From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Golden Hills Paugussett Reservation
Date: August 19, 1993 Phone: (203) xxx-xxxx


Time permitting, I will be posting another Fax this evening - However, it seems important, at this moment, to bring you some information about the occurrences today here in sunny Connecticut.

At about 3:30 this afternoon an helicopter (HU-1D), which appeared to have State Police markings, flew around the Reservation at various altitudes. The helicopter had camera apparatus attached to the rear. The passes were obviously reconnaissance in nature. This is the first time that an obvious aerial recon has been observed since the encirclement began. Other movements appeared to be a bit different than the normal routine, however ground activity was less, apparently, menacing than previous activity.

So, we are having a picnic and all are invited!! Those of you that may live in the vicinity and want to take a few days of and bask in the hospitality of the Paugeesukq Indians are welcome to come on by. Bring your shootin’ iron and just maybe there will be some target practice. Bring plenty of bullets so you can go for the big prize.

Now, we are pretty sure that we are going to have this picnic, but would not yet recommend that you go searching for a new line of work unless you are just plain dissatisfied with your old job. But, if you have the time, please come, and come prepared for what you may have been expecting.

If the party turns out to be a sure thing, I will post as many invitations as time allows. If you receive one of the special invitations, please pass on a copy to as many as possible, as quickly as possible, and come prepared for the big gala.

By the way, we have found "bouncers" at previous events. They have been harmless, to date - but, this is no guarantee that they will continue to be so.

Directions are: North or South on Interstate 91 to Meriden; Exit at Meriden - East (you will be on Main Street); to Highway 66, East on 66 to Middletown; Left on Main Street in Middletown (you are still on 66) to Route 16; Right on 16 to East Hampton then on to Colchester to 85 South (right); Then Left on 354 to Stanavage; Left on Stanavage (this is where we may encounter bouncers) less than a mile to the reservation on the Left.

Visitors Welcome - URGENTLY!!!

Phones Gary Hunt (203) xxx-xxxx
Reservation (203) xxx-xxxx
Reservation (203) xxx-xxxx
FAX (203) xxx-xxxx

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