Camp Lone Star – Pressure Cooker of Just Us

Camp Lone Star – Pressure Cooker of Just Us


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
August 24, 2015

A pressure cooker was used to make the bombs used in the Boston Marathon Bombing. However, besides cooking, there appears to be another form of pressure cooker used by the government. Pressure cookers use steam to build up pressure to increase the rate at which something cooks. It changes the normal conditions to conditions that have a more rapid effect on what is being, well, pressure-cooked.

KC Massey was returned to jail for violating his (innocent until proven guilty) pre-trial release conditions (Cruel and Unusual Punishments – Before Conviction). Prior to his pre-trial release, he had been held at Willacy Federal Detention Facility, and was placed in a solitary cell. After the violation, he was sent to a County Sheriff’s facility, Carrizales Rucker Detention Center, under federal authority. Again, he was placed in solitary confinement.

In solitary confinement, he has no exercise privileges, unless they decide to let him out of his cell. He had, while at Camp Lone Star, been active on patrols and had gotten plenty of exercise. However, his confinement and the poor quality of the food have had detrimental affect on his health. He suffers from kidney problems and was recently diagnosed with early stages of congestive heart failure.

So, why is he, not having yet been convicted, and only charged with a crime that is not violent in nature, treated worse than the many real thugs in jail, whether under either federal or local charges?

A couple of weeks ago, KC told me that another prisoner, a trustee, had told him that he was in solitary confinement because of his affiliation with Aryan Brotherhood. This was a surprise to KC, and, as he explained to me, he has never supported them and has often been critical of Aryan Brotherhood.

Just a few days ago, he asked Sgt. Campbell, one of the detention officers, if he would look in his (KC’s) file to see if it did say what he had been told. Sgt. Campbell responded, I don’t have to look, I know. The US Marshall Service put Aryan Brotherhood Affiliation on the outside of your jacket [folder].” So, KC is in solitary confinement because the US Marshall Service can lie, just to punish KC, because they, or someone above them, wants to punish him.

Through a fabrication, the pressure on KC to submit, psychologically and physically, to the pressure that was being applied to the cooker, had begun.

KC had been offered a plea agreement, plead guilty to one county and five years in prison, but stoically refused this offer, knowing that he was right and was not guilty of any crime.

Over time, I could hear and sense the frustration over the solitary confinement. His mood was quite often very low, and much of our conversation was an effort to boost his morale and to stand firmly behind his beliefs.

Within days of Sgt. Campbell explaining why he was in solitary confinement, and with just a few days to go before his trial, the government comes back, through KC’s attorney, with a new offer – Guilty to one count and he was told it would be three years in prison, by his attorney.

However, this offer came with additional information. They had been monitoring all of his phone calls, they had reviewed all of the text messages on his cell phone, they had gone over every post on his Facebook pages, and, had reviewed all of his radio shows. If he did not plea and the case went to trial, they would go after everybody that was named in any of the information gathered, if there was any chance of prosecution. They would also go after his wife, Khristi, who had bought an AK 47 that KC was charged with possession of, notwithstanding that under Texas law, there was no illegality to the purchase or to allowing KC to use her firearm.

This is the same tactic that they used against Robert Beecher (Who Does the Patriot Fight For?) to secure a plea agreement, rather than the government taking the rather risky task of trying to convince a jury that the government acted above board in their persecution of Beecher.

This morning, KC apparently stood his ground. He was willing to plea No Contest (nolo contendre), take the 3 years, however, his unwillingness to agree to their plea bargain offer, and finding that there was no specification on the three years, has result in the trial NOT being held today at 1:30 PM, but is put off until the end of September.

So, why did they schedule this second trial, and then cancel it? Well, both Sorola, KC’s attorney, and KC began talking jurisdiction (Massey & The Clash of Laws), this morning, in front of the Judge. Sorola pointed out that KC had brought up the jurisdictional matter back with his first attorney, Ed Cyganiewicz. Judge Hanen, favoring KC’s side, allowed for the September date to hear additional arguments, including a challenge to jurisdiction. Hagen resisted, but the Judge had made his decision.

