Questionable Character – Christopher Nathaniel Blystone

Questionable Character

Christopher Nathaniel Blystone

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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
January 19, 2015

The entire Report on Christopher Blystone can be read at Christopher Blystone. The facts, evidence, and other information will be found at that page. Any discussion or comments regarding that report can only be conducted below. What follows is only the Summary of the Report.



We have a criminal record spanning eight years, with the most serious crime being the last, which result in a Plea Agreement. We also have one that was terminated, probably to clear the record for Military Service.

We have direct violations of the probation requirements, unless Blystone can produce an order from a Judge granting him permission to go to Washington, D.C., for Operation American Spring.

We have a Military Service record that indicates no “Combat” service, an incomplete service based upon a four year enlistment with only 1 year, 3 months served. His DD 214 does not have a “Character of Service” line, as they used to, which would show if his service was honorable, less than Honorable, Dishonorable, etc., though under the circumstances, it would appear that Dishonorable would be the applicable “character”.

We have someone who speaks of Stolen Valor, while practicing the same.

These are the facts. The judgment of his character, trustworthiness, and whether he is someone you would want to knowingly associate with, is up to the reader.

 NOTE: An Addendum has been added to the full report, at Christopher Blystone.


  1. AZRanger says:

    Where is his typical area of operation?

    • Donna Hallonquist says:

      I am sorry but this guy is going around telling people he works for the FBI. He is a nut case. He gets paid to work as a high ranked security.

      • Jackie L Milton says:

        Hey Donna, i’m the man who tracked him down with help from men I met during OAS. He’s a conman,liar,and Thief. His MO is setting up 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, or leeching into other organizations and skims money.. He works for a small time computer company doing simple installs and repairs. He is simply a snake in the grass and cannot be trusted under any circumstances. If you ever see him again, tell him you met a vet called “Cadillac Jack”and watch his eyes….look me up on Facebook..

        • Donna Hallonquist says:

          He lives in Winnsboro and his wife works at the vet where I take my animals. He has leached onto East Texas For Liberty. This guy is a scary dude. My God all he does is go around and tell people he is a FBI agent. He is a member of some militia group. I have a very good friend that knows all about him. He has been arrested in Winnsboro for carrying a concealed weapon at a parade. He has been arrested several times.

          • Jackie L Milton says:

            Hey Donna..yeah I met Amy when we rallied at his house in prep to convoy to Wash DC. She was driving a Cadillac CTS, and damn if he wasn’t driving a Cadillac SUV. I commented whatever he was doing, I wanted a job.He stated his computer work.Well after months of digging, I found out he does easy virus removals,and an occasional install, or business networking. He told us his wife was a Dr., and true to form not a DR., but a Vet assistant. He was on probation in Smith county when he went to DC, and after we found out about his lying, and thieving, I sent all our info to his Probation Officer, the DA , the sheriffs office and they refused to arrest and convict. You can imagine my shock. I told Gary about this, and there wasn’t anything we could do. He is probably on probation for something now, and there’s nothing i’d like to do more than help revoke it. Yes he’s probably in a militia there..thats how he works..and if theres a benefit fund involved, he’ll get his hands in the pot… like I said…i’m like a tattoo…0nce you get me(on the case) I don’t ever go away..I’ll spend my last breath in pursuit…

  2. DAN III says:

    Gary….there are two versions of the DD 214 provided discharged individuals, the short form and the long form. Either form one can make public to media, potential employers, etc. The short form version does not show Character of Service nor the RE Code (Reenlistment Code). The long version provides to the former servicemember the info you desire. Unless one wishes to provide the long form version you won’t see the actual discharge status. Of course, if one has a good discharge there would be no reason not to disclose the long form version. Unfortunately, Americans today don’t have a clue about DD 214s. Most of those folks never served in the military and in most cases could care less about one who has served honorably, dishonorably or my favorite category, “Uncharacterized”.

  3. Jerry Pleasant says:

    I am very familiar with the DD-214 Form, for I have four of them and am familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for I took a course in it.

    Non-judicial punishment, disciplinary action by a Commanding officer, is limited to base restriction (not to exceed 60 days), a fine (not to exceed one-half of base pay for two-months), extra duty (not to exceed 45 days), confinement (not to exceed 30 days) and/or REDUCTION OF ONE PAY GRADE. A CO can combine any or all of these at their discretion for the offense(s) committed. For Blystone to go from E-3 to E-1 (loss of two Pay Grades) would take a Summary Court Martial. A Summary Court Martial consists of one Officer of Pay Grade 0-3 or higher.

    Therefore, in all probability, Blystone committed an offense, or combination of offenses, to warrant a Summary Court Martial.

    • ghunt says:

      Quite possible. AR 635-200 was cited, but no cause given.
      Thank you for the information.

    • MrBill says:

      Jerry – the one-grade limitation on reductions under Article 15, UCMJ applies only to those who start at the grade of E-5 or E-6. E-4 and below may be reduced one or more grades. Therefore, an E-3 (or even an E-4) may be reduced to E-1 with an Article 15. Odds are good that he got a 15 and then was administratively discharged. Probably got an OTH – maybe a general if someone was feeling sorry for him.

      • ghunt says:

        I’ll fess up. In Germany, I went from E-3 to E-1 on an Article 15. Later, I went from E-4 to E-2 on an Article 15. My separation was from Vietnam and was honorable — end of enlistment. The 15’s were the extend, first for refusal to obey a lawful order from and Officer. Second, presence in Saigon without proper authority.
        So, his discharge had to be over some serious hit.

