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Muslims at Loves – True or False?

Muslims at Loves – True or False?

Loves Bus

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 13, 2015

Many “incidents” are reported to the patriot community and there is a reaction that distracts from other activities, requires endless hours in effort to attempt to track back to a reliable source, and, most often, are found to be unfounded.

We accuse the press of always lying to us, unless, of course, they say something that we want to believe.  Or, often, it is the pictures they use to support a story of an event.  This leads to a lot of speculation over whether “crisis actors” are portrayed in events, such as Sandy Hook” and other mass shootings.  Many people will spend hours search pictures form events, and will find similar looking people at various events.  These are alleged to prove that the event was a “false flag” event, orchestrated by the government.

Think about this.  We discredit the written word of MSM, yet we want to rely on the reliability of photos used in conjunction with a story.  It’s as if we have never accepted the importance of videos or photos to bring attention to a story, and quite often, file photos/videos are used to enhance the story and bring attention to it.  The proponents of “false flag” assume that all of the photos shown are actually of the event, though during Sandy Hook, the press used videos of a previous “active shooter training event”, then they were used by the patriot community to prove that it was a false flag event.

In a recent near viral story, it was alleged that buses carrying Muslims were spotted at a Loves trick stop at Interstate 35 and Highway 9, near Norman, Oklahoma.  Photographs showing a number of white buses travelling away from the camera, suggesting that these were the buses that were supposed to have been seen at Loves, supported this.

The problem is, that same photograph of the buses (above) was used last July 2015, alleging they were proof of military activity during Jade Helm 15.  However, we can go back even further and find that that picture was used as early as April, before we knew about Jade Helm 15, claiming that it was military buses moving military personnel around the country.

So, are we as guilty as MSM?  Or, perhaps more so, because we use those pictures to “prove” the veracity of a story that we want to bring attention to?  MSM does it to bring attention to an event.  Some within our community use them to propagate a conspiracy story that has no foundation in fact.

Back to the Loves truck stop story.  When it first started circulating, with follow up stories that it had been confirmed, a simple Internet check determined that the photos going around with the story were bogus, which brings serious doubt to the validity of whole story.

After tracking down the source of the original information, we find that he spoke to the mechanic — that part is true, though unverified by any evidence.  However, it appears that others appended information about the clerk at Loves and the claim that there was confirmation Ohio Highway Patrol.  Whoever added those elements must have done so in an effort to lend credibility, and/or enhance the story.  The consequence is that credibility, and very much increased numbers, distorted, and brought discredit, to something that was worth investigating — to find the TRUTH of the matter.

Then, there is the source of the story.  Where did it come from?  Most will repost the story by copying and pasting, so that the story begins with “I was contacted by a friend who has always been truthful…”  However, the person pasting has no idea who the “friend” is, or, quite often, even who the “I” is.

There are also those who will then comment that they have “verified” the initial information, since they have seen it posted elsewhere, perhaps 5 or six times.  At this point, who can challenge the veracity of the information?  The more often the story is repeated, the more effort it takes to weed through the proliferation of affirmation of the event.

Now the event, especially one as isolated as a claim of seeing a bunch of Muslims heading to same known/unknown destination, is not going to change our world, it will simply distort the view of it.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if we had some reliable means of verifying such stories, so that the time wasn’t wasted chasing ghosts, and we would have a better picture, especially a realistic one, of what was going on around the country?

So, let’s look at what could be done to prevent such “intrusions” into our “intelligence”.  But, first, let me refer you to a previous article that explains how the government uses such artifices to receive a desired effect on our community.  The article is “Vortex“.  It is an account of experience and research into the methodology of government in creating confusion, gathering intelligence, and discrediting people, where it serves the government.

Now, what should be done BEFORE any “incident” is reported to the patriot community?  In this day and age where nearly everybody has a camera and a phone, we should practice the following:

  • How many?  How many vehicles, and how many people, are observed
  • Description: Of vehicles, especially markings and license plates, with number and state/organization.  And, of people, dress, language, if not English, other characteristics.
  • Location, date, and time: Where, exactly, did this happen?  Yes, we need the date not today, or yesterday, but the calendar date, and the time at which the observation was made.  And, equally important, the direction of travel.
  • Who all observed it?  Was the reporting person alone?  What is his name and contact information?  If there were others with him, or if he spoke to others who can confirm, and perhaps provide addition information, who are they?
  • Finally, and most importantly, pictures of the vehicles, scene, and individuals.  You cannot have too many pictures, as things that you may not have noticed might be revealed with careful study of the pictures.
  • If you do any follow up by making phone calls, or speaking with other witnesses, provide date, time, contact information, and what information they could provide.

