Some might wonder just why this page is titled "World War III". It is not my doing, but the doing of the US government (specifically, the Executive Branch). According to them, "We"re in a new kind of war, and we"ve made very clear that it is important that this new kind of war be fought on different battlefields," (National Security Adviser Condoleza Rice, in a recent interview). That "war" (even though un-declared, in accordance with the Constitution, has already manifest itself in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Yemen and Iraq. In taking sides, the US government has elicited support (an agreement to do battle) with European, Asian and African nations. Other nations which have come under scrutiny (apparently in opposition to US government policy) include Korea and Libya.

So, it appears that we have encompassed the world (or, most of it) in this undeclared war (World War III). And, we have abolished the old international rules of warfare by assassinating alleged criminals, as was the case with the use of the Predator guided rocket that killed Ali Qaed Sinan al-Harthi and five other alleged terrorist operatives, including an American citizen, Ahmed Hijazi (summary execution).

 What would, in times past, have been a criminal offense requiring indictment, trial and then punishment, is now justified in this war without boundaries (World War III).

 As in past wars, the government is attempting to paint those in opposition to their policy as being un-American. So be it. If America has stooped so low as to believe that it is the arbiter of good and evil, and can do as George W. Bush (George III) wishes, regardless of the Constitution and the previously righteous foundations of this once great nation, then they may paint anybody anything and, it is only a matter of time before any opposition, at all, will result any and all good intentioned people of being assigned a label that will subject them to summary incarceration or execution.

[Some of the information that follows is translation or transcription of information from Usamah bin Laden, Al Qaida and others associated with them. It is difficult to put a date on the documents, unless it was included with the available information. If it was included, it will be specific, and given in context. If it was not, the dating will be approximate, and non-specific. opf]


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Based upon what bin Laden has said, in a couple of his writings, and what should be self-evident to those who really wish to understand what is going on in the world, today, you might wish to read Taxation without representation.

The Outpost of Freedom has obtained some footage taken by an AC-130 Gunship, in action at night in Afghanistan.
Murder, American Style

The Predator un-manned aircraft has become a weapon in the new US high-tech military force. It is the subject of Murder, American Style -- Part 2  

Sons of Liberty No. 35 discusses the ramifications of the just concluded Azores Island Conference, and its conclusions.

bin Laden"s Declaration of War. On August 23, 1996, Usamah bin Laden declared war on the United States and other countries and people who had been attacking Muslims, throughout the world. This is somewhat ironic in that the United States, though they have declared that they are at war against terrorism, has not yet Declared War in accordance with the Constitution. In light of this Declaration, the United States should not have been surprised at the events of September 11, 2001. This is also evident since President Clinton fired over 80 Cruise missiles into Afghanistan in an effort to assassinate bin Laden in 1997. [The linked page has the pertinent parts of the Declaration. The entire Declaration is linked from that page]

bin Laden letter of November 1, 2001 is a call to support Islam against the United States.

Transcript of bin Laden video delivered to Al Jazeera television on November 2, 2001. In this first video after the attack on Afghanistan, bin Laden explains that the war is not a war on terror; that the Afghanistan people are being unfairly killed; that the United Nations is acting as  tool of the US government; and, explains the circumstances that eventually lead to the bombing of the night club in Bali.

 Usamah bin Laden"s letter of November 2002, in which he explains why the Muslims are attacking America and its allies, and, what he would expect Americans to do to end the conflict.

Usamah bin Laden"s letter "to the peoples of their countries allied with the unjust American  government". This letter identifies the allies of America (though it appears to ignore Russia), and explains why the have taken the wrong side in the issue. It also provides the real reason (not an attack against Americans) for the attack on the night club in Bali. [About November 2002]

Around February 11, 2003, Al-Jazeera Television received an audio tape from Osama bin Laden. Prior to Al-Jazeera releasing the tape, the United States obtained a copy. It was from this tape that Colin Powell claimed to provide proof that Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were conspiring together against the United States. As you read this translation (by the BBC), note that Osama bin Laden does not side with Saddam, but does find that he is on the same side (with respect to the aggressive nature of the United States), and that he considers Saddam to be a Socialist (which appears to be a bit distasteful to bin Laden). Translation of February Audio Tape

On Thursday, March 6, 2003, George Bush addressed the nation in one of his very rare press conferences. The transcript of that press conference, including the question & answer period (along with some comments by opf) is provided for your better understanding of what is going on in this mad dash to war.

US State Department fact sheet on bin Ladin (1996)


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