Wolf Trap – Wolf Speaks from Jail

Wolf Trap – Wolf Speaks from Jail

Crossroads Correctional Center

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 14, 2015

I received the following from William Wolf, through a circuitous route, since the government has decided that he should not be allowed to communicate with me. In fact, his communicating with me has so disturbed them that they will be moving him from the Yellowstone County Detention Facility, in Billings (where the Courthouse is) to the Crossroads Correctional Center (pictured above), in Shelby, Montana, about 300 miles, and a five hour drive to the Courthouse. Also, over 200 miles from his friends in Bozeman. Rather odd, since he will have to make the 600 mile round trip for very court appearance, but, heck, it is not their money, it is ours. It is, however, the first story that I have covered where the driving time to court, at least prior to conviction, has always kept down to very reasonable –which this is not.

We had identified Ed Grey (CHS in the Criminal Complaint) as the informant for the government. The Criminal Complaint even states that he “has provided reliable information to the FBI in the past and has not been known to provide false or misleading information and some of the information has been able to be corroborated by independent investigative means.”

We can add another player, Jeff Howard, who may have known that Ed Grey was bad, or was just duped by Grey into an introduction with Wolf.

For whatever reason, wolf has yet to provide a name for the UCE (FBI Undercover Employee), though he has referred to him as “Dirty” in the following presentation of Wolf’s side of the story.

Remember, there are always at least two sides to every story. The government will always get theirs out, first, making it the Prima Facie Story, which results in premature condemnation, as explained in Thought Crimes. So, clear your head, if you have read the Criminal Complaint, and try to be objective in learning the other side of that story.

You will note that this was an FBI operation directed at enforcing firearms violations. Normally, that would be the purview of the BATF, not the FBI. Therefore, there is good reason to believe that this factor is proof of what Wolf is claiming that it was entrapment because of his political views.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Summer 2014. Met Ed Grey on a jobsite. Jeff Howard said he was a friend, so possibly Jeff is involved, also. Ed said he listens to my shows and radio broadcasts. We met a few times over lunch, and talked about world issues. Always in public, never in private.

Late September. The Bozeman, Montana, City Commission met concerning an outcry over the Bearcat Armored Vehicle. I spoke openly against it. Ed contacted me and wanted to talk, since he missed the meeting. We met at Old Chicago pizza joint and had lunch. We talked about that vehicle and how it was illegally obtained. He told me he had a friend who was a patriot that wanted to build a bunker up here. So I said I would ask around. I contacted a friend, Kate R. of a local realtor company. See she said she knew of a place. I relayed the info to Ed Grey.

October. Ed Grey’s friend (UCE) “Dirty” was introduced at the Yellowstone Truck Stop, out in the open. We discussed what he wanted in property. We discussed the Bearcat and world issues. He said he was a private security contractor and had worldwide contacts. He said he could get things that could deal with the Bearcat like RPG’s. I never inquired about those. He told me he was selling his business and moving to Montana.

November. Ed Grey came to my home to help with a well pump. We talked on a variety of issues, and then he wanted to see the property. We talked about Dirty wanting to move to Montana again, and that he could get all kinds of military hardware. I told him I was interested in a military grade shotgun, either the Atchisson AA-12 or SAIGA 12 gauge military version. He told me that Dirty did, in fact, have a Class III dealer license for his company’s weapons and repairs. I had asked because of wanting it legally purchased and converted. Both Saiga and Atchisson full auto shotguns, the military version had an identical civilian version, except for manufacturing standards, but compatible and interchangeable parts.

December. Ed told me Dirty is passing through and wanted to meet. We met at the Corner Cafe in Four Corners, Montana (formerly known as the Cinnamon Bear). We sat out in the open. We talked about the property, world issues, and the Committee of Safety meeting. Ed mentioned about the shotgun after Dirty talked about how he wanted property he could have a gun range on for his automatic weapons. I told him I wanted the Saiga 12 fully automatic for its super durability over its civilian counterpart and how one could easily be converted to the other. He confirmed that his Class III licensee could convert it and had access to military surplus. I was very clear on wanting his Class III dealer to purchase and convert it and wanted that then to be a private sale (that is legal).

