Tony Lezcano and RifleStock

[Note: This post had been removed at the request of TJ Lezcano (see first comment). Once removed, a scathing email demnouncing all white men was received from Lezcano, which warranted to the re-posting. GH]


Tony Lezcano and RifleStock

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

May 20, 2011

Someone referred me to a YouTube video made by Tony Lezcano, aka TJ, aka, Tyrannicide, aka, aloy0102 (YouTube), phone (786) 553-1553, because it claimed to know why RifleStock had been cancelled.  The YouTube video is at

I had a rather interesting conversation with Mr. Lezcano, this morning.  I called him to clarify what caused RifleStock to be cancelled, since, being one of the organizers; I had direct knowledge of what happened.  Not only that, I contacted the US Forest Service personnel that were involved in what is described in my article on the subject (RifleStock 2011 – Canceled – A more thorough explanation).

Mr. Lezcano informed me that he was going to convoy, with hundreds of people, to RifleStock, but they cancelled their plans when it (RifleStock) began to fall apart.  Interestingly, they apparently intended to either crash the event, or buy tickets at a premium price (the price was held down until a certain date, and then went up), though only about 60 people had bought tickets.  He did assure me, however, that his explanation of why it was cancelled was accurate, and that he had “thousands” of people who had confirmed it (infiltrators in the skinhead movement, according to Mr. Lezcano).

I asked Mr. Lezcano if he realized that Freebyrd, who he attacks in the video, and, I believe, accuses of being a racist, by grouping him with the others mentioned at the end of the video, has an Hispanic name and heritage.  He claimed that he didn’t mean that Freebyrd was a racist.  I guess you will have to judge what was implied by the video, for yourself.  Maybe it was just poorly presented, and I will go along with that.

He also decided that I was a hick from Kentucky, based upon my “accent”, and that I was just a country boy.  I do believe that I have traveled through Kentucky, but I do not believe that I stayed long enough to acquire an accent.  As far as being a country boy, I was raised having horses to ride, though I have spent much of my life signing contracts with clients, representing them to city and county boards, testifying, on occasion, for them, in court, and otherwise representing them and designing subdivisions, surveying tracts of land, while making a decent living that allowed me to get back into the country to do the field surveys of their property.  So, perhaps, I am a country boy, though mischaracterized by Mr. Lezcano (a plumber, by trade).

Mr. Lezcano told me how he had helped Charles Dyer (July 4 Patriot) become what he was, though he would not answer my question (interrupted, a couple of times), about why he turned against Mr. Dyer.  My question was whether he turned against Mr. Dyer because Mr. Dyer would not do what Mr. Lezcano wanted him to do.

Mr. Lezcano claims to have (it appeared to be rather possessive) thousands of patriots that want to restore the Republic, on his webpage (ARM).  Interestingly, I happen to be one of them, though I cannot say that I support Mr. Lezcano’s’ philosophy, conclusions, nor his accuracy in reporting fact.

He also claimed that he was trying to create cohesion in the patriot community.  I do find this hard to believe, because he suggested that I was associated with these people and therefore, I did not want to restore the Republic (I prefer restoring the Constitution).  Based upon the name calling that I encountered in this conversation, it appears more likely that Mr. Lezcano wants all patriots to think as he does — fall into lockstep with what he believes — if they are, truly, patriots.  This would seem to be about the most divisive approach one could take, where one man dictates what is to be, and, what is not to be.

To those who take up Mr. Lezcano’s offer to “call me, my number is out there, I am easy to find” (phone (786) 553-1553), you may find, also, that he is not as willing to talk as he suggests (since he hung up on me rather than answer my question about Mr. Dyer), and said that he was a very busy man.

Finally, if a reporter of facts fails to get the facts on one story, when the facts are very clear, it must make you wonder whether he has done equally well on other stories.

* * * * * * * ** * * * *

Note: Offensive language, below.

