Independence Day, 2020

Independence Day, 2020

Gary Hunt
July 4, 2020

Two hundred forty-four year ago 56 men staked their lives and our future on a piece of parchment. It is not the parchment that had significance then, nor now. It is those words that were scribed upon the parchment that has led to a government, not of kings or dictators, rather, on the will of the People.

Even more significant was the fact that the duration of the chosen leader (President) and those who enacted laws (Congress) had timed terms so that any errors in selection or changes in nature of those elected, could be removed before significant damage became permanent, and, perhaps, destructive of the intent of the 56 men.

One hundred fifty-nine years ago, a test of the strength of the union of states was put on trial. Over six hundred thousand lives were lost to test the strength of that union. That conflict was regional in nature. The union prevailed and has continued in the intervening years.

Though this country was created by White men for White men, based upon Judeo-Christian values. That Civil War resulted in other than non-White and those with other moral values to participate in the form of government that had been created. [See “We the People”, but, Who are “We”?  ]

However, it was anticipated that those who chose to participate would assimilate into the country that they had chosen to find salvation in. And, so it was for over a century – the United States was a beacon to the world.

During that century, the United States was instrumental, during the course of two World Wars, in providing American (a name unique in reference to the United States of America) to provide equipment, manpower, and American lives, to the protection from those who would impose forms of dictatorship or socialism upon those countries that had adopted many of the concepts established in the American form of government.

A few decades ago, those who preferred another form of government began a rather insidious infiltration of the education system into the public school system. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were removed from the 12 grades of the school system.

Most colleges began teaching a distorted, even perverted, American history, leaving students, beneficiaries of that American, opposed to what allowed for them that education. They left, with that perverted history, believing it to be the true history, and leaving without the skills to make their way in life.

Unlike the regional problems of the Civil War, and the regional nature of the World War, we find ourselves, now, in a conflict that is not regional, but permeates, in isolated but  conjoined pockets of an outspoken minorities, throughout the country.

Those minorities, using tactics common to both Nazi and Fascistic practices of World War II, assign those attributes, Nazi, Fascist), to those who support the country that defended against those very forms of government.

This same practice has permeated the halls of Congress, where “Democrats” ascribe to the Republicans, the very form of attack that is indicative of the Democrats tactics.

The Constitution anticipated division but provided that Congress shall enact laws for the good of the nation. The Democrats, however, refuse to act on legislation proposed to provide necessary laws, instead, using a provision of the Constitution (impeachment) to remove from office a man elected under the provision of the Constitution providing for an Electoral College to be the determining factor is to the election of the President. [See The Constitution is NOT a Suicide Pact ]

What we see, now, is a greater division than the events that led to the Civil War. The more difficult to deal with is, that it is not regional, it is a cancerous growth with small pockets, throughout the country. This makes it difficult for the government to deal with. But, deal with it, they must.

If however, they are unable to deal with it, and soon, we will have to revert, to the extent necessary, to the first three words of the Constitution, “We the People”.

A rather unpleasant matter to contemplate on our 244th birthday, however, a necessary thought, unless we want to allow the Beacon to burn, like a candle, until nothing is left.


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