Escalation & Fear : Fear & Escalation

Escalation & Fear : Fear & Escalation

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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 19, 2016   [Originally posted April 27, 1995]
[Note: This is a repost of an article that was published (fax network) shortly after the Oklahoma City Bombing.]

An unknown “bomber” exploded a bomb at the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. More than likely, if the act was performed by someone with a profound belief in our Constitution, the event was an escalation as a result of what occurred in Waco, Texas, just two years ago.

If we look at what might have caused this escalation, it is easy to understand that an absolute denial of justice was the cause. It was not the actions of the FBI and the BATF that resulted in this bomb being exploded, it was that evidence was presented to a Grand Jury, and indictments sought by the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. The objective was to bring to task those guilty of crimes in Waco. Of course, a determination was made prior to the Grand Jury as to whom the indictments would be sought against. The failure of justice was that the Grand Jury was never offered the opportunity to evaluate the actions of government and determine if indictments should be brought against the agents involved in the murder of the church members at Mt. Carmel Center. A predetermination was made that took from the citizens of the country the primary method of control of government — the subjecting of the actions of government to the scrutiny of the people.

Recognizing that a crime must have been committed, the Grand Jury, and the subsequent trial jury, had no choice in indicting or finding guilty, the only people charged, and obviously present at the scene of the crime. The other participants, who were never subjected to the legal process to determine their innocence, or guilt, were only subjected to the scrutiny of their boss and his employees. The result was a whitewash which found only that errors in judgment had been made, and slaps on the wrist were administered. This form of “just us” has left a rather shallow feeling in thousands of Americans. The frustration at the inability to achieve one of the cornerstones of our system, true justice, apparently gnawed at the bomber’s heart and soul until he “escalated” into an active position of attempting to right a wrong. The result of his actions has instilled a fear, both in government and in the people that understand the criminal nature of government.

The name calling has begun, and we see that the government, who remains beyond reproach, has taken a position, through its incompetent mouthpiece, Bill Clinton, that militia are “paramilitary” and is suggested to be illegal. On the other hand, the alphabet agencies are in line, if Billy gets his way, to have their powers increased. Perhaps we need to understand what is wrong with what is being said. Let’s make clear what we are really talking about. The militia is LAWFUL and MILITARY. Lawful means in compliance with the Constitution, and the military is, was, and will be, the fundamental source of defense in this country.

Now, legal does not necessarily mean lawful. Legal is a result of a legislative act, and is only lawful when tested against the Constitution, as by the Supreme Court, not the Congress or the President. Paramilitary might best be defined as not military, but acting in that capacity. The alphabet agencies, whose duties are pretty much defined by their names, have specific functions, surprisingly, none of which is law enforcement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was created to investigate, but over the years has evolved out of its proper function. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is a tax collecting agency created to assess taxes (collection is a civil matter), yet, it also seems to have evolved away from its function. Both agencies have armed (“arm” is not done for hunting, investigating or tax assessing, rather for defense or offense) themselves and created UNLAWFUL PARAMILITARY organizations. The press, however, doesn’t seem to have a basic concept of our language.

The result of this juxtaposition is that fear has grown in both camps. The militia is fearful of the misunderstanding of their purpose and nature, which is being played up to be just like the bomber. The government, on the other hand, has reacted by advising all “law enforcement agencies” to be very wary of those even loosely associated with militia. This is best demonstrated by the notice that was sent out by the BATF, Washington D.C., to all law enforcement and which was the subject of our last release.

The Escalation will now be yet another act by the Congress to control our activities because of the activities of one, or more individuals. Trouble is that the new laws will not prevent what has happened, and probably would not have prevented it if the laws had already been enacted. Instead, the imposition of these new laws, which further remove the fundamental rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and will force an escalation by the other side.

The political maneuvering going on right now in Washington is not unlike the political maneuvering that preceded both world wars – escalation and resultant fear. The fear, then, results in additional escalation by the other side. Soon, the tension is expanded to near breaking, or worse.

If we look closely at what is occurring on each side, we will see that there are many who choose to “rush to judgment”, and, as a result, fail to scrutinize what is being said. Many of the “rumors” on both sides are implausible, and there is virtually nothing to substantiate their credibility, except a desire to create a stronger defense, or offense than the other side.

As fast as things are moving and as quickly as people are beginning to understand that there was a reason for the bomber to take actions, as extreme as it was, it might be wise to restrain ourselves on both sides, and attempt to let reason prevail. The ball is in the court of the government. The Patriot community need do nothing more than wait to see if Congress believes that oppression is the answer. Exactly who is guilty of the attack in Oklahoma may pale in relation to what may happen should the wrong decisions be made on either side. The name calling, accusations, and threats can only take away from the calm thinking that is necessary to determine the course that this country will pursue for the next century. It won’t be long before either government submits to its proper role (as addressed by the Supreme Court on the 1990 Gun Free School Zone Act), or the people will likely reassert their authority as the just power over the government.

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