannot understand is why, when a lawful Power of Attorney was granted by David Koresh to a person he didn't know, on March 9, the press, apparently, has made a decision regarding the validity of the Power of Attorney, and the person who holds it.

The press" coverage of Mrs. Haldeman, mother of David Koresh and holding an agreement for a $75,000.00 book deal obviously has a motive for what she is doing.

Jean Holub, grandmother of David, who has seen him three times in his life, must also have a reason to become involved. The press has no problem understanding this motivation, so they are quick to respond. There must be legal merit to these actions for the judge has ruled that both are without standing (which means that they are not recognized by the court as being close enough to be a party to any action on David's behalf).

Let me interrupt here and take you back to April 19, 1775. 800 British regular army soldiers were approaching Lexington, Massachusetts. Less than one hundred colonists, none who would have any reason to become involved in what was about to occur, gathered with their hunting rifles on the Green. No monetary gain motivated these men to stand against the British forces. No monetary gain would have been worth the risk of loss of life that they would be facing. No family members were in jail, nor had they been shot by the British. But, I understand why those men were willing to stand and face portions of the greatest military force in the world. And, I understand why David Koresh and the other brave defenders of mount Carmel stand fearlessly defending their home, and mine.

I also understand why the press of the 1770's was willing to print in their newspapers the sentiments that they did. Unlike their modern day counterparts, they understand that men were willing to stand with, by and for their neighbors.

This all came clear to me earlier today when I was being interviewed by newsmen from Channel 8, in Dallas. .I was asked if I had a book deal in the works. I responded that what was happening in Waco was David's story, not mine.

As we were returning to the motel something occurred to me, I have no reason in the world to be here in Waco. Those times when Americans were willing to sacrifice anything, even their lives, for their neighbor having gone the way of shinning armor, or have they?" if you really want to find out, don't ask the press in Waco, Texas.

But, for those of you that do care, don't you worry, because I truly believe that there is a reason for me to be in Waco.

"Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic. But will they keep it, or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom. Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction."

---Thomas Jefferson

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