This is a transcription of what was said about RifleStock on the video referenced above:

12:34 – What’s this guy Freebyrd.  I don’t even know who they fuck you are dude.  You have my phone number. Everyone has my phone number.  You don’t like the fact that I made a video that says Norm Olson, Rick Light, and WRAM, are a bunch of neo-Nazi, racist Fucks?  And that RifleStock was shut down because it was going to be invaded by neo-Nazis?  We’re all going to be hanging out there, whoo, having a great time. RifleStock!, and a bunch of fucking Nazi guys, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, were about to roll in to RifleStock, to crash the party.  That’s why you shut it down, Freebyrd.  Don’t fucking lie. You got a fucking, you got a problem with me?   Call my number. You can find it.  People have it. It’s out there.  I don’t need to contact you for shit.  Cause I don’t know you.  And, I don’t care about you.  I care about my people.  My people in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas.  We’re solidifying the south.  You all wanna keep pouncing around like little babies?  Pointing fingers at each other?  Ahh, you did it.   Ahh, he’s a dirty Mexican.  Ahh, Ahh.  We are not.

Comment: This leads me to wonder, if everybody is a neo-Nazi, why would they cancel RifleStock because neo-Nazis were coming to the event?


  1. Hunt says:

    From: TJ LEZCANO []
    Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:47 AM
    Subject: please remove
    please remove the article i have included in this message from your website. i no longer am involved with any kind of activism, or political group and would like to put behind me the events of that era in my life. so i kindly and humbly ask you to remove the blog about me.
    thank you,
    p.s here is the blog in question
    * * * * *
    From: Gary Hunt []
    Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 7:44 AM
    To: ‘TJ LEZCANO’
    Subject: RE: please remove
    I have never removed an article that I have written, before. I have held that position as I have never been ashamed of, nor misrepresented, what I have written about.
    However, I have seldom written an article such as the one you refer to.
    I have often contemplated the possibility that if the article has served its purpose, whether I would remove it, or not — breaking that long held position.
    As the article appears to have served its purpose at the time, and as you have said, you have passed that era, which was not comfortable to many of us, perhaps it is time for me to make exception to that practice.
    I can do nothing about archived copies on Google, however, I will remove that article from my blog, as you have requested.
    Let me add that, based upon you courteous request, I hold no grudge over the past. Should I every be able to be of service to you, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Gary Hunt
    * * * * *
    [The email that warranted the return of the original post. Note that Mr. Lezcano thinks that he can withhold permission to post this email. On the contrary, this information was not provided in confidence, and relates directly to a decision that I made to repost. GH]
    [CAUTION: Language is indicative of the mentality and nature of Mr. Lezcano.]

    From: TJ LEZCANO []
    Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 5:53 AM
    To: Gary Hunt
    Subject: Re: please remove

    read closely…and this is A private MESSAGE i give you NO PERMISSION WHAT SO EVER TO RE POST,SHARE,COPY, OR SPREAD THIS MESSAGE WITHOUT MY CONSENT..THIS MEANS YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW OR DO NOT KNOW. i was not going to respond and leave it a that but your arrogant response at what you believe you did BOTHERS ME…your statement about serving a purpose and what not…every single one of you is a blithering idiot. your response,your attitude, your whole demeanor in this so called “resistance” you people are trying to create make me want to throw up…you make me are a racist white man and i know this for a fact because i am 40 years old and i have met and dealt with your kind many times.your article served the purpose of maKing you look excatly as what you are…a traitor…this country does not belong to you…this country belongs to the world…the world, the earth, the oceans the mountains, the dessert, the grasslands , and the forest all belong the fucking human race…globalization is inevitable…you will not stop it…an army can not stop it…you have no chance and ALL yuou are doing is putting your self and the ones you love in nor the other idoit randy have any credibility whats so ever past the internet and the small circle of people you all interact with online…even if you were able to gather weapons and form some kind of defense and the rest of your buddies would look like iraqis in the desert with sling shot guns trying to take down heavly armored helicopter that would shread in you in a hundred pieces before you cAn even get off a shot…you are pathetic..the entire resistance,anonmyous, occupy what ever its called, are doomed to fail..the IOS have complete control of the world and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it….



  2. RandyMack says:

    I thought TJ was one of the “heads” of American Resistance Movement. Guess he’s lost his heart for freedom or has been co-opted into “seeing the light”. As for racism, doesn’t that always seem to be the battle cry of the Saul Alinksy types? When debate cannot be won by facts, scream racist to divert attention from the topic to the individual, attempt to discredit them with accusations that are socially abhorrent. Sad tactic. Yet if we analyze TJ’s statements, we find them riddled with racists remarks, yet today it seems that reverse racism is acceptable. Very sad indeed.

