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Rogue Infidel – A Working Vacation to New Hampshire

Rogue Infidel – A Working Vacation to New Hampshire

Islamberg New York

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 30, 2015

The Trip

On November 18, 2015, Jon Ritzheimer began a road trip to aid an old high school buddy, Tyler Zarr, in his move to New Hampshire. After they loaded the SUV with Tyler’s belongings, they set out on their cross-country journey.

Since this road trip was part vacation and part work, they decided to take some “tourist” pictures along the way. Rather than dwelling on natural history or historical monuments, they opted to take pictures of what they perceived as the intrusion of an evil element into our country. Like any good tourists, they made “selfies” in front of the following mosques or Islamic Centers: New Mexico; Amarillo, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Springfield, Missouri; Illinois; Terre Haute, Indiana; Ohio; Reading, Pennsylvania; Lowell, Massachusetts; and finally, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here, in Jon’s words, is his description of the trip (note: all italicized portions are from Ritzheimer’s statement to the Outpost of Freedom.):

“As we made our way cross country we stopped and took a photo at every mosque that was within our path during the journey. We also decided that since we were heading that way that it would be nice to give the Muslims at the Islamic Post a visit to simply give them a piece of our mind in regards to the article they publish back in June, [Where they accused Jon, Pam Geller, and others, of being “American Taliban“. See note at end.] calling me a terrorist because I organized a pro freedom of speech rally at a Mosque where now five terrorists have come from.”

The Video

Shortly after leaving Phoenix, Ritzheimer made a video explaining his trip to those who have been paying attention to what he is trying to oppose publicly, which in the past was focused on the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCP). An account of his recent “confrontation” there can be found in the press release for the event, Global Rally for Humanity – Phoenix.

Now, even prior to the Global Rally event, Ritzheimer had held a Freedom of Speech Rally (When did Freedom of Speech Become Hate Speech?), where false accusations of his intentions were prolific, even in the mainstream media. Ritzheimer had made it clear, though many choose not to hear it, that being armed is strictly for defense. After all, he served in Iraq, where it was Muslims, not Christians, that were hell-bent on trying to kill him. Based upon events in Europe, it is simply a precaution, for who really knows when the violence, which has already risen here, will escalate to the level it has on the other side of the Atlantic?

The Offended

Now, that video apparently offended those Muslims in Islamberg (Hancock), New York, the home of The Muslims of America and The Islamic Post. Or, perhaps their comprehension of English is couched in their perception of themselves. The video (slightly edited by the New York Daily News – used by permission from Mr. Ritzheimer) contains no threats, nor has Ritzheimer removed any heads or hands, stoned any rape victims, or otherwise suggested any such violence against Muslims. He has done nothing more than advise them that he is more than ready to defend himself, against any acts of violence directed at him, or any event he sponsors — including his road trip.

So, to make that clear, here is a transcript of the voice in the video:

What’s up America? Jon Ritzheimer here with my brother Tyler, one of my old high school brothers here, and we’re driving all the way across America, all the way to New York to go see those assholes at the Islamic Post that decided to publish a paper calling me, me, a fucking terrorist in this country.

Fuck you Muslims! Fuck all of you! We’re going to stop at virtually every mosque on the way, take a picture flipping them off, telling them to get fucked!

And Obama, you stupid sorry sack of shit, you wanna come out and say that we’re all afraid of these poor little three-year-old orphans and these widows?

Fuck you! That is not what’s coming over here. And you know what? I’m not afraid! I fear for my family’s safety, but I’m not afraid, because these guys are fucking cowards, and they have shown, time and time again, they do not come and attack hard targets.

Well, guess what? [shows pistol] We’re fucking ready for them! [racks pistol slide] Bring it on you Muslim fucks!

You wanna come fuck around in our country, we’re ready for you. So, I’m not afraid. I’m urging all Americans across the U.S., everywhere in public, to start carrying a slung rifle with you, everywhere. Don’t be a victim in your own country. Fuck you, Obama.

If there is any threat in what he said, it was that there would be that he implied retaliation, should they mess with him. However, the Islamic Post, perhaps presuming that Americans practiced Taqiyya, or that implied threats had a different meaning behind them, contacted the FBI and/or the New York State Police, claiming that the video was an open threat, and that they feared that there would be violence.

The FBI and the New York State Police

From Ritzheimer:

“After we crossed into Pennsylvania, on November 20th, I received a three-way phone call from Special Agent Bridget Walters of the FBI, and a Sergeant with New York State Troopers. The FBI agent was nice and respectful during our phone call and the Trooper started out respectfully. They then proceeded to tell me that they saw the video of me with a gun and if I cross into New York that I would be arrested. I asked them if I could surrender the gun at the state line to them and just get an escort through the state so I could make my destination and they said NO. I asked if I could leave it in Pennsylvania with a friend and they said that they would still search me, give me a hard time, and basically violate my rights because of the video of me with a gun.”

