Burns Chronicles No 1 – Introduction

Burns Chronicles No 1


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 2, 2016

This is the first of a series of articles about the events surrounding the investiture of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge administration buildings by a group headed by Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven and Carol Bundy. The Bundys are well known for the events in Nevada that played out in April 2014. In that incident, the Bundys, along with hundreds of other patriotic Americans, went beyond “civil disobedience” and entered the realm of “civil defiance”, defying, with arms, the intrusion of the Bureau of Land Management into the long time operation of the cattle part of the Bundy ranch operation – denying rights that had existed for years and denying them their pursuit of the family business.

Though this writer only spent five days in Burns, he was able to meet many of the key players on the side of the patriots, some townspeople from Burns, and some of those who gathered, on one side or the other, to observe, or attempt to affect, the ongoing activities.

As the world knows, the events neared completion when the motorcade, on a peaceful mission to a community meeting in John Day, Grant County, Oregon, met the undue wrath of the federal government, and local and state law enforcement, resulting in the death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and the arrest on rather interesting charges of 11 participants of the activities at the refuge.

In an effort to be as factual as possible, many witnesses still have to be interviewed to ensure that what will be written is as factual as possible. Due to the rampant, and most often unsubstantiated, rumors in social media, those stories that will follow should finally put to rest many of those false claims.

Every effort will be made to corroborate the factual aspects of these stories, which will result in each story only “going to press” after exhaustive research and interviews have been completed.

Due to the nature of the interdependence of some activities, conjecture may be used to bridge gaps. This is deemed necessary as the government, at all levels, is notorious for misrepresentations, omissions, concealing evidence under the guise of “ongoing investigation”, or simply to cover their misdeeds. Absent available facts, though circumstantial evidence tends to support conclusions of that interdependence, such conjecture will be appropriately indicated.

If subsequent evidence becomes available, the original article will have an addendum, at the online site, rather than revision of the original story.


  1. Sick..govment…and if they will do that to them …they will do it to u…3

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  4. The State of Oregon, and the US Government, in a joint operation, shot my friend and colleague, LaVoy Finicum, in the back.

    The Shawna Cox video, available on YouTube put together by the Oregonian, clearly shows rifle bullet holes coming into Finicum pickup, BEFORE he got out of the truck. It also shows him getting out of his pickup with his hands up as the side window is getting shot out right next to him.

    Both the FBI assassination squad and the Oregon State Troopers shot him in the back.

    Ryan Bundy, who was inside Finicum’s pickup still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder!

    NO WONDER our Governments want gun control. And, fight Constitutional carry, like hell. It is a lot safer for the Bluecoats, and FEDcoats to “do their jobs”, like any good Nazi. And, “Stop the Virus (of the TENTH Amendment) from spreading into the next County.” – Governor Kate Brown

    Are you going to surrender? Are you going to retreat?

    – Capt. Karl

  5. Michael Loecher says:

    Please seriously consider sharing all or most of what you have shared here as well as what you have not shared already. Once & if they order you to delete & turn over others can continue to share. Let our oppressive government try to order us all form sharing!!! Keep yourselve safe fellow patriot!!!

    • ghunt says:

      Nothing gets shared (published) until I have completed writing it an satisfied the the accuracy of it. All of that is readily available on my web pages. This goes all the way back to 1993.
      As explained, the information I received is only to be excerpted from, as I have done. I will not provide that information to anyone, being consistent with my agreement when I received it.
      The content that the government objects to is all contained in the Burns Chronicles, mostly in the informant articles.

  6. RWright says:

    Gary, thanks for writing the Burns Chronicles! I watched Pete Santilli live streams but your articles have given me more details!

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