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Massey - Letters from Jail #4

July 4th 2015

The Media Division of Our Country

 We have become so lazy and brainwashed we eat all the lies the media feeds us.  We allow them to control our thoughts and control our actions.  Are we too lazy to find the facts ourselves?

The media you may as well say is straight from hell, now days.  When I was a kid, wholesome entertainment was on the airwaves.  Family shows like Leave it To Beaver, My 3 Sons, Mayberry and Andy Griffith.  On Sundays, you would be able to watch church shows.  Christian values were taught in schools and shown on TV.  Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street taught children instead of indoctrinate them.  The Waltons showed how families should act and work together.  What has happened to our country?  Why do we keep buying into it?  Have we become that mindless?

When I was young, we had what was called "The Blue Laws."  Basically, it meant on Sunday the only thing you could buy was food.  No toys, no alcohol, no frivolous purchases or unnecessary items could be sold on Sundays.  It was out of respect to God and the Sabbath.  This was not that long ago, this was in the 70's.  So how in the last 30 years or so have we digressed so quickly?  Why have we strayed so far from God and country in such a short period of time?  I will offer a few of my opinions: 

One way has been through the manipulation of our language.  Words used to have specific meanings.  One word didn't mean several things.  Shall not infringe meant what it said.  By shortening our vocabulary, it is easier to manipulate it and us.  Another example was felon.  A felon use to be someone who was under charges or under conviction.  Once you served your sentence, you were no longer called or considered a felon.  A classic example of this is a man named Wyatt Earp.  Mr. Earp is one of America's iconic wild west lawmen.  He is known for the gunfight at the OK Corral.  What a lot of people don't know or were not told is that Wyatt was a convicted murderer before he was ever in law enforcement.  He served time in prison for murder.  He was a gambler, gun fighter, pimp and in general a criminal.  What?  No way, you might say!  Go research it, it is very true.  While he was in prison, he studied law and he rehabilitated himself.  When he served his time, he opted to get into law.  Now in our times that would be impossible.  Why?  Is it because people can't be rehabilitated anymore?  Is it because once a criminal always a criminal?  I suggest it is because of control.  I'll explain what I mean in a little bit.

Back during the time of our founding people realized good people make mistakes.  And like God, we should forgive those who have shown their willingness to change.  When someone was sentenced to prison for their crime, once they satisfied the sentence they were free men again, crime paid in full.  If they were not rehabilitated and they continued on their life of crime, the punishment got harsher and longer or they were put to death if their depraved heart crime was heinous enough.  If someone was judged too dangerous to be free in society again, they were executed.  These attitudes were based on biblical laws and punishments.  Not much money in justice, just justice.  Back then, lawyers defended the accused (now call defendants) for free and according to law, the standard to convict someone was high.  As with biblical law, which states there had to be 2 or more eye witnesses to execute someone.  Deuteronomy 19, 15 & 18, 19

We were considered "innocent until proven guilty," as our Constitution says.  (False witnesses were prosecuted and treated just as severely as the most heinous of criminals)  Not much room for bribery and manipulation of the laws with those standards.  Now, the corrupt, with enough money and influence, are able to literally get away with murder.  We the people are now considered guilty until proven innocent.  Doubt me, then why do the courts keep trying you until they get a guilty verdict?  As a way to keep control over people and raise more money in crime, things like probation and parole came into existence.  The government also was able to strip the rights of people forever by rewriting the meanings of words and redefining those words, e.g. infringe, felon, rehabilitation.

Thus slowly but surely building a class of "slaves" of people who the populous would not care if their rights were abused, since they are "criminals", the laws would strip them of their unalienable creator endowed rights.  Our founders would never have allowed this to happen.  They were all "felons" and "criminals" by going against the crown and killing British military and loyalists to the crown.  So why have we allowed it?  Why do we continue to allow it?  Our founders clearly stated, "That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these means, it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government."  The bible says in Proverbs 29.16 when evil people are in power crime increases.  "The righteous will live to see the downfall of such people."  Proverbs 29.18 "A nation without Gods guidance is a nation without order.  Happy are those who keep Gods laws."

Well, I guess don't remember what a "right" is.  Another one of those manipulated meanings of our language a "right" by the way is something God gave and no man can take!

Now we have "criminal justice system."  We have courts of law instead of the original courts of justice.  We have the "industrial prison complex" that makes billions of dollars a year taking away the freedoms of American in the name of justice.  Politicians and law enforcement are the only ones who profit or benefit from our current system.  We the people reap no benefit from this corrupt system.  The war on drugs has cost upwards of a trillion dollars and has not slowed or stopped the flow of drugs into our country or lowered the addiction rate.  It has given our government more slave class citizens, given our cops and government law enforcement weapons of war to use against our citizenry.  It has lined the pockets of the bureaucrats and politicians nicely though.  The government profits nicely by importing drugs and makes plenty of "black op" money.  We the people know this to be true and yet we still allow it to go on.  I can tell you first hand from my time on the border, our government is directly involved in drug smuggling and human smuggling.  Yet we the people do nothing about it.  It is our fault our country has gone this route and we shirk our duty to do the right thing!  We are a country of cowards and heathens.

Our indoctrination/education system has also played a huge role in the destruction of the fabric of our nation.  With programs like common core and by taking our true American history out of schools, we have raised generations of lazy foolish people as evidenced by our society.  We should have learned by history so we weren't doomed to repeat it.  Our true history of the civil war and why it was fought is impossible to find in current schoolbooks.  By rewriting our history and twisting the truth and facts, we have doomed our once great nation to failure.  Why has nobody stood up?  Why won't anyone come forward and call the bullshit?  Proverbs 28.5 evil people do not know what justice is, but those who worship the Lord know it well.

Proverbs 29.4 when the" King" is concerned with Justice, the nation will be strong, but when he is only concerned with money he will ruin his country!

Our countries laws use to be based on Gods laws known as common law.  For there to be a crime there had to be a victim.  There was not enough cash or control, therefore, we allowed our corrupt king "the 3 branches of government" to pervert right and wrong for money and control.  It will not change unless we the people change it, or the Lord God creator of all comes back and destroys the evil like he promised to do in Revelations.  I'd prefer to have America stand up for God and country to restore our once great nation, because I would love to see future generations enjoy this nation.  The nation that our forefathers had fought and died for, but if we have become so lazy and slothen and corrupt that we don't have the courage and drive to fix our nation, I say bring on the rapture and lets all meet on the other side.

God has warned us many times about our sins against him and each other.  He punished Israel many times for their sins against God.  The stories are well documented in the bible.  If you/we don't have the courage, God will rain death and destruction on our nation too and we will become slaves just as the Israelites have many times throughout history.  Jesus Christ came so we all, Hebrew and Gentile, could have everlasting life.  It is our choice how we live and what we allow to happen.  God will not accept excuses on judgment day.  If you think the Muslims are brutal, read about God's wrath in Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.  His wrath against the enemies of his people and his wrath on his own people for their disobedience to him.  God also protected and lead to victory over bigger armies his loyal servants.  The choice is ours, so is the repercussions for our actions!

God bless our nation and may God bless us all.



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