Ritzheimer had initially agreed to stay in touch with the FBI agent, However, as a result of the breakdown in negotiations (you know, when the government says we can negotiate — as soon as you agree to our terms), Ritzheimer had to develop a strategy that would allow him to get to his destination in New Hampshire. Since New York extends from the Canadian Border to the Atlantic Ocean, there is no means of land travel that will allow you to take a handgun from the Middle States to New England (General Gage knew that when he tried to take control of the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War).

In his words:

“Originally I told Special Agent Walters that I would maintain contact with her and keep her posted on my whereabouts but then after reading state laws and seeing that no matter what they were going to violate my rights I made the decision that we needed to change our course and shut our phones off and pull out enough money from the nearest ATM so we wouldn’t need to use our debit cards. We had to break communication with law enforcement because they were clearly not going to work with me.”

The Break

So, as reported in a New York newspaper when communications were cut off, it was Ritzheimer’s fault, and was sufficient for the FBI and/or New York State Police to perceive a threat against them. As stated in the article, “he got angry and cut off communication with them. At that point, the alert, citing a “potential threat to law enforcement,” was issued, sources said.”

Keep that in mind — if you won’t talk to the FBI and/or New York State Police, and they know that you have a firearm, they will determine that you are a threat to them (or their presumed haughty almightiness). So, now this has escalated to a point where some people in law enforcement might “shoot to kill”, since the subject is now “armed and dangerous”.

However, as Ritzheimer explained, he used a little common sense, whereas the New York State Police and the FBI are lost in even beginning to understand why communications were cut off, because they assumed that “going dark” was indicative of preemptive hostile action.

So, Ritzheimer and Zarr did get to their destination, with only a slight delay. Though, apparently, the search for Ritzheimer and Zarr continued, throughout New York, for the next few days.

As Ritzheimer clarified for this article:

If I was going to attack them as they claimed I was headed to do, I would have brought way more fire power, and they never would have known that I was coming. I am a law abiding citizen and it’s unbelievable what I had to go through due to false reports from Islamic Post and Law Enforcement Officers who claim to be “just doing their job” when threatening to violate my rights if I cross into their state. Shame on New York State Troopers and shame on the FBI agent who rather than protecting a citizen and their rights fell into the trap set-up by the Muslims who play the victim.

American Taliban?

So, let’s look at the Islamic Post’s effort to demonize Ritzheimer and others. They accused them of being “American Taliban”. Well, that is rather ironic, as that “label” was first applied to John Phillip Walker Lindh, who converted to Islam at age 16. Then, on November 25, 2001 (at age 20), he was captured while fighting with the Taliban, against American forces, when his unit surrendered (no virgins for them) at Kunduz, Afghanistan. Interesting that they would then accuse Americans opposed to Islam and attaches the moniker that was first given to an American who opposed Americans.

So, if two Americans, knowingly travelling across the country and communicating with the FBI as they travel, can elude being taken while travelling from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire, is it conceivable that a real Muslim terrorist could easily evade the web that they are capable of setting up?

Apparently, you are more likely to be protected by the FBI and the New York State Police if you are a Muslim than if you are an American.

(to be continued)

Muslims at Loves – True or False?

Muslims at Loves – True or False?

Loves Bus

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 13, 2015

Many “incidents” are reported to the patriot community and there is a reaction that distracts from other activities, requires endless hours in effort to attempt to track back to a reliable source, and, most often, are found to be unfounded.

We accuse the press of always lying to us, unless, of course, they say something that we want to believe.  Or, often, it is the pictures they use to support a story of an event.  This leads to a lot of speculation over whether “crisis actors” are portrayed in events, such as Sandy Hook” and other mass shootings.  Many people will spend hours search pictures form events, and will find similar looking people at various events.  These are alleged to prove that the event was a “false flag” event, orchestrated by the government.

Think about this.  We discredit the written word of MSM, yet we want to rely on the reliability of photos used in conjunction with a story.  It’s as if we have never accepted the importance of videos or photos to bring attention to a story, and quite often, file photos/videos are used to enhance the story and bring attention to it.  The proponents of “false flag” assume that all of the photos shown are actually of the event, though during Sandy Hook, the press used videos of a previous “active shooter training event”, then they were used by the patriot community to prove that it was a false flag event.

In a recent near viral story, it was alleged that buses carrying Muslims were spotted at a Loves trick stop at Interstate 35 and Highway 9, near Norman, Oklahoma.  Photographs showing a number of white buses travelling away from the camera, suggesting that these were the buses that were supposed to have been seen at Loves, supported this.

