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Massey - Letters from Jail #3


Divide and Conquer

Romans 16.17

Have you ever heard of united we stand divided we fall?  Have you ever seen any successful team fighting with each other during a championship game?  During combat situations in war, do fellow soldiers fight each other?  In a successful marriage, do the husband and wife fight all the time?  Is the lead man of a successful crew there to bring cohesion or allow fighting?  These all seem like really simple and easy questions.  We all should know the answer, right?  Well I wonder if we truly do know the answers.

Why do we fight among ourselves over petty and trivial matters?  Why do we worry who is pulling the biggest load?  Why do we have to be concerned with what someone else is doing?  I can answer that for you.  It is done by people not focused on the mission.  I am one of the world's worst control freaks.  As anyone who has ever worked with me knows.  I have a hard time trusting others to do tasks the way I want them done.  As an electrical contractor, I have to manage several men to get one job done.  I am one of the lead men that works harder than any man on my crew and I do it because I don't want anyone to ever say I'm lazy or don't pull my load.  I learned long ago though that I couldn't do everything.  So I have learned to delegate jobs to others and I have to let them go and do their jobs.  When one of my guys is messing up on his particular task or job, I have found it is more productive to talk to them as opposed to screaming and yelling at them.  Nobody likes to be screamed at even if they are in the wrong.  I always try to remember that golden rule of treat others how I want to be treated. 

When we are on the same team focusing on the same objective, we should support and encourage our teammates who aren't on task.  We all have bad days, but when you allow your bad day to affect others negatively, you hurt the whole team.  If a teammate is dragging ass or straight goofing off what would be the best way to motivate them to pick up the pace?  Tell them what a shitty job they are doing?  Criticize them and demean their efforts?  Ask them if they are having any particular problems today and see if you could help them out?  Give them a pep talk and encourage them and or show them a more productive way to handle the task at hand?

To me it has a lot to do with approach and conversation.  We have to remember as a team we are just one spoke in the wheel or you could say your leadman is the hub of the wheel.  Have you ever seen how a wheel with a loose spoke wobbles?  One loose spoke will loosen up other spokes and wear harder on the wheel in general.  So do you just break that spoke or do you tighten it up to keep the wheel true and turning?  Being a biker, I realize the value of keeping all the spokes tight and keeping my wheels true.

So, why do we harshly criticize each other on our own teams?  Why do we choose to fight over the petty stuff instead of staying focused on the overall mission?  Two reasons come to mind right away.  One, we are not truly fighting for the same mission, or two we are not a team player and we think our spoke is the most important spoke in the wheel.  News flash, if we aren't fighting for the same mission why are we on the same team?  Trust me when I tell you this all the spokes of a wheel are equally important but a wheel can still work with a missing spoke. 

In today's "Patriot Movement", we have too much in fighting.  How can we ever restore our republic and stop the tyrant if we are busy fighting each other?  We can't, that is why our country is the way it is.  They are winning by default.

I have had several of my very dear friends and patriots in my personal circle that fight with each other.  I have dear friends and family who are all fighting to help me get thru this nightmare situation I'm in, yet somehow they have time to fight with each other instead of our common enemy.  Why?  One common thing I hear is "so and so is just using you for their notoriety" to which I respond, "so what."  If we can help each other out, I'm all for it.  I don't care one bit if someone by helping me is able to advance themselves, as a matter of fact, I'm glad that they can.  I hear "so and so isn't doing hardly anything to help you," I respond, "so what, everything they do is moving us in the right direction, even if it is just one spoon at a time."  I appreciate all the help I get, no matter how small the help is.  I surely would never tell someone to not help me because you are not contributing as much as I want you to.  I'm no paying anyone to help so all the help is greatly appreciated.  This is a team effort in my opinion, and all the help is needed and appreciated.

My main goals are as follows:

1)  Re-establish God to the guidance of our nation & country and reapply his laws to our nation.

2)  Re-establish our constitutional limits on government and not let government continue to violate our unalienable rights.

3)  Reduce the size, scope, and power of the federal government.  States should have their rights restored, as stated in the Constitution.


Without restoring God as our guide, we will never be able to live free.  Mortal man will always find a way to sin against each other and will never be capable of true freedom because our inherent evil nature will rear its ugly head for power & corruption.  Galatians 5.13-21    Proverbs 29.18

Without reining in our corrupt government and placing the constitutional restraints back on it, they will never freely relinquish their usurped power and they will continue to trample the rights of we the people.

2 Thessalonians 1.6-7

The Federal government was never intended to have so much power.  They have robbed our grand kids for their own benefits and profits.  Our states should have the power to run themselves, as the citizens of the state see fit.

We will never get our country back though, if we continue to be divided.  United we stand, divided we fall.  One nation under God, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.

Please fellow Christian and patriots, remember our tasks and who is our true enemy of freedom.  Let's set aside our petty differences until we restore our republic.  That includes the racial, social, and religious differences the media and the government love to shove down our throats.  2 Thessalonians 2.7-12

The Muslims and other religions pose no threat to our country as our out of control government does.  If you think the Muslims or ISIL are brutal read the Old Testament to see just how brutal God is to those who reject him.

Romans 14    Leviticus 19.33

May God Bless America!



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