Questionable Characters Within Our Ranks

Questionable Characters Within Our Ranks

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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
January 19, 2015


For over twenty years, I chose not to make accusations against patriots (or self-proclaimed patriots), with the sole exception of Linda Thompson.  She put out faxes, went on radio shows, and later, had her own radio show, and frequently made accusations against me. She did, however, introduce me into the world of intrigue within the Patriot Community, which was the beginning of my education in this current subject. I wrote “Linda Thompson – The Big Lie” in response to some of her accusations against me. This was followed by a rebuttal to her video “Waco – The Big Lie”, with “The Big Lie Continues“, and a series called “Miz Market Reports“, in response to her radio show.

I held that same standard when Bill Cooper accused me of being John Doe #4, in the Oklahoma City Bombing. When he was killed, I wrote what some consider a fine tribute to him.

After April 12, 2014, when the People unrustled the cattle that had been rustled by the BLM, I realized that we had reached a turning point. We had moved from Civil Disobedience, where one might get arrested, to Civil Defiance, where guns were drawn, on both sides, and one might get shot.

Recent events, including the arrest of Robert Beecher, in which someone provided access to the friend’s side of his Facebook page (See “No bended knee for me” – the Demonization of Robert Beecher – Search Warrant section) to obtain pictures of him with a rifle, leading to his arrest on charges of Felony Possession of a Firearm, and the informant (See Camp Lone Star – The Arrest of K. C. Massey and Camp Lone Star – Update #1 on K. C. Massey) that was exposed at Camp Lone Star, which led to a similar arrest of K. C. Massey, have forced a reconsideration of the prohibition that I had imposed upon myself. I will not be stooping to name calling and pissing contests, though I will be exposing information that will suggest that the people exposed in this series have questionable backgrounds, making them susceptible to being turned into informants by government agencies. Some information will also include questionable actions that are further suggestive of cooperation with government. The conclusion will be left to the reader, and I will provide, a forum open to anyone named in this series, to rebut what I present.

There is no doubt that the information, which can be readily obtained, will very seldom result in conclusive proof regarding the nature of these people. After all, only government records, most likely sealed, or a confession, would meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard.

The answer to why am I doing this is one that I recently pondered, in light of the two arrests mentioned above; in my over twenty years of participation in the Patriot Community; Having met an IRS undercover agent, though it was three years before I discovered this when he testified against some patriots; I was interviewed, allegedly for an article, and the article, when published, was not truthful, which I found out about a couple of years later, when the author of that article testified as government agent, then essentially disappeared. Further, I have covered stories of militia members who have been arrested and the informants have been identified, by acknowledgement in court; And, by working with other patriots to root out these cancers within our movement.

I have also studied numerous publications, such as “Provoca“, and written about various experiences that have provided insight into such activities (“Informants Amongst Us?“, “C3CM” and, “Vortex – The threat that keeps us apart“). The insight that I have acquired has resulted in my being a bit ahead of the curve on this subject. Further, my standard of requiring proof, not hearsay, before I commit words to paper, do come together in this current effort. So, when I present information, I will disclose as much detail as possible, without exposing sources, unless they have given their consent. I can assure you that those words will not be committed to an article, unless I have a record of that source, in writing, and retained in my files.

If you choose to continue to associate with these people within your circle, I suggest that you remain observant. If you develop suspicions, you should remedy the situation, or you may find yourself “rolled up”, like Massey and Beecher.

I am always willing to discuss these matters with anyone interested, and appreciate credible contributions that will add to the presentation, and to bring more of these characters to light.

Note: To see the characters, got to the main page at Questionable Characters

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4 Responses to “Questionable Characters Within Our Ranks”

  1. AZRanger says:

    Gary, I look forward to this series, as I know that you ALWAYS do your homework well!

  2. quisno says:

    Long time since ive heard Linda Thompsons name. Seems like I talked with her once or twice. Any way Rick Light has dropped off my map. places I used to find him are now no more. So me thinks that mining is the game in my area and the federal pressures which go with it. It would seem that people here are getting wise. The lands issue is now gaining people and ground but it becomes the nitch the window I need to make this go. Ron My son has broken the ligand code of this ore now well look at funding. I must add Ron has had to learn Russian as they are the real PGM miners in this world. Just thought id check in.

  3. Carol taylor says:

    I’m a beginner on these pages but I want to be educated. If you need info to accept me into your posts please advise.

    • Sean Doughty says:

      Carol, you’ll quickly find out how fast and far the trolls/liberal’s/Socialist/ Anti- American Patriots will go to push their Tyrant/Communist beliefs on you/us as Patriots. Always Stay Vigilant!!

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