Think about it.  I have tried to find a cell phone without a camera.  There are a few available, but they are very few, and very difficult to find.  Absent pictures, in this day and age, there is also a very probability that the information is without merit.  It is not a photo contest; it is substantiation of a claim.  If you pass on information, absent most of the above information, then you are, at best, propagating a rumor, and at worst, will cause some to spend hours investigating the story, and, quite possibly, making you look bad for originating, or even passing on, the information — as an unreliable source.  Not a good reputation to have.

If you have reason to believe that something did occur, find others in the area and have them look for verification, with camera in hand.

Note: We are still in the process of investigating this matter. If additional information is forthcoming, the article will be revised to incorporate that information.


Camp Lone Star – Follow Up on a Show of Support for KC Massey

Camp Lone Star
Follow Up on a
Show of Support for KC Massey

KC Smile bars

The Lone Warrior

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 7, 2015


I spoke with KC on Monday.  He had received a number of “I Care Gifts” (, and some money has come in to his commissary account, via PayPal.  Letters, cards, and money orders would not have arrived since the Show of Support for KC Massey was put out last Thursday, but what has come in has given KC an understanding of just how many people support him and are willing to do something to demonstrate their concern.

Let’s look at it from KC’s perspective.  He is in jail and his contact with outside is very limited.  He talks to Khristi, his wife, regularly; he talks to me quite often; and, he is in phone contact with a few other close friends.  Beyond that, the world does not exist.  He has felt like the patriot community has abandoned him, since he has no idea of what transpires in discussions on Facebook and other Internet communications areas.  The government follows all of this, but they damned sure will not tell KC what support he has, so KC thinks, regardless of what we tell him, that he has been abandoned.

The display of support that has come in, so far, has given him to understand that the support is still there.  Reality has hit him, like “a 2×4 up the side of his head”, that people realize the potential effect of his battle with the misinterpretation of a federal law, and that the support that he was hoping that he had through this ordeal was really there, all along, but the means of showing that support has manifested itself in something quite demonstrable in the form of gifts, monetary, and especially, the letters of encouragement that he has, and, hopefully, will continue to receive.

Easily the least expensive and the easiest to provide, in terms of you showing support, is a letter or card.  And, perhaps, the most meaningful and long lasting, as the commissary account will, eventually, dry up, and the I Care Gifts will eventually be consumed.  Those letters and cards, however, will, like the Bible that he keeps close, always be there as a reminder of the good things that make his ordeal worthwhile.  You need not stop at just one letter.  He needs the Commissary for pen, paper, and postage, but I am sure that he will have plenty of time, until this gets before the Appellate Court, to reply to those of you who send their words of support.

For those who wish to participate in the Support for KC Massey, and for those who want to add to the support that they have already shown, mailing address and other information can be found at the bottom of the Show of Support for KC Massey.

Finally, I will pass on what KC asked me to express his thanks to those who have supported him with action, and those who have simply supported him with their thoughts:


“Express to them my Heartfelt Thanks for their support for me,
and, my standing against a despotic government.”

Camp Lone Star – Show of Support for KC Massey

Camp Lone Star – Show of Support for KC Massey

KC barsThe Lone Warrior

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 1, 2015

Yesterday, September 30, 2015, was the big day for KC Massey’s challenge to the federal Felon in Possession of a Firearm law (18 USC §922(g)(1)). Though there were hopes that somehow Judge Andrew Hanen would rule, finding KC not guilty, that was not the case. However, there was a reason that Hanen could not come to that verdict, but had to rule Massey guilty.

What is known as “stare decisis” (The legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent), which requires that a Circuit Court judge must abide by previously decided cases from the Appellate or Supreme Courts, was held to. Unlike some District Court judges, Hanen abides by his responsibility to the law and cannot use the Wisdom of Solomon to make his decision.