The problem is, that same photograph of the buses (above) was used last July 2015, alleging they were proof of military activity during Jade Helm 15.  However, we can go back even further and find that that picture was used as early as April, before we knew about Jade Helm 15, claiming that it was military buses moving military personnel around the country.

So, are we as guilty as MSM?  Or, perhaps more so, because we use those pictures to “prove” the veracity of a story that we want to bring attention to?  MSM does it to bring attention to an event.  Some within our community use them to propagate a conspiracy story that has no foundation in fact.

Back to the Loves truck stop story.  When it first started circulating, with follow up stories that it had been confirmed, a simple Internet check determined that the photos going around with the story were bogus, which brings serious doubt to the validity of whole story.

After tracking down the source of the original information, we find that he spoke to the mechanic — that part is true, though unverified by any evidence.  However, it appears that others appended information about the clerk at Loves and the claim that there was confirmation Ohio Highway Patrol.  Whoever added those elements must have done so in an effort to lend credibility, and/or enhance the story.  The consequence is that credibility, and very much increased numbers, distorted, and brought discredit, to something that was worth investigating — to find the TRUTH of the matter.

Then, there is the source of the story.  Where did it come from?  Most will repost the story by copying and pasting, so that the story begins with “I was contacted by a friend who has always been truthful…”  However, the person pasting has no idea who the “friend” is, or, quite often, even who the “I” is.

There are also those who will then comment that they have “verified” the initial information, since they have seen it posted elsewhere, perhaps 5 or six times.  At this point, who can challenge the veracity of the information?  The more often the story is repeated, the more effort it takes to weed through the proliferation of affirmation of the event.

Now the event, especially one as isolated as a claim of seeing a bunch of Muslims heading to same known/unknown destination, is not going to change our world, it will simply distort the view of it.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if we had some reliable means of verifying such stories, so that the time wasn’t wasted chasing ghosts, and we would have a better picture, especially a realistic one, of what was going on around the country?

So, let’s look at what could be done to prevent such “intrusions” into our “intelligence”.  But, first, let me refer you to a previous article that explains how the government uses such artifices to receive a desired effect on our community.  The article is “Vortex“.  It is an account of experience and research into the methodology of government in creating confusion, gathering intelligence, and discrediting people, where it serves the government.

Now, what should be done BEFORE any “incident” is reported to the patriot community?  In this day and age where nearly everybody has a camera and a phone, we should practice the following:

  • How many?  How many vehicles, and how many people, are observed
  • Description: Of vehicles, especially markings and license plates, with number and state/organization.  And, of people, dress, language, if not English, other characteristics.
  • Location, date, and time: Where, exactly, did this happen?  Yes, we need the date not today, or yesterday, but the calendar date, and the time at which the observation was made.  And, equally important, the direction of travel.
  • Who all observed it?  Was the reporting person alone?  What is his name and contact information?  If there were others with him, or if he spoke to others who can confirm, and perhaps provide addition information, who are they?
  • Finally, and most importantly, pictures of the vehicles, scene, and individuals.  You cannot have too many pictures, as things that you may not have noticed might be revealed with careful study of the pictures.
  • If you do any follow up by making phone calls, or speaking with other witnesses, provide date, time, contact information, and what information they could provide.

Think about it.  I have tried to find a cell phone without a camera.  There are a few available, but they are very few, and very difficult to find.  Absent pictures, in this day and age, there is also a very probability that the information is without merit.  It is not a photo contest; it is substantiation of a claim.  If you pass on information, absent most of the above information, then you are, at best, propagating a rumor, and at worst, will cause some to spend hours investigating the story, and, quite possibly, making you look bad for originating, or even passing on, the information — as an unreliable source.  Not a good reputation to have.

If you have reason to believe that something did occur, find others in the area and have them look for verification, with camera in hand.

Note: We are still in the process of investigating this matter. If additional information is forthcoming, the article will be revised to incorporate that information.


Jon Ritzheimer – When did Freedom of Speech Become Hate Speech?

Jon Ritzheimer
When did Freedom of Speech Become Hate Speech?

Ritzheimer family

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
June 3, 2015

Jon was born in San Diego County, California in 1983. He was raised in Lakeside and graduated from El Capitan High School. He worked briefly after high school in construction, though having no direction, decided to join the Marines in 2002.

Most of his military service was stateside, though he served a tour in Iraq in 2004-2005. He was a Motor Vehicle Operator (MOS 3531), stationed in Ramadi. He did convoy security and was subjected to gunfire and IED attacks. He returned to Iraq in 2008, this time operating an MRAP, which he lived in “outside the wire”, eating, drinking, sleeping, and living in the MRAP for five months. No showers and the toilet was a “wag bag”.

