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Independence Day 2011

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Two-hundred thirty-five years ago, today, 56 men came together to make a commitment that would have an effect on the entire world.  They were, without a doubt, willing to put their lives, their fortunes, and, perhaps most importantly, their “sacred honor”, on the line, for better or for worse, and take upon themselves the responsibility for what would soon turn into a world war.

The outcome of their commitment is, as history tells us, a nation of self-governed people.  But, where has that country gone? Has it been eroded into the despotic regime that we see emanating from Washington, D.C.? What has happened to that blessed country, earned by the blood of our forefathers?

I know that it does lie buried in the hearts and souls of many of those with whom we have associated, these past many years, however, it is but a glimmer in the face of the reality that we see before us. It is a spark that needs constant attention, or it, too, will wither and die, as that nation which was our birthright has done.

It is time for us to begin breathing life back into that spark — so that it becomes a flame, as it did back then, which will ignite and catch, and remove from our soil, those who have endeavored to destroy that which was so hard-earned by the blood of thousands.

Let this be the year that the spark rekindles the fire that will burn out the evil that has permeated our land. Let us not end this year once again grasping the illusive phantom of hope. Instead, let this be the year that we begin to act, as is necessary for such an important prize as that which was bequeathed to us, with the force that is necessary — and, the only means by which that concept of government can truly exist — by the will and the force of the people.

Let us cease to pursue imaginary cures to an ailment that has stricken far deeper than the worst cancer. Let us realize that it is only when our force is greater than their force, that we can restore that object that we profess to revere, as much as life, itself — the Constitution — to its proper role in our lives.

Let this year, beginning today, be the year that the great battle for restoration of Constitutional government begins — so that our children will understand that there is a very distinct difference between the “Fourth of July” and “Independence Day”.