January 2015. Met with Ed and Dirty at the Flying J Truck Stop and we went to view the property. We talked of many things, including the shotgun and how he had seen the Yahoo video and how impressive it was. I agreed it would be great to own one and that it was an impressively designed firearm. He said his guy could get me six at $600 each. Again, I confirmed it was the Saiga 12 fully automatic version and his Class III could buy and convert it. He said yes.

We met with the realtor and viewed the property. We talked about modifying the property. We also talked about the Committee of Safety meeting Dirty wanted to attend.

Held the Committee of Safety meeting. Dirty and Ed attended and stayed after the meeting. He told me he could get me the exact model I wanted. I again asked about his Class III, converting it and he said yes.

February. Ed Grey texted me asking what length barrel. I said shortest possible (I believe I did and need the text messages from AT&T to prove it). He then asked the strange question of if I wanted it to be Mil Spec. So I said yes, knowing that Mil Spec meant higher quality metals.

March. Met with Ed Grey in his truck, as we had conflicting schedules. He showed a video of a Saiga 12 full automatic in action. He fired two clips. He then said, “yours will look just like this except converted and it will cost $125 more for the internal parts.” I asked Ed Grey if the $125 was for the fully auto converted. He said yes.

March 25. Met with Dirty at Yellowstone Truck Stop and ate. I did not see his vehicle. He talked about the Saiga 12 fully automatic he had bought for himself. He even said he had purchased five of them. He said how it emptied the clip and 1.9 seconds. I said I wanted a pistol grip on the front of mind. He said his Class III dealer had done that, as a favor for finding him the property. I asked again if mine had been converted and he said yes. His vehicle was parked in the back because the lot was full. I moved mine into the back. He showed me a Saiga 12 shotgun that I never touched. Again, I asked if it was converted. He said yes. I made the purchase and was arrested by a multitude of armed agents. Dirty was cuffed and taken away.

Points Of Fact

The Saiga 12 automatic shotgun line has two identical versions. The Saiga 12 fully automatic is made for the Russian military and is a superior manufactured firearm meeting military design/durability specs. It comes with a 14-inch barrel only.

The Saiga 12 semi automatic shotgun is identical to its fully automatic sibling, except it is semi automatic and inferior in construction. It is licensed here, in America, and sold off the shelf. The parts are fully interchangeable, with no modification needed. That is why I wanted a shotgun designed to withstand military rigors that could be legally converted.

Multiple times, I was told I was getting a Saiga 12 fully automatic shotgun from his factory (military surplus) and his Class III dealer could convert it. Dirty even charged me for the internal parts.

There is no way to make a fully automatic weapon more fully automatic with any factory conversion kit; ergo the only conversion is to semi automatic. Also, the barrel statement shows entrapment as the fully military version comes standard with it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


  1. Kyle says:

    Is there a picture of this Ed Grey available? He sure would be a guy I’d like to avoid, much like Stacy Litz. 😉

  2. tvfmontana says:

    How do we know that this is from Wolf and not the FBI? Who can we contact to find out why he was moved to Shelby? And when the hell is his next court date?

    • ghunt says:

      The message that I got, PDF, was in Wolf’s handwriting. I transcribed it because of the low quality of portions of it (as I received it). It came from a source where Wolf had directed it to be sent to me, so I am fully satisfied that it was from Wolf.
      He has not been moved to Shelby. Why is not clear, because of the need for circuitous communications, though they decided not to move him the day after this article went out.
      I have no idea when his next court date is. I kinda think that they don’t. either.
      It seems that we are going around with them on Habeas Corpus. Wolf is pushing from his side; I am pushing from my side; they have made very meager efforts at fighting back from their side.
      I will be posting a series on the effort, soon.

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