Burns Chronicles No 43 – Terri Linnell (Mama Bear) #2

Burns Chronicles No 43
Terri Linnell (Mama Bear) #2

These are side-by-side thumbnails of the un-redacted and redacted versions of the same report.

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 22, 2016

Notice: Because of her extremely biased judicial discretion, Judge Anna Brown has ordered that I remove the information that I obtained from a ‘prohibited’ copy of the Discovery for the trial of the defendants in the Malheur Occupation trial. I have fully complied with that order and removed all of those portions prohibited, according to that order. All instances of removed text will be marked “[REDACTED]”, which is the same method the government used in depriving information that should have been available to the defendants, as well as you, the reading public, with factual information needed in order for you to make a fair and logical assessment. The FBI redactions were the government’s efforts to “protect” their army of paid informants, but they did a lousy job, as I was able to identify them with the unredacted text.

My initial article on informants was “Terri Linnell (Mama Bear)“.  That article was written because Terri had contacted me prior to testifying in the Portland trial of the first seven defendants.  The article was based solely on information provided to me, not what was reported to the government.  In my subsequent articles, I have since obtained redacted versions of the “CHS Reporting Documents”, and am now able to provide insight into what Terri reported.

What Terri reported during her role as an informant has not been made public, though some have expressed a concern as to what she said and what might be damaging to the defendants.  As Terri claimed in her statement in the above linked article, her job was, primarily, to keep and eye on six people —  Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Blaine Cooper, Ryan Payne, Pete Santilli, and Joe O’Shaughnessy.  So, from those reports that have exemplified the role of informants, following is the role that Terri played.

It must be understood that all of these reports were based upon telephone conversations, as described by the case agent.  They are not necessarily the words spoken by the informant, rather the interpretation by the case agent.

The first report is dated January 14, 2016.  “(omitted)” indicates omitted by me for privacy of individual.  “XXXX” indicates redacted portion.


Her next report was on January 19, 2016.  In the file I obtained, there is only one un-redacted report.  However, there is also a redacted version of that report.  The following is the un-redacted report, with all of the pertinent information in place.



The redacted report is only lightly redacted, though many other reports are heavily redacted.  The above report is provided simply to show what a complete form 1023 looks like.  The redacted version follows:

On January 19, 2016, a Confidential Human Source, (CHS),who is in a position to testify, provided the following information:


Her next report was on January 21, 2016.


Her final report, which was the only face-to-face meeting, was on January 26, 2016.


Note that the “sign in sheet” may be the one that Allen Varner (Wolf) reported having turned over to the FBI.  There is no indication that Terri handed anything over to the FBI, as all of her communications appear to be telephonic.

Regarding the question posed to her during her testimony at the trial, the government purported to read from a document suggesting that she had said that Ammon wanted to take over other federal facilities.  What we see is that she reported that Ammon “would hold meetings in two surrounding counties on January 26, 2016.”  Apparently, they knowingly tried to trick Terri into a false testimony.  However, Terri refused to support their effort, which is now on the record.

Nothing has been left out.  I have included everything so that those who had questions about what was included in the first article can now make their judgment as to just how much help her informing at the Refuge was to the government, and how much damage it might do to the occupiers.

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  1. Brand Thornton says:

    People can rail on her all they want, in my strong opinion she was a plus for the defense in her testimony. My focus was on the trial in Portland. I don’t know anything about Terri otherwise. She was a wreck before she testified and she was shunned by most every one except me. No one will ever know how important her testimony was to the defense, sometimes it is the smallest of things that brings success. Her testimony was not just a little thing, remember she was a government informant with high credibility. She made the government look like liars trying to convict the defendants.

    • Neil Wampler says:

      Absolutely Brand, and I suggest that those who are so quick to throw the first stone should consult with that man in the mirror. I suspect that Terri was sent into Malheur as a gambit by the feckless fedcoats. Once there, she was “Turned” by our marvelous spirit and camaraderie. Her reports certainly didn’t put anyone on the spot , and were no more than what anybody could have read in the newspapers. Her testimony was one more disaster for the prosecution – Imagine ! an FBI informant testifying for the defense !- and served as a redemption, at least in my book.

  2. MattyP says:

    Any idea who the guy “judge” is? -An individual known as “JUDGE,” who is sovereign in nature, has two people with him: FNU LNU, and MARSHALL LNU. CHS believes JUDGE is the major influence behind BUNDY’s continued occupation on MNWR

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