  3. W. Aramis Hernandez says:

    I am a lawyer representing Tj’s former wife in a contempt of court hearing against Tj Lezcano for his refusal to pay over $50,000.00 in child support since 2005. I am trying to obtain some of his videos that he posted on Youtube. He has taken them all down, but I was wondering if anyone downloaded any of them. If anyone can help me please email me at

  4. Lloyd says:

    Anyone who would give TJ’s COUSIN any information would be going against the ideals of this very website. Pathetic, really. This is just making a martyr out of TJ, a guy who is just trying to live happily and teach his kids some morals. This Hernandez guy is a sicko. But karma always returns to its sender, and Mr. Hernandez is no exception. What kind of person allies with their cousin’s lying ex-wife? Doesn’t the very fact that she befriended ALL of TJ’s family after the divorce say something about her moral judgment? Who’s the REAL bad guy here? What morals or ideals does this Hernandez guy stand for? Where’s the righteousness in that? Does blood mean nothing to you? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Are ya sleeping with the woman? More than likely. Who puts a price tag on a child’s head? Don’t you simple-minded Cuban refugees know anything about child psychology? Alienating a parent from their child doesn’t damage the parent psychologically (although it does emotionally), but it damages the kid for life. How did this guy go through college without ONE psychology class? I hope this guy can deal with the fact that he is screwing up a child’s life because of some personal vendetta against his own kin. And what’s worse, the kids will grow to resent that sorry excuse of a woman. In all reality, the only people who know about TJ’s previous marriage are TJ and his ex. And we all know how vindictive women can be. I feel so bad for TJ. But at least I know that one day his time to shine will come, and those poor little girls will truly know their father. Who knows, maybe they’ll grow tired of being told lies and being taught that their looks will take them places. What’s that word we have for those kinds of women? Dumb? Maybe. Airheaded? Probably. Simple and ignorant? Definitely. I know that TJ would love nothing more than to educate his kids on various subjects including: history, politics, art, sociology, philosophy, physics, geography, science, astronomy, foreign languages, and the kind of stuff child prodigies talk about. Enrichment of the mind is KEY to parenting. What is it they learn with the beautician who’s been in America more than 10 years and can’t speak a lick of English? Oh, that’s right… hair, nails, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Kesha, breast implants, over-sexualization, and shallow crap. I think I’ve made my point. And anyone who wants to try to say that I don’t know TJ… think again. I’m actually related to him, and I think he is an amazingly intelligent man who’s made mistakes and has been psychologically affected by the people in his family like Mr. Hernandez and his own backstabbing mother, as well as having various people trying to put him down and flick his ears when he wasn’t paying attention. Mr. Hernandez has NO SHAME. How sad, especially considering that this guy tormented and bullied TJ since the day he was born.

  5. Hunt says:

    Perhaps TJ is intelligent. Perhaps, too, he is arrogant. That arrogance is demonstrated here.
    What is posted here has nothing at all to do with his family. It does have to do with his acting as if he knew what he was talking about, when he didn’t have a clue, and, with all of that “intelligence”, chose not to investigate, rather, to just go into attack mode. Maybe that is the Cuban thing to do. It is not, however, the American thing to do, and, I doubt that Cuba would be receptive to such tactics.
    When concession was made, based upon a polite request, he, again, chose arrogance and a false sense of superiority, well, you can see where the continuation of that attitude got him.
    So, you can take your Tony is a nice guy attitude and put it wherever you like. He has done nothing to demonstrate that he is the nurturing, fatherly, sort of person.

  6. TONY says:

    Gary I apologize for any discomfort i have caused in the past. Please remove these slanderous and liable post about me. It is affecting my two little girls in school. They are 13 and 11 and they do not have to suffer reading this garbage on the internet and then they are bullied by their school mates. Please have some compassion and remove it for the sake of my children and bullied children in general. Please remove this bog. I have wrote to you repeatedly in private to remove it and you have begun to ignore my pleas. I am here publicly to ask you to remove this. I know that we are american born Latin people and for a white man like you we might not be of much importance, yet we are still human beings. To continue to keeps this garbage up on the nes after all these years border on sociopath behavior. Please Gary remove this post, no one around now even knows what this is about or cares. This post serve no purpose then to continue assault family and I. I do not involve myself in any of these shenanigans anymore. The country did not go to war and my internet activism is behind me like a used toy I played with in my youth. Basically i am inconsequential in these anti-nwo circles. There is no purpose for this post to continue to exist.

