Waco A Lesson in History – Part IV – The FLIR Project

Waco – A Lesson in History

Part IV
The FLIR Project

FLIR at Gym

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
March 4, 2015


The “Rules of Engagement” documentary brought forth the possibility that the infra-red imagery (FLIR – Forward Looking Infra-Red) taken by the FBI showed that snipers were shooting into Mt. Carmel Church, keeping those inside from exiting during the fire. The Danforth Commission ordered a “re-creation” of the event, at least with regard to gunfire and FLIR, as to whether the imagery could possibly pick up gunfire, and, if so, would it appear as represented in the documentary. The results of this government exercise were included in the Danforth report.

When the producers of the two documentaries reviewed the report, they questioned the accuracy of the “re-creation”, and found that many of the methods were, to say the least, fabrications, since different rifles and ammunition were used.

Waco – The FLIR Project” (34:10) reviews the government testing and conducts their own, using correct weapons, ammunition, and as much as possible, other conditions existing on April 19, 1993.

The viewer will have to judge, however, the last ten minutes of this study leaves with the understanding that if the study was properly conducted, it provides convincing proof that the FBI imagery from April 19 does show that there was automatic gunfire directed towards at least two locations, during the fire, which resulted in the deaths of over eighty people, including women, children, and infants.

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