His time in service included adverse reports due to his criticism of Obama, and having tattoos that were outside of the policy limits. This caused him to not reenlist. He continued in the Marine Reserves until 2014. During his service he received the standard combat awards and a certificate of commendation for one of the actions in which he was involved. It might be worth noting that he was never fired upon by any Christians, throughout either tour.

Jon married in 2007, then, after leaving the Marines, began using his GI benefits to get an education. First, he worked for a Harley-Davidson dealer, then left to set up his own motorcycle repair business, which he ran until the threats that were being put out caused him to look to the safety of his family, which now included daughters 2 and 4 years old.

Jon is much like many thousands of Americans who pursued life, served their country, educated themselves, and began working to support a family, eventually having his own business.

Seeing, as many do, that Muslims are attempting to establish Shariah Courts, impose Shariah law requiring women to be covered, ankle to the top of their heads, Ritzheimer became concerned over the potential effect of Islam in this country. It wasn’t quite enough for any more than concern, but he did remember what he had seen in Iraq. How can freedom of speech be denied, not by government, rather, by the threat of the use of force?

The recent “Draw Mohamed” event in Texas, and the attempt by two Muslims from the Phoenix Muslim Center, to assassinate those who had gathered for the event, hit a nerve. Our right to freedom of speech is unquestionably one of the most important rights that we Americans have. To assert that right, and to show that Americans will not allow intimidation to force us to relinquish even the smallest bit of that right, led him to conceive of the Freedom of Speech Rally. The first Rally, on May 17, getting little attention, and had only a few participants. However, being a Marine (there is no such thing as an ex-Marine); he was determined to get the job done by organizing the second Rally, held this past Friday, May 29.

This Rally brought hundreds to the Mosque, both pro Free Speech and those who mistook the purpose of the Rally, on the other side of the road, to defend Islam.

This second Rally managed to get attention, not only in Phoenix, but nationally. Unfortunately, as the press often does, they “rewrote” the purpose of the rally in an effort to demonize Ritzheimer and try to turn a Freedom of Speech Rally into a “Hate Rally”. Ritzheimer began to fear for his safety, and the safety of his family. He began to question whether this event, at a mosque, would lead a situation similar to that which was attempted in Texas, and was successfully carried out in France. So much for Freedom of Speech and the Press. However, the theme was that we would not be intimidated into not speaking what we want, in our own country.

Ritzheimer admits that the shirt he wore at the Rally, amply stating “F**k Islam” was not in good taste, and he regrets it. He told me that he has a hard time believing that, since there are so many Muslims out there, they can all be bad (prone to accept radicalism). However, his reading of the Koran raises questions, though some Muslims may sincerely believe that we can live in harmony. He also apologizes to all Muslims of the latter sort.

As the attention to the Rally went national, and the press chose to redefine its purpose, Ritzheimer began to fear for his safety, the safety of his family and those attending the event. Questioning whether going to the mosque might subject them to the consequences that were attempted in Texas, and successful in France. Subsequently, he began to encourage the lawful carrying of firearms to the event, as a means of self-defense against any attempt by the Muslims to use force to suppress freedom of speech.

As the event drew near, friends, and even people unknown to Ritzheimer, informed him of the reaction from what appears to be the Muslim community, quite possibly from as far away as ISIS in Iraq is.

Note that the military advised prior service members to use caution, giving credibility on the part of the government, to the implied threat because of messages similar to these:


(Note: SAW (Sallah Allah Alayhi Wa Aaleh) = Peace be upon him and his household.)

As apprehensive as he was at the start of the Rally, he was relieved to see that the police department had done the unexpected. They “Police Line” taped both curb lines to keep the two sides apart, and then stationed their officers along the centerline of Orangewood Avenue, facing the officers in alternating directions, so that neither side was singled out by the neutral police department, who was there only to assure the safety of all concerned.

Though Jon realizes, now, that the Free Speech Rally could easily be misconstrued, regardless of what he intended, he still believes in, and stands for, the right of Americans to speak freely what they feel. Regardless of whether an inverted crucifix in a jar of urine expresses Freedom of Speech, or a carton drawing of Mohammed, Freedom of Speech is essential to the continuation of our great nation. Jon will continue to support that freedom, just as he supported it when he went, willingly, to Iraq to assure the Iraqis had a chance to establish that right.

Jon Ritzheimer is praised for supporting freedom of speech in the Muslim country of Iraq, and then condemned for supporting free speech in the country that sent him to Iraq. Those who have condemned Jon Ritzheimer, by so doing, have condemned the very fabric of our country.