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Tony Lezcano and RifleStock

[Note: This post had been removed at the request of TJ Lezcano (see first comment). Once removed, a scathing email demnouncing all white men was received from Lezcano, which warranted to the re-posting. GH]


Tony Lezcano and RifleStock

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

May 20, 2011

Someone referred me to a YouTube video made by Tony Lezcano, aka TJ, aka, Tyrannicide, aka, aloy0102 (YouTube), phone (786) 553-1553, because it claimed to know why RifleStock had been cancelled.  The YouTube video is at

I had a rather interesting conversation with Mr. Lezcano, this morning.  I called him to clarify what caused RifleStock to be cancelled, since, being one of the organizers; I had direct knowledge of what happened.  Not only that, I contacted the US Forest Service personnel that were involved in what is described in my article on the subject (RifleStock 2011 – Canceled – A more thorough explanation).

Mr. Lezcano informed me that he was going to convoy, with hundreds of people, to RifleStock, but they cancelled their plans when it (RifleStock) began to fall apart.  Interestingly, they apparently intended to either crash the event, or buy tickets at a premium price (the price was held down until a certain date, and then went up), though only about 60 people had bought tickets.  He did assure me, however, that his explanation of why it was cancelled was accurate, and that he had “thousands” of people who had confirmed it (infiltrators in the skinhead movement, according to Mr. Lezcano).

I asked Mr. Lezcano if he realized that Freebyrd, who he attacks in the video, and, I believe, accuses of being a racist, by grouping him with the others mentioned at the end of the video, has an Hispanic name and heritage.  He claimed that he didn’t mean that Freebyrd was a racist.  I guess you will have to judge what was implied by the video, for yourself.  Maybe it was just poorly presented, and I will go along with that.

He also decided that I was a hick from Kentucky, based upon my “accent”, and that I was just a country boy.  I do believe that I have traveled through Kentucky, but I do not believe that I stayed long enough to acquire an accent.  As far as being a country boy, I was raised having horses to ride, though I have spent much of my life signing contracts with clients, representing them to city and county boards, testifying, on occasion, for them, in court, and otherwise representing them and designing subdivisions, surveying tracts of land, while making a decent living that allowed me to get back into the country to do the field surveys of their property.  So, perhaps, I am a country boy, though mischaracterized by Mr. Lezcano (a plumber, by trade).

Mr. Lezcano told me how he had helped Charles Dyer (July 4 Patriot) become what he was, though he would not answer my question (interrupted, a couple of times), about why he turned against Mr. Dyer.  My question was whether he turned against Mr. Dyer because Mr. Dyer would not do what Mr. Lezcano wanted him to do.

Mr. Lezcano claims to have (it appeared to be rather possessive) thousands of patriots that want to restore the Republic, on his webpage (ARM).  Interestingly, I happen to be one of them, though I cannot say that I support Mr. Lezcano’s’ philosophy, conclusions, nor his accuracy in reporting fact.

He also claimed that he was trying to create cohesion in the patriot community.  I do find this hard to believe, because he suggested that I was associated with these people and therefore, I did not want to restore the Republic (I prefer restoring the Constitution).  Based upon the name calling that I encountered in this conversation, it appears more likely that Mr. Lezcano wants all patriots to think as he does — fall into lockstep with what he believes — if they are, truly, patriots.  This would seem to be about the most divisive approach one could take, where one man dictates what is to be, and, what is not to be.

To those who take up Mr. Lezcano’s offer to “call me, my number is out there, I am easy to find” (phone (786) 553-1553), you may find, also, that he is not as willing to talk as he suggests (since he hung up on me rather than answer my question about Mr. Dyer), and said that he was a very busy man.

Finally, if a reporter of facts fails to get the facts on one story, when the facts are very clear, it must make you wonder whether he has done equally well on other stories.

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Note: Offensive language, below.

This is a transcription of what was said about RifleStock on the video referenced above:

12:34 – What’s this guy Freebyrd.  I don’t even know who they fuck you are dude.  You have my phone number. Everyone has my phone number.  You don’t like the fact that I made a video that says Norm Olson, Rick Light, and WRAM, are a bunch of neo-Nazi, racist Fucks?  And that RifleStock was shut down because it was going to be invaded by neo-Nazis?  We’re all going to be hanging out there, whoo, having a great time. RifleStock!, and a bunch of fucking Nazi guys, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, were about to roll in to RifleStock, to crash the party.  That’s why you shut it down, Freebyrd.  Don’t fucking lie. You got a fucking, you got a problem with me?   Call my number. You can find it.  People have it. It’s out there.  I don’t need to contact you for shit.  Cause I don’t know you.  And, I don’t care about you.  I care about my people.  My people in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas.  We’re solidifying the south.  You all wanna keep pouncing around like little babies?  Pointing fingers at each other?  Ahh, you did it.   Ahh, he’s a dirty Mexican.  Ahh, Ahh.  We are not.

Comment: This leads me to wonder, if everybody is a neo-Nazi, why would they cancel RifleStock because neo-Nazis were coming to the event?

Are Committees of Safety Illegal?

Are Committees of Safety Illegal?

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
April 9, 2012

That is a question that has been posed to me a number of times.  So, let’s look at it both from the perspective of the past and how it fits within the Constitution.

I have found reference to “extra-legal” in certain writings about Committees of Safety. Extra-legal means outside of the protection of the law.  It does not mean illegal.  I have found nothing that indicates that they were deemed illegal by the Crown, though once they became active, their actions, in many instances, were considered to be illegal.  I have found nothing where any effort was made to “arrest” any Committees of Safety, though Sam Adams and John Hancock were surely targets of such effort on April 19, 1775.

Now, we shall visit the Constitution — specifically, the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

A Committee of Safety, if its concern is to establish an infrastructure, to be implemented in the event of a failure of the existing government, so that “Civil government” can be maintained, as was only existent in our Revolutionary period, then it is nothing more than Freedom of Speech in a body Peacefully Assembled.  Like the spare tire in your car, there is always the hope that it will never be needed. There is little doubt that the same is true of this infrastructure that the infrastructure created by the Committee of Safety is, likewise, something that we hope will never have to be utilized.  To meet and discuss and plan for something as important as the protection our lives, families, and property, by planning for the maintenance of civil government, cannot be illegal, by any stretch of the imagination.

By being outside of the protection of the law simply means that it is not protected, specifically, however, at the same time, it does not fall outside of the retained rights addressed in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution, to wit:

Amendment 9:
“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Amendment 10:
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”