    • SleepySalsa says:

      I remember when TJ did this type of yellow journalism, back in April of 2012 He even once proclaimed that he was a sovereign citizen, as I believe were his own words. How ironic is it that over a year and a half later he is going for Round #2 (or would this be Round #3?) with Gary just because he is ostensibly suffering due to some child custody dispute?

      Tony has created so many enemies. He used to brag about expanding his business clients from Miami up to NYC (usually with his shirt off); Mick showed me once when TJ attempted what quickly became a failed “comeback.” When he now describes his vlogs as “misguided” is about the understatement of the week. Not only did Tony screw me over regarding a collaborative video project a few years ago, but I also remember when Tony told Gary, “You are all racist as hell and one day will all be bred out of the gene pool as your white daughters continue to procreate with black and latino men.” Considering statements such as that, I ask you, who’s actually being the racist here? And what does his kid being sick have anything to do with Gary anyway?

      I find it rather interesting that he claimed he was “chastised for even associating with the likes of these grassroots movements.” It begs the question as to WHO “chastised” him for it? Was the judge, the prosecutor, his own relatives; who, exactly? Hell, if they think what Gary said about TJ was bad, can you imagine what they would think if anyone ever showed them the footage of TJ repeatedly challenging specific individuals to fight duels with him in Miami? Those were a hoot to watch just for the sheer insanity of it; at least, if you weren’t the one being challenged.

      Who congratulated him for “walking away from this movement?” I know there are many who applauded his leaving the “movement.” It’s not like he ever did anything. All he ever did, at most, was register as a user for a forum board website, uploaded loud angry vlogs up on YouTube, and got himself a tattoo of the ARM symbol on the inside of one of his forearms (boy, I think he now regrets that decision, huh?). Is that tattoo any less permanent than Gary’s article? Deflecting is what Tony does best, and he shows that here quite plainly, even going so far as to claim that he is “merely speaking the truth from the general American opinion about your movement and others like yours.” Tony is about as American as Big Sis, but such a comparison is unfair to Janet Napolitano, tyrant that she undoubtedly is.

      To be fair, I have one nice thing to say about TJ here — his grammar has dramatically improved. No, I really mean it; his writing ability truly redefined what is meant by being “special.” I used to have to try and verbally enunciate his cave wall scratches; true, Rick Light’s was pretty damn bad, but at least Slick Rick’s mish-mash of what appeared to be words didn’t create in me a desire to prefer Ebonics. I mention this because TJ got very angry with me the one time I politely brought this to his attention, and he told me he didn’t need to learn how to spell because he was “a motherfuckin’ American.” No doubt you can begin to see a pattern here.

      With regards to his absurd demands, TJ can, quite frankly, just get lost. I have less than zero concern for his health and welfare because he couldn’t treated any of us worse than if he were the enemy. Can you imagine the Polish Underground during the early 1940’s tolerating behavior like TJ’s? Oh, wait, that’s right….they didn’t, did they? Look up how the Underground treated the Volksdeutsche and you’ll see what I mean.

      Gary has not been conducting a “3 year attack” on TJ. It was ONE article he wrote about TJ, responding to TJ’s attack on Gary and Riflestock, and if TJ was sincere last go around, there would be no problem right now. However, he waits until now, three years later, when consequence cause him to reflect upon the error of his ways. More significantly, if simply publishing objective data about the fact than an incident occurred constitutes “attacking” someone, then let’s just give up this pretense of there being a free press. What about all those CLC cases [], would they be considered “attacks” despite the fact that they are based in evidence and not upon rumour, as well as the fact that they seem to vindicate other individuals? How some articles I’ve written about “notable” individuals who act publicly in a bad manner; would my documentation of their openly brazenly acts constitute me “attacking” them? Hell, if that’s true, then wouldn’t it apply to those government agents running our liberties straight into hell? Should TJ ever become consistent with his own bullshit, it would be the same day that pigs will grow wings.

