Waco II -- No More Wacos!

Gary Hunt,
Outpost of Freedom
April 5, 1999


In the years following the occurrences of February 29 through April 19, 1993, I heard, from every corner of the country, the resounding, "No More Wacos!" Probably not such a hue and cry since "Remember the Alamo", has expressed itself in the American lexicon. "No More Wacos! No More Wacos! The impression given was that if such an event as Waco occurred, again, the retaliation against the government would be sure and swift.

So, what was Waco? What, exactly, is it that which we swore that there would be no more of? Was it the simple fact that a Church was attacked and its parishioners murdered? Was it the extension of federal governmental authority into the jurisdiction of a sovereign state? Was it the paid ‘performances’ of the government agents? Was it the blatant disregard for life and law? Whatever it was, something about Waco stirred some of the spirit that is necessary if this country is ever to return to its proper role in the world.

Let’s look and see if, perhaps, "Waco" is, again, occurring:

The possibility for peaceful resolution presented itself well before the initiation of violence by the government. In both cases, the US government failed to take advantage of the opportunities.

Koresh extended an invitation to the BATF to come to Mt. Carmel to inspect his guns

Serb dissidents elicited support from the CIA to overthrow Milosevic.

Once the violence began, ultimatums, not negotiations, became the only means for resolution.

In each situation, the ultimatum continued to expand in scope as time went on.

In each situation, the US government violated the laws that they claimed to be enforcing.

The Texas Penal Code, Section 9.31 (C), see: "The right to self-defense, Texas style"   and Supreme Court decisions, such as John Bad Elk v United States, see: "The Right To Self Defense"

The NATO charter claims it is a defensive organization and is committed to force ONLY if a member nation is attacked; The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties forbids coercion to compel any state to sign a treaty or agreement; and, The UN Charter prohibits the use of force against s sovereign state which has not committed acts of aggression against another state outside its borders. See: Truth in Media, follow links to Kosovo Crisis, Day 13, Update 1

The actions of the US government demonstrate a total disregard for human life, including woman and children.

Controlled Press Conferences, feeding pabulum to the media, become the means by which the US government ‘spins’ its own reality on the ongoing events.

After a number of different BATF and FBI spokesmen failed to manage stand up thinking, Bob Ricks finally assumed the role of chief liar for the US government.

After a number of spokesmen, Jamie Shea has settled in as chief liar for the US government/NATO.

Total disregard, by the US government, toward the religious beliefs and observances of the victims

Blaring noises, glaring lights and press conference mockery of the religious beliefs of the Branch Davidians and disruption of their religious observances.

Incessant bombing during religious holy days, including Western and, probably, Orthodox observances of Easter.

Original perpetrators replaced by stand in big brother.

BATF raids Church and big brother FBI takes charge.

United States, with approval of NATO allies, invades. Things don’t go as planned (no short exercise) and NATO/Great Britain becomes big brother protecting Bill Clinton.

So, what is "Waco"? For those who committed themselves to the assurance that they would become proactive, should Waco occur again, it is time for some deep reflection on the commitment they made. Insincerity and procrastination are not the ingredients that made this once great nation, nor will they be the fuels by which it is restored.

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