Some thoughts on the Zimmerman Verdict

Some thoughts on the Zimmerman Verdict

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
July 21, 2013

For those who have decided that George Zimmerman was not justified in shooting Trayvon Martin, consider whether Trayvon Martin would agree with your advocacy of beating or killing whites. If Trayvon Martin would not support your advocacy, then that verdict was in error. If, however, Trayvon Martin would support such advocacy, then that justifies the actions of George Zimmerman and proves that he acted in self-defense.

So, what you have proven is that the verdict was correct, since those not involved in the events in Sanford, Florida, now must fear for their lives, as George Zimmerman feared for his.


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One Response to “Some thoughts on the Zimmerman Verdict”

  1. SleepySalsa says:

    The whole overblown nature of the shooting is kinda endemic of not only the MSM, but also what the mainline public is willing accept as true. Take for instance those “tweets” that were posted from various individuals claiming “I will kill Zimmerman.” Where does this kind of mob mentality come from? Why do they get angry about Trayvon Martin, but not about Jose Guerena, Donald Scott, Michael Hill, or even Oscar Grant? Besides, unlike Guerena, Scott, Hill, or Grant, Martin was a notorious druggie who wouldn’t control his anger (hence his affinity for MMA). It’s one thing if you “enjoy your poison” and spar with consenting individuals without causing harm, but it is clear this reckless kid was no responsible adult. He certainly does not deserve to be put up on a pedestal, but if he does, then so does George Bush, Jr. Either assault & battery is ok, or it is not, and the photographs of Zimmerman’s bloody head caused by Martin bashing his head into the concrete (known in MMA as “ground-and-pound”) is not indicative of some crazy gun-wielding homicidal manic. The manic here is the one acting just like a cop when they merciless beat their victims into the asphalt. If Zimmerman were a woman, the shooting itself wouldn’t even be brought into question.

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