      TJ got exactly what he deserves. He was offered, time and again, many chances by several people to get his act together, and how did he respond each and every single time? “YOU’RE A RACIST!” No, TJ, only a racist would want others not like themselves to be bred out of the gene pool; only a supremacist would brag about the alleged superiority of “his” native, indigenous people of…wherever. If anybody is using code words, it’s this TJ.

      In summation, I don’t think Gary should take down his article on Riflestock; hell, I would even venture further to say that I think he should publish TJ’s latest e private mail travesty, more as a object lesson for the rest of us than anything else. True, doing so would be to strongly invite the incessant problem of “trial by press,” but I think that if a disclaimer was offered right at the beginning, I think most, if all, the effects of such a trial by press could possibly be avoided.

  7. Tony says:

    *sigh* this is sick. You are all still extensively and deeply involved in this. It is not healthy. My writing skills have improved because I have now properly educated myself. This is no longer affecting my life or any case. That’s old news sleepy. The continuos involvement by all of you demonstrate a sociopathic need to bring some form of meaning to your lives. Lives that are spent concerning yourselves on a daily bases with online activism. This is an indoor activity and uasaully indicates a lack of social skills and therefore a lack of real human contact. I understand the pain that most of must feel completely cut of from the rest of the world, astracized from those around you that might have one point been “friends”. Yet I feel that you must question your own motives in his online world you live in when maintaining a blog that is only serving as ammunition for bullies to affect two liotle girls. Furthermore I never publicly stated on here that my duaghter( some kid? You sadistic nerd) is I’ll. I wrote that directly in private to Gary. He obviously took it upon himself to share that. I plead you, I beg and grovel to remove this. I do not care about myself this has not, will not, can not affect my life. Yet I love my kids very much. And I am doing what I can to have this removed. This is my last attempt to BEG you to remove this blog. I feel that continuing to post here would only serve as matrial and ammunition for must be dead and boring online movement that no longer sees any action or credible news. In fact my pathetic pleas are more than likely the highlight of your pathetic lives in three years. I hope all of you feel vindicated from all the “horrible and vile” videos I made that have been sooooo damaging now that no one even remembers except your little, tiny, marginalized internet group. Maybe after you are all done feeling powerful and superior to me lowly old me you might reconsider helping my daughters since I never Said or made a video about any of your children nor have I adversely affected anyone’s life. Yet my life continues to be affected over some dumb vidoes and dumb statements i made three to for wyes ago.

  8. Tony says:

    Post script: sleepy salsa, I would seriously reconsider what you are doing with your life. After reviewing the deeply buried memories of my “yellow journalism” years I remember thinking what an intelligent young man, this young man will one day become someone. I boggles My mind how so much has changed for me on the past years, beginning with my wild success in the stock market, and culminating with my BA in finance, i was shocked to see that not everyone move on. I expected someone of your abilities and caliber to have landed a cushy job as chief editor of something or another. Yet somehow the days have turned into months and then into years for you. And nothing, you are still sleepy salsa, the banner less neutral “reporter” of an already discredited and as I already mentioned, the most marginalized group in the whole “don’t tread on me” movement. To explain what I mean, the “occupy Wall Street” movement has at least been able to locate a real enemy to bring the fight to. Yet, not you of couse you comfortably sit on the side lines of the least of effective groups, seem to be still fighting the invisible boogeyman that you all believe the NWO to be. Much has happend, yet you have all achieved nothing except weed out drug addicts, morons, drunks, and loser like I used to be from your online forums and assorted sites. Exposing my less than affective methods of fighting the eatablisment and ousting me and others like me from your movements, and now gloating over me with a ridiculously irrelevant blog, hardly constitutes whatever the intention this blog serves. If fighting people like me, or whatever you want to label what is you are doing to me, is supposed help fight tyranny, fascism, globalization, racism, and protect civil and constitutional rights , Must inform you that you have failed. The only thing you have demonstrated is that you can effectively waste your time exposing a once broke electeician from Florida with ZERO political ties or infulence since all you have already demonstrated how ineffective I was. Think about it…….it is pathetic, and quite disturbing that none of you have come to the same conclusion.

