FBI Investigation Timeline

prepared by Ron Cole (from jail, May 1997)

January 1997: Special Agent Steve Dirito assigned to the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Unit and begins to monitor militia newsgroups. (examples quoted in government complaint)
January 30, 1997: SA Dirito has, by this date, begun a file on "militia oriented" postings written by Ron Cole from off of militia newsgroups. (examples quoted in government complaint)
March 1997: Cole begins posting NALA information on the Internet.
March 4, 1997: SA Dirito has added at least one other newsgroup post to Cole's file. (quoted in government complaint)
March 12, 1997: SA Dirito, by this date, has included articles from Cole's website into his file. (Specifically "The Roles We Play" Partisan)
March 31, 1997: By this date, the FBI has begun surveillance on Cole's. Terry's and Kennett's residence.
April 23, 1997: SA Dirito meets with Dan McNasby.
April 23, 1997: McNasby (informant) enters Cole's home with intent to gather information for the FBI, then meets with Dirito later that night.
April 28, 1997: FBI contacts ATF and receives from them information pertaining to firearms alleged to be in Cole's, Terry's and Kennett's possession, according to McNasby.
April 29, 1997: SA Bill Clifford calls Cole and establishes a meeting for 2:00 PM on May 1. Subject: Finding a peaceful solution to the Republic of Texas standoff.
May 1, 1997: Cole, Terry and Kennett are arrested by the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Unit on Firearms charges.

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