Barbeau Qued in Seattle – Making Schuyler Barbeau Out as a Terrorist

Barbeau Qued in Seattle
Making Schuyler Barbeau Out as a Terrorist

SeaTac federal detention

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
January 15, 2016

A recent Facebook post rightfully posted the following email content with the caveat that they had not confirmed the email was actually from Schuyler Barbeau. However, as shown below in the screen capture, the email was mailed through “CorrLinks”. CorrLinks is a privately owned company that operates Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, the email system used by the United State Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow inmates to communicate with the outside world. To use CorrLinks own description of their purpose,

“CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in prison”. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and Advanced Technologies Group, this system allows family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services.”

CorrLinks header

The next obvious question would be whether the email was generated by Schuyler Barbeau, as indicated, or fabricated by the government. Frankly, I doubt that the government would ever usurp the prerogative to do such a thing, as it would be illegal, and would, most likely, be found out during subsequent court proceedings. So, it is fair to assume that the email did come from Schuyler. However, to substantiate this, it has been confirmed by telephonic communication, as well.

So, let’s look at the content of the email (A PDF of the email, redacted, is here). Understand, however, the reference to the email received at the bottom is left in to further sport the legitimacy of the email The content was of a personal nature, except that portion which is discussed below. The text is unedited.

Sent Date: Monday, January 11, 2016 10:51 PM
To: teamrescueone[at]

Subject: RE: P.S.

i have gotten one letter from mom but she didnt give any warnings to me. so they are hold my mail. the captain read me something similar from a letter from my friend Brooke. i know whats going on around here but im not supposed to talk about things. i have had discussions with the staff here about the sistuation and have been given a greenlight to send a message out to someone who can pass the word on. whoever it is that is making these plans needs to stand down. any attemps will only hurt my situation. im planning to take my case to the supreme court. i have new arguements to make to try to get the laws changed. everyone need to just wait to see what happens. they can peacfully protest and keep showing support, but i dont want violence on the staff here. they are not the enemy. pass this message on to someone down there so the word can be spread around until it reaches the right people. we’ve been working to show that im not a terrorist but if anyone breaks me out then the government would be able to show that i am, then they’ll use military to come after me. thats not what i want right now. im trying to show the judge that im not as bad a guy the the government is making me out to be. everyone just needs to hold off for now but continue to support. what i really need is for everyone to work on gaining support for making short barreled rifle and machine guns legal. i want the National Firearms Act repealed. i need appeal lawers that want to go to the supreme court to get involved. theres got to be someone out there. i have new arguements, but i need help.

—Aenk, Carrie on 1/11/2016 3:51 PM wrote:

The Subject, “RE: P.S.”, is because this is a reply to continuation, or addendum, to an email sent the previous evening. This email (redacted portion) was sent to Schuyler at 3:51 PM on Monday the 11th. Schuyler’s sent this email exactly seven hours later. Considering the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, this would also support that Schuyler had written the email.

So, why did he write the email? The redacted portion did contain information that would suggest both his response and the willingness of the “custodial officers” (BOP and/or FBI) to not only let him respond, but, probably, encourage him to respond.

Schuyler points out that he had only received one email from his mother, Stacy Milam. Apparently, for reasons that will be explained later, that letter was never delivered. However, the “captain” read him a letter from “Brooke”, which appears to have had content suggesting there was an effort afoot to break him out of jail. Now, this would be a fool’s errand — to break someone out of a federal detention facility such as the one at SeaTac (shown above).

However, rumors did circulate, at a previous hearing, on December 14, 2015, suggesting such an action was being proposed. With that in mind, has Schuyler’s ordeal been compounded because of the expressions of some that they wanted to decide for Schuyler that he should not be in jail? The simple actions of those outside have given the government just cause to assume that he may be a domestic terrorist, regardless of the fact that Schuyler has done nothing to substantiate the designation.

As explained in the email, and which has been expressed by Schuyler, before his current ordeal, he does want to challenge the Short Barrel Rifle law, and the whole National Firearms Act, in court, as he says, all of the way “to the Supreme Court”.

It was bad enough that the rumors floated around, last month. However, subsequent events simply compounded Schuyler’s problem, and that is where this email brings that problem to light.

In the email, Schuyler tells us that the captain read another letter, “from my friend Brooke”. That friend has been confirmed as Brooke Agresta (Idaho III%), though it has not been confirmed that she sent a letter to Schuyler in jail, as was stated by Schuyler in the email.

What we do know is that Brooke encouraged Stacy to call Schuyler and tell him that there was rumor of an attempt to break him out. Stacy didn’t want to call him, and that is almost impossible in that only certain people can call in to most jails/prisons, so she settled on writing to him.

Note: Last evening, Brooke Agresta called me to try and discourage my posting this article, believing it was about her. She also confirmed that she did tell Stacy Milam to call Schuyler, as indicated, but denied sending him a letter.

Every phone call is monitored, and every letter and email is reviewed prior to being given to the prisoner, as are all communications out from the prisoner. Quite simply, this is primarily to ward of any plans for escape or to get contraband into the prison. The possibility that such a letter as Stacy sent to Schuyler being a coded message for an escape must surely have crossed the minds of those whose job it is to review the content of communications, hence the concern on the part of the captain. This would be of greater concern if, in fact, Brooke had also sent a letter. However, whether one or two letters went to Schuyler, the idea behind such a letter, talking about a possible break out, originated from Brooke Agresta.

Now, Brooke is the girlfriend of Brandon Curtiss. Brandon is a former law enforcement officer. As such, he should know what the consequences would be if such a letter, or letters, were sent to Schuyler. So, the questions remains, was there a motive for generating information that would surely bring additional scrutiny, and the possibility of labeling Schuyler a terrorist who was secretly planning his own escape from incarceration? Or, is it simply an unconscionably stupid mistake? After all, he is subject to the mercies of those who may want to make sure that he does not get back out on the streets.



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