  4. ArmyATC says:

    Even if he was a Flight Medic (which we know he wasn’t), he wouldn’t have been eligible for the Combat Medic Badge. That is reserved for medics who go out with the Grunts and get shot at. No Flight Medics can qualify.

  5. John Doe says:

    Does anyone have screenshots of Blystone’s FB page before the article was released? There’s info in the ‘About’ section which needs to be looked into, but I’m sure the page has been scrubbed by now.

  6. Deborah Swan says:

    In my opinion, this is the type of screening that everyone who steps into any area of leadership, should willingly participate in. This way anyone with a possible different agenda, will be weary of stepping into any part of this Patriot community. I wish who ever conducted this screening, would continue and do a screen on everyone who have stepped into these self proclaimed positions of leadership in the current militia community. I know it would take time, but it sure would be worh it. There is no way to “vet” anyone online. Anyone can be who ever they want to be, and for some reason people are so quick to believe what ever they are told. I am not living in the idea that everyone is bad, but we have to never under estimate the enemies. Rules of War. Psychological War is what all this is…

    • Infantry Wife says:

      I just read the full report on him. Wow for an American hero to call him a shitbag. I ask myself why people do this. This guy goes around trying to head up militias and always calling people out. the sad part about this is that people believe them.Mr Hunt thank you for sharing this story sir keep up the awesome and amazing work you do I have enjoyed reading all your articles god bless you sir and God bless the United States of America.

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  8. M says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still interested or concerned…. But he was discharged in Korea for misuse of Red Cross funds. He told the Army that his child died and got flown from there to Dallas where he got on a plane and flew to Philadelphia to get remarried. On returning to Korea, he was supposed to present a death certificate and instead gave a marriage license. This was investigated and he was discharged.

  9. great job Gary. I’m still on his trail. with all the info we had on this man , his probation officer, and the DA and Sheriff refused to arrest him. We weren’t sure how he got the boot from Korea, I figured since he was a food inspector of sorts, he got caught up in back door black market food deals..I can assure you this…i will never give up till he is brought out to the sunlight. And hopefully goes to prison for Stolen Valor. keep up the good work. I’ll post this and get it out to all involved..Jackie

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  11. Montana MKS says:

    None of this regarding Chris Blystone surprises me at all!!! Chris is a First Class Loser!, a CON-MAN, a Pathological Liar and a Dam “THEIF”. He constantly cheated on his wife AMY in my office at night. I know this to be a fact as this P.O.S worked for me when he stole the car from KROWN MOTORS in Tyler almost to the date on Labor Day Weekend of 2011. This “SHITBAG” (thank you Marcus) belongs in PRISON and that is that.

    One more piece that you all may not know of…He said he had “Brain Cancer”
    He also used his so called “BRIAN CANCER” to manipulate various people/women into situations to his benefit and he did this “A LOT”
    Does anyone out there know if there is any truth to this?? as I am sure this was also a HUGE LIE!!
    He used this on me to avoid working on the projects I had for him. He would not show up for days on end without calling in to let us know where he was and on our dime.
    He played his BRIAN CANCER as a sympathy card with women that he had his assorted affairs with.

    If you have any questions please email me as I would love to help put this P.O.S behind bars

  12. Jackie Milton says:

    Hey Gary, nice to see someone else hasn’t forgotten this poser like me. I frequently post this article in hopes it will prevent anyone else from falling for his lies.. I was with Ms Blystone at OAS, and after hearing some of his crap on a radio blog we both were on I jumped in with both feet to get him charged with Stolen Valor…. And once you put all the pieces together I presented his probation with all the evidence… And she wouldn’t lift a finger to jail his sorry Aziz.. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life… He still running around Winnsboro telling people he is working for the FBI….. ALL I can do is keep posting your report and hope one day his life will catch up with him… Keep up the good work Gary….. Jackie Milton

  13. Kat says:

    I was president of a political group called East Texans For Liberty and during 2015 and one of my fellow directors/board members met and befriended a man named Chris Blystone. Chris also told several of these lies to the director. She was actually very proud that Mr. Blystone would take the time to provide security for our group when we had events. We had big names come to our area and Mr. Blystone with his drug sniffing, worn out looking German Shepherd provided security. I was told the same thing…that he helped to rescue Lutrell off that mountain. I did NOT want him anywhere near our group but he had several of the directors swooning with the thought that we had professional security detail to protect us and our guest speakers. I saw right thru him, tried to warn the board, but I was ignored. I resigned as president of this group for MANY reasons but one was because of Chris Blystone. The time in which I put in my resignation was around the same time that ET4L was going to have a big event and a big name speaker was supposed to come and speak. I asked to be notified about the security aspect of the event and that I be notified of the date and time to meet with the buildings manager to go over security for the event. Unfortunately. I was not called or notified when, as President, I was well within my right to ask. I found out later, from the director who was swooning over Blystone, that she had Blystone attend the meeting with her to discuss security issues. LONG story short…there was a felon providing security and no one wanted to pay attention. My concerns were ignored but I knew that at some point that all of this would catch up to this smooth talking, rescuer of Marcus Lutrell, security professional. He told the director who told me that he was very involved with Marcus Lutrells Lone Survivor foundation.

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