However, as pointed out in previous posts, Hanen has gone overboard to assure that the record of the current case is loaded, as the Appellate Court can only rule on the record (official court documents) of this case. He has, twice, extended to Massey’s attorney, Louis Sorola, the opportunity to load that record so that there is sufficient argument to make a good case before the Appellate Court.

In an interview with Mike and Khristi, who attended the trial, I can provide a little insight into the proceedings. A more detailed explanation will be provided, once the transcripts of the trial are available.

The government brought in an expert witness that testified that the weapons that had been taken form Massey had been manufactured out of state, explaining, in detail, how he was able to come to that conclusion. This does raise an interesting question. It would require that someone who provided you a gun to patrol the border knew that it was manufactured out of state, and, it would also require that you knew that the gun was manufactured out of state. I suppose that the federal law, as interpreted by the government, requires specialized knowledge for the people to come to the conclusion that the firearm was manufactured elsewhere, though by their own admission, it took an expert to make that determination on behalf of the government.

There is another possibility, that the government’s interpretation of the law is other than what the law really means. And, that is the subject which keeps the door open for Massey’s case to make law, once it is heard before the Appellate Court.

What we have been referring to as the “Has/Had” argument challenges the government interpretation that any gun that has crossed state line cannot be possessed by a felon, regardless of how long ago that felon was committed, and sentence served. In Massey’s case, that was 28 years.

So, Hanen, in open court and on the record, stated that the “Has/Had” argument seemed valid and that it was “ripe for appeal”. That means that the particular “Has/Had” argument has never been decided by a higher court, and it appears that he sees merit in the argument and believes that the higher court, the one that makes “stare decisis” (law), based upon the wording in the statute, needs to hear this case on appeal.

After the trial, Louis told Khristi and Mike that Massey’s case would rewrite history. With this, I am inclined to agree. And, we can consider the consequences to those who are patriotic, though fearful of being charged and convicted under this federal law, when the law is misapplied by the government and falsely creates a crime where none exists. Even transporting, not for commerce, would no longer be criminal for those who have a felony on their record.

KC had expressed his desire to speak to the judge, though if he went on the stand, it would open for the prosecution the right to extensive cross-examination. However, during closing arguments, Massey kept trying to state his feelings. After some discussion, the Judge decided that he could, as a part of the closing statements, say what he felt.

What Massey managed to get on the records (not verbatim) is, “As a common man, all I have is the letter of the law to go by. And you f***ers screwed up on the law, so, what else am I supposed to do?” To this, the Judge said that he was sorry and that he was held by case precedence.

Twice, during the trial, the Judge said that he didn’t agree with what was going on, in his heart. That is not what a judge intent on holding up the government’s position would say, and that, too, is a part of the record.

In a brief conversation, after the trial, Hagen, the US Attorney, expressed is apprehensive as to the results of an appeal. I believe he knows that he will, eventually, loose this case.

At the end of the trial, Hagen ask for permission to take pictures of all of the guns and then destroy them. Judge Hanen refused to give permission, most likely because the guns will have to be returned to Massey, after the Appellate decision, as his property. Apparently, Hanen is that sure that the conviction will be overturned and case law adjusted to limited the federal felon in possession law to apply only, and specifically, where it belongs, to the government’s overstretched authority under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Though Massey and I have frequently, for the last twelve months, discussed the probability that this would have to go to the Appellate Court, when the finding of guilty was given, it had an effect on him.

He called me as soon as he got back to jail, but he was forlorn. He said that he can’t take any more, that this guilty verdict has sapped all of his strength. There was nothing that I could say that would cheer him up. He feels that he has been abandoned by the patriot community and his friends. And, this leads us to where we can help this brave soul as he fights a battle that will serve the patriot community more than any other act in recent years. We need to show our support for KC Massey. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it has to be numerous, so that he knows that we are behind him. So, here is what you can do:

Show of Support for KC Massey

Note: changed to this permanent address as of July 2016

Kevin Massey  76555379
FCI Seagoville
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 9000
Seagoville, Texas  75159

KC is no longer at this address.

Remember, KC Massey is like a Prisoner of War, but still fighting the battle, the outcome of which will be a significant return to the Constitution, and curtailment of unwarranted government power.