From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Golden Hills Paugussett Reservation
Date: August 21, 1993 Phone: (203) xxx-xxxx

Today there was a battle. It was not the kind that you might expect under the circumstances, it was an unexpected battle that was begun by the State Police, and was won by all.

Today there was a rally. Some of the fine supporters from the community had felt that a show of support for the Indians was in order. They planned the event, and, the press was also in attendance.

I had been talking with Sgt. Terenzi (Badge #130) who appeared to be in charge of the State Police contingent assigned to the entrance to the Reservation. Dan Charging Horse was helping is wife, Tina prepare for a Fire Spirit Dance, as is traditional. One of the officer on duty across the street from the entrance had decided that "peeping" at Dan helping Tina dress was the thing to do. He probably felt that since he was using binoculars in an "official" capacity he could do anything that he want - above the law, so to speak. However, he was observed and Spirit chose to confront the officer, who would not affirm or deny the allegations. I missed this event, however had returned to speak, again, with Sgt. Terenzi when Spirit came up, accompanied by Tina to explain that the other officers activities had dishonored her and her husband, in the tradition of the Indians. The Sgt. attempted to evade the issue, and the officer responsible smiled smugly, assuming that is position protected him from the law, and human decency.

No apologies were forthcoming from any of the officers, so Tina and Spirit returned to the Reservation, while I continued speaking with Terenzi. I suggested that there was no justice when law enforcement types acted with impunity while any other peeping tom would be arrested for his activities. I mentioned other situations where officers were treated differently than people which seemed to cause a defense position with regard to the United States justice system. Their lack of concern for the people, as opposed to officers, was enough to irritate me to the point that I had to return to the Reservation myself. I was afraid of the anger that was building up in me.

About ten minutes later Spirit and I decided that the story must be told, so he returned to the officers to get the name of the offending officer. When he returned he told me that the offending officer had been removed from the line, and would not be returning. We thought this a desirable situation and were pleased with the small degree of success in the matter. A battle won? Perhaps!

Later Tina and Spirit returned to the officers whereupon Sgt. Terenzi offered his very sincere apologies, and understanding more of the traditions of the Indians, even offered a cigarette of tobacco with the apology. Tina returned to the Reservation and offered the tobacco, through the sacred fire, to the spirits.

The battle was finally over - the winners were counted on both sides. Tina and Dan excused the one officer his misdeeds as a result of the humanity of the other (Sgt. Terenzi). Sgt. Terenzi won a battle over the conditioning imposed upon him by the system that has turned the servants against the masters. He has, you could say, become a human and is willing to treat others with dignity and respect their beliefs. Those others within the Reservation see that good things can happen even when the circumstances themselves lack any sense of justice. The true Americans around the country win with the knowledge that those in law enforcement are capable of change, and Lowell Weicker, Governor of Connecticut, if he chooses, has won by understand that talking can resolve problems far better than guns.

Not the first battle, of other than combative nature, in this war, but a significant Victory for all involved. A chance for the fulfillment of many who have hope for peace in this matter, and a reversal of the practice of domination currently practiced by government.

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