    • Gary Hunt says:


      I think that you just settled the entire dispute when you said, “ridiculously irrelevant blog,… whatever … this blog serves”

      Since it is, as you say, ridiculously irrelevant”, then there is no reason whatever, to consider that anybody would take what is said here seriously. That being the case, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about.

      Case closed.

  9. TONY says:

    You really want to keep this up, Gary? really? How worth it is it to you? You are not gaining anything from this. no money, no attention, nothing. The only thing you are serving here is to stand over me in some way. Do you realize what this makes someone of your age look like? I am here publicly begging you to remove it. You finish your short statement with “case closed”. Are you the judge now gary? Have you passed sentence over me because I threw dumb and uneducated insults at you the that I’ve already apologized for? The injustice you fight is the same one you are showing now. You are arrogantly behaving like judge,jury, and executioner. Are those not the quality’s of tyranny itself. Shall my internet transgressions be held over me for a life time? If this is indeed a sentence MR. judge and jury, then how is it that this sentence is perpetual? How incredibly heinous were my crimes to merit a sentence that is longer than most real misdemeanors. Or do you believe that making stupid videos and posting them on youtube and emailing you insults are a felony of some kind? no sir the case is not closed because you say it is. You well know that i could hire an attorney and force you to remove all blogs containing my name. Since any court in this great land would scoff at this and laugh. I ONCE MORE ASK YOU PLEASE REMOVE THIS BOLG. What i meant by “ridiculously irrelevant” was not your entire blog or site. I meant the one pertaining to my MISTAKES are irrelevant. Please remove it. I am sure you have made your point and everyone can see how great and powerful you are and how weak, ignorant, and petty racist I am. Is this not a enough for you? Is the rest of your life enough for you? Because i will live longer than you gary, your old, will you leave this in your will for your descendant to carry on the fight? i can see it now gary, on your death bed, “whatever you do never take down the blog on rifle-stock, it must continue for everrrrrrrrr”. Gary take it down already this has got to be getting embarrassing for you already. What kind of activism this? At this point you have noting to lose and everything to gain. You gain not having this crap up on your site in which time you can add a relevant blog on the Evil of “obama care”. You gain me not contacting you ever again or having to deal with an attorney when i finally accept the fact that you will not remove it. You gain the fact that you will actually do some real good to two little girls somewhere in america that do not need to be suffering for their fathers pat mistakes. You gain credibility through showing compassion to someone who you feel does not deserve it. Gary I will not stop till this is removed. Just as you will not stop. ANd sir, you do not have the right to say “case closed”, you do not own the website you are blogging on. Someone else does. My next step will be to begin putting in my two cents in every blog you post. I will comment on every topic on every blog. With my new found skills and recent education, is should quite simple to find grammatical errors and inaccuracies in your blog. I am sure you will love me commenting on all your stuff. I am sure i can find a lot of detractors including that audio you sent me to help em formulate an opinion. Please, let me know what you would like to do. Remove my blog or not. If you do, i go away gary, if you dont im your new best friend till its gone. If you like me that much, ill stick around.

  10. Gary Hunt says:


    Review the previous comments, both past and present.

    Who threw fuel on the fire?

    You suppose that I owe you something.

    I have posts on my pages that date back to 1993. As I explained, last round (April 18, 2012), I post what is a part of history, and I stand by what I write,. Your post was the only one I ever considered, and then did, remove. It went back up. Watching you go back and forth on this discussion, denigrating people, trying to be nice (or, at least acting at trying to be nice), then going nearly to tantrums, when you didn’t get your way, indicates to me that you have not changed, a bit, in the past three years, regardless of whether you have giving up your previous calling to save the world and destroy the white race, or a normal father, protecting his daughters from what has already been let out of the bag, or, as today, when you are a graduate and a businessman — your attitude hasn’t changed, a bit.

    I am not judging, I am only staying consistent with what has been my practice, and sustains my reputation of the accuracy of what I post. You cannot dispute what I said three years, ago. In fact, you have demonstrated, by your own words, that you affirm what happened then. So, when I say, “case closed”, it is not a judgement, rather a decision.

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