Hagen, the prosecutor, seemed upset that KC would not plea, arguing that he has been made plea offers, and has refused to take them. The only other conceivable reason is that the trial is something that Hagen does not want. They want KC to plead guilty, period.

I will add, however, that KC called me as soon as he got back to jail from the hearing. He is exuberant, and he said that he feels that God is on his side, as this critical argument of Tenth Amendment State Rights, is going to get its day in court. He is more excited and up beat than he has been, in many months — even though it is another month in solitary. He feels that his suffering will have the appropriate reward, in the end.

This, my friends, is what Justice has become, in America. No trail, we will punish you until you agree that you are guilty, then we will imprison you, and you will carry that “conviction” with you, the rest of your life. But, KC intends to beat the system, and get out of the pressure cooker with only minor burns.


  1. David Asche says:

    Gee whiz…Didn’t the NAZI’s, the Khmer Rouge and a few dozen COMMUNIST groups do this kind of crap…Seems my dad and my History teachers all had something to say about this kind of treatment. Yes, I do believe, if it were POSSIBLE, that we could dig up a few THOUSAND bodies and maybe they could tell us how they each got a hole in the back of the head, were gassed, or starved and beaten to death in some God forsaken shit hole of a prison. Funny how it seems people of that same ideology are now running OUR country. I wonder how long thy will continue this type of behavior until someone puts a stop to it?

    • ghunt says:

      Young men fight wars. We need some of those young men to stand up to stop this sort of shit.
      KC may win his case. Judge Hanen has agreed to hear both a rewrite of the has/had argument and jurisdictional argument.

  2. Michelle says:

    . KC should have been more considerate of the tattoos he got. He has double lightening bolt tattoos that’s the only ones that i know of that he has that would classify him as a gang member for sure. He’s been to prison before. He knows that Certain tattoos get you classified as a gang member. And they aren’t going to believe a criminal when they say they aren’t part of a gang When they have tattoos that classify you as a gang member .Wich in turn gets you put in solitary confinement when you go to jail. That is the rules for EVERYONE in jail or prison in Tx at least. No one else gets special treatment due to the food not being the greatest or because of health issues. They say he hasn’t got any medical treatment. But obviously he has if he was was recently diagnosed with the first stages of congestive heart failure. There are people doing their time in prison with Cancer and all kinds of other illnesses. Should they be released or treated as if the rules don’t apply to them due to being sick? NO that’s not the way it works even with terminal illnesses. KC knew before he went to Camp Lone Star that he was a felon and wasnt supposed to be in possession of a firearm. That is why none of the firearms in his possession were registered in his name. Everyone wants to be all “Poor KC. He is a hero. He should be released”. There are residents of Brownsville that I know personally that have been fighting illegal immigration for over 50 years. And several organizations around the country that send people to work the border and they make sure their members are not feelings and are allowed to legally carry firearms.

    • ghunt says:

      First, KC knew that under Texas law, he was allowed to possess a firearm.
      As for the rest of what you have written do you just make things up as you go?
      Early on, he didn’t get the medical attention. That was a long time back, and no9thgin has been said about that, since then.
      His gang designation was, admittedly, put on his “jacket” without even advising him. It was removed, once the article went out.
      KC has not said that he should be released, he is fighting the unlawful application of the federal law and their lack of jurisdiction.

      • Michelle says:

        I did not make anything up as I went. I personally know of residents of Brownsville that have been fighting illegal immigration and there are several groups that send people to the border. Such as border keepers and organized patriot groups. I have personally worked with members of several different organized groups. I know kc and his family and yes there was a free Kc thing that went around. And several people have wrote letters to the Governor asking to release KC that were were requested by KC himself.

        • ghunt says:

          I believe that I pointed out where you were in error. If you assert a “truth” where none exists, then it must be made up. When I talk with KC again, I will get conformation as to whether he had asked people to write the Governor, or not. He has never mentioned it to me.

      • Michelle says:

        If you would like a truthful unbiased account of what goes on the border of Brownsville TX. Feel free to contact Russell Wood III on Facebook. He will gladly answer any questions you may have. He worked with KC at CLS. And has since been working with residents and organized groups to secure the border in Brownsville Tx

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