From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Golden Hills Paugussett Reservation
Date: August 20, 1993 Phone: (203) xxx-xxxx

The incidents that occurred on, and over, the sovereign tribal lands of the Golden Hills Paugussett Indians last night will have a lasting image upon me. There is no doubt that a lot of tension was created when one helicopter made two trips consisting of many passes over the reservation, and a second chopper made one trip with the same objective. Both choppers were completely void of any of the required (by FAA) nighttime safety lighting of beacons, strobes and markers. The affect, initially, was to generate concern as well as arouse many of the neighbors who called police to report the flights. I contacted the FAA in Windsor Park and reported the violation (confirmed to be a serious offense by the FAA). Both the Indians and the neighbors reported the incident to local press. One television station was even able to capture, on video, footage of the helicopters flying without safety lighting. The Indians intend to pursue the matter until the proper persons are appropriately disciplined for their actions. Laws are for everybody, arenít they?

Ultimately, Governor Lowell Weicker is responsible for the activities of his subordinates in all actions involved with the enforcement of his edict to deny the Indians their sovereign status, as declared in numerous treaties and federal statutes. This gross violation of the law for the purpose of intimidation is indicative of an emperor gone mad!

Two of the many supporters from the local community left the reservation at about 11:30 last evening. Two State Trooper vehicles followed these two ladies -- all the way home. I suppose who could consider this the first effort at protecting, as in "to serve and protect", since the fifties when it, apparently, became unfashionable for law enforcement (was Peace Officers) to become involved in "service and protection". Just think, these two ladies have received a privilege denied to most nowadays. But, back to the point - while driving through Colchester these two ladies observed an estimated 45-50 law enforcement vehicles parked at the old high school. They stopped, still under escort, and called the reservation to inform of this matter. Buffalo Horse received the message and chose to reduce the number to, perhaps, thirty vehicles -- assuming a bit of exaggeration. A while later, one of the local TV stations called to inform the Indians that there were approximately 50 vehicles parked at the old high school and that the helicopters had been taking off, and landing, at a nearby helipad. The reporter was one of those that has confirmed the "lightless" helicopters flying in the vicinity.

The most impressive actions during the entire insane display of power by the representatives of state government was the calm of the 32 Indians currently defending their tribal lands. Those in secured sleeping quarters were informed of the increase in caution predicated by these acts, and calmly return to sleep to await their shift on guard, or patrol, duty. I suppose that they have become used to these "games", however their calm in dealing with these efforts by government to invoke life threatening fears seems to have just about no effect on the Indians, save slight increases in security.

Open invitation to the picnic. No reservations necessary!

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