The Bundy Affair – #13 – “Gold Butte Impound”

The Bundy Affair – #13
“Gold Butte Impound”

Gold Butte Impound Camp

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 10, 2016

We are all aware of the events that occurred two years ago, resulting in the recent arrest of 19 people, based upon the government’s allegation of events.  However, what we know is based upon Mainstream Media (MSM), as well as observations by various patriots, of those events.  What we have yet to see is what the government’s side of the story is, at least from the planning of the operation.

The picture, above, is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) planner/artist conception of what the BLM base camp would look like.  It is taken from the cover of the Twenty Page “Gold Butte Impound – Incident Action Plan- April 5, 2014” (Plan).

The Plan was implemented on April 5, just one week before American patriots “unrustled” the cattle that had been rustled by the BLM, according to their Plan.  What is even more interesting is the amount of resources the government opted to commit, in order to steal the Bundy cattle.

In the past, a dozen men could handle and drive a herd of cattle to the railhead, many hundreds of miles away.  Now, if it were rustlers, attempting to steal cattle (yes, steal cattle, in violation of state laws (see “Violence Begets Non-Violence”), could probably handle the task with half a dozen to a dozen men.  However, the Plan eloquently demonstrates the inefficiency of government.  They have allotted 26 office personnel, 21 contractors, and 195 agents to rustle a few hundred cattle.  That’s right, about 242 people, primarily from BLM and National Park Service, who were tasked with this project.  Just imagine what the cost of the operation might be, if they had sold the cattle, they probably could not be able cover the cost of more than a couple of days of the operation.  But, then, who has ever expected the government to be efficient?

For those who might have determined that the “Free Speech Area” was thought up after they saw the family and friends speaking out about what was happening, well, that area was identified in the Plan, well before the boots hit the ground, so to speak.  In fact, there were already two designated “Free Speech Areas” in the Plan, one near Interstate Highway 15 Exit 112, the other near the city of Mesquite.  Of course, the “Media Site” was situated near the “Shipping and Holding” site, near where the final events (the Unrustling that happened under the bridge) occurred just seven days after the implementation of the Plan.  They also had a very military sounding “Foreword Operating Base” on SR 170, near the entrance to the Bundy Ranch.

Had they hired some professional rustlers, not Warner and Sampson, who dealt in wild horses, they could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The rustlers would simply move in quietly, heard the cattle into a box canyon, and then move them out to a loading area, many miles away from the ranch.

But, bureaucracy simply does not work that way.  Bureaucrats tend to trip over their own feet, and the feet of others, making any simple task as expensive, impractical, and disorganized, as possible — which they managed to do, in this operation.  It makes you wonder about those 26 desk jockeys.  Do they have any idea where hamburger even comes from?

Let’s take a look at the field operation teams that were necessary to conduct this boondoggle.  Of course, there was the Command Team, headed by the infamous Dan Love and his advisor, Erika Schumacher.  Then we have a Trap Team, Interdiction Team, and Investigative Team.

Interestingly, they have a 1st Amendment Team, comprised of six people — probably what was necessary to put up the orange plastic fencing and signs, though probably not well versed on the subject itself, and certainly not in terms of respecting it.  Of course, in this modern age, they need a Closure Team.  Then, they have a MS/RP Team, tasked as a Reactionary Force.  Next is the MRT/FOB Team, followed by the Demolition Team.  Now, why would they need a Demolition Team?  They also have Demolition/Resource Advisors and a Planning/Safety/PIO Team.

Now, for purposes of media spin, they have their own PIO Media Escort Team, to make sure that the press gets the “right” picture of the activities to take place.  And, of course, they must have an Interstate Escort Team.

The also have an Auction Team, though that was discussed in a previous article (“Violence Begets Non-Violence”), and would be illegal under the state laws of any state where an auction may have been held.  They also have a Night Auction Team.  Perhaps this one is to do a black market auction, if they are refused access to licensed auction houses.

Then, we have the Load Hold Team, which includes Lisa Wilson, the agent that interrogated Dave Bundy.  There is a Night Operations Team, which might cause one to wonder what night operations might have been planned.  This Team is supported by a Night LP/OP Rover Team and a Night SETT OPS Team.

Well, that’s 19 teams, and that does not include the contractors.  The contractors include the rustler’s, the truck drivers, and the helicopter pilot.  Overall, they have about 20 times more personnel involved than would be required to drive the cattle in a normal, non-bureaucratic world.

For additional information recovered by our (patriot) intelligence capabilities, see Government Agents at Bundy Affair


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