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  1. Doc says:

    Hey Gary this is Doc who has done so far three shows on the Militia Medic series with Randy Mack. Anyways, just to let you know, I am going to take some of your materials from here and repost them on my website and of course you will get the credit notice.

    Thank you Gary for all that you are doing and have a fine army day!


  2. Mr. Hunt, Gary, if I may? It is February 3, 2015 and your “Copy Right Notice” is really quite simple and understandable. I wish some of these new companies , google, microsoft, apple, etc. made their rules on their pages as simple and understandable as your. I have just shared your on a Facebook page called “We The People-United”. I also help manage a page called “Texas Revolution” and “Lone Star Statement”. There hasn’t been a post or comment made to this page since April 17, 2011 at 10:01 pm by “Doc”. Let me know if you see this post

    Frederick H. Stralow-Rick aka Stradog

  3. Hi Gary. Thank you for your work. Seriously. Keep it up please. I’d like to republish your informant material if the FBI tries to unconstitutionally shut your blog down. This information is important and should be shared abroad in order to make our overbearing government think twice (or at least it’s vulnerable informants) before acting stupid as it (they) so commonly does. I’ve already copied and saved the information regarding the informants, so if your site goes down- mine will go live. -Matt Cox @ 541-610-8897 Bend, Oregon

    • ghunt says:

      You can go live, now, if you wish. I write to be read, not to move up counter nubers.

      • Thank you. I’ve now dedicated my stagnant business website to sharing the valuable information to the world as you have. My friends will be sharing your link as well. Please continue your amazing work; don’t let their (the FBI) unconstitutional, unlawful threats deter you. They (OSP) send me letters too telling me they’re tracking me. However, we will all spread the word. The government cannot silence all of us đŸ™‚

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