Burns Chronicles No 61 – Jon Ritzheimer is Going to Prison

Burns Chronicles No 61

Jon Ritzheimer is Going to Prison

But His Service Continues to Help His Fellow Defendants

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
December 4, 2017

Jon Ritzheimer had some things to say, after he was sentenced by Judge Anna Brown to serve 1 year and 1 day.  However, with time served and good time, he will probably serve only eight more months, beginning in February when he has to begin his sentence.

Below is a letter Jon sent for me to get out to those who wish to see our once great nation returned to obedience to the Constitution, as written and intended.  It also explains Jon’s continued willingness to help those who have been required to pay restitution as a part of their sentence.  Though I have known about his intention in this regard, for some time, it is time for all to know how kind and caring Jon’s heart really is.  The two guns going to auction were the only two that were not confiscated by the government.  Truly historical pieces.  This will be explained in the following letter.

Further, though he has arranged to have the Gremlin Garage continue in his absences, he is concerned with the needs of his family and provides a means for those of you willing to help, a means to do so.

And, finally, the government sought a 24 month, 3 years of supervised release for Jon.  Fortunately, for us, and especially for Jon and his family, Judge Brown saw that though she had to punish him, she chose a much more fair sentence than what the government sought.

For Jon’s letter:
* * *

Consider this my post sentence statement that I never got to make due to the Marshall’s Office needing to see me after my sentencing.  I want to start by thanking everyone who has stood by my side through all of this and continues to support me and my family as well as the other patriot families who are still having to endure what appears to be a vindictive persecution.  I am truly humbled by the compassion I have received during this.

On November 30th, I was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day by Judge Anna Brown.  While it is not what I personally wanted, I feel it is a small price to pay and pales in comparison to what I have had to watch my fellow patriots go through thus far.  I want people to know that I am ok with the sentence and looking forward to serving it and moving on with my life.  I have every intention of wearing my conviction as a badge of honor.

I have had a few people questioning me about my apology in court so I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that.  I did read through the victim statements that were submitted and while it was very obvious that some of them were embellished it was also very clear that some of these people were actually afraid because the FBI came to their house and falsely told them that they were in danger.  It was never my intention for anyone to feel afraid of us.  So my apology is on an individual and personal basis.  It was not however, an apology to the Government.  I am still very displeased with how things have been going in this Government.

Next I would like to address the symbolic statement I made by removing my military medals from my chest during sentencing and telling the judge that I am no long proud of these.  I want people to know that I have not been proud of them for a while now and it is because I have accepted the reality that while I was in Iraq just following orders, I was not upholding my oath to the Constitution.  I did not mean this to be any form of disrespect to my fellow Veterans.  I believe fighting by my brothers side in Iraq, to ensure they had a better chance of returning home to their families was a good enough reason to be there at this point.  But the overall mission in that undeclared and unconstitutional war has not one bit of valor to it.  This Government has the most blood on its hands but it has never had to feel the blood on its hands like me and my brothers have actually had to do.  And as a man who is now working on the fine art of forgiveness, I am finding it difficult to forgive this government.

I would like to now shift gears and address the statements made by the Government during my sentencing.  I found myself lying in bed the night I was sentenced and kicking myself in the butt because I failed to point out some very important facts that the Government strategically left out.  They called me a “leader” in this endeavor and I am honored to be known as one of the few that led some of the most honorable people I have ever met.  They submitted a picture that had a breakdown of the chain of command at the refuge and pointed out that I was known as Rogue.  But what they failed to point out was that 1/3 of the names they claimed I was the leader of were informants.  So just to be clear, paid informants came to the refuge and asked me where they could be of assistance and gave the false impression that they were there to help but the reality is that this looks more and more like entrapment as things continue to unfold.

They also spoke about the night of January 5th.  They read off a small piece of a larger statement I made about taking a “defensive position” and pointed out that I was dressed in camo and had an AR-15 slung on my back that night.  They said I did this because I wrongfully thought the FBI was going to raid the refuge that night.  It should be known that the only reason we thought the FBI was going to come in that night was that a paid informant named Mark McConnell came to the refuge on that day and told us that the FBI was coming in and they were going to shoot first and ask questions later.  This is the same informant that helped set up the ambush which led to the death of my dear friend, LaVoy Finicum.  I also have a recorded phone call with Mark McConnell’s ex-wife that was married to him at the time, who told me that Mark McConnell received $100,000 for his involvement in the setting up of the ambush. [Note: See comment by Tammy McConnel, below in the comment section.opf]

So as I stated earlier, I am going to wear this conviction as a badge of honor.  This is not me encouraging others to do the same thing but at least I can now have the satisfaction of feeling like I actually upheld my oath to the Constitution and heeded the call from God when it came.  I plan on living a humble life from here on out and look forward to more and more truths coming to light as time goes on.  I have faith that we will see great things come from what is now known as one of the greatest acts of patriotic civil disobedience since the Boston Tea Party that was carried out by the Sons of Liberty and led by Samuel Adams himself, 2 years before that start of the American Revolution.  Liberty and freedom will always prevail as long as there are a few willing to actually stand for it.

So as I prepare myself for the continued righteous journey that God has set forth for me, I am now in the process of working to ensure that my family will be taken care of in my absence.  Since I am currently agreeing to not utilize my God given right that was outline in the second amendment of the Constitution, and therefore I can’t have anything to do with firearms, my wife will be auctioning off the two guns that I carried with me at the refuge.  We reached out to a company called UnitedGunGroup.com who is also responsible for selling the famous George Zimmerman handgun.  They were able to sell that gun for $250,000 and they are eager to help us raise as much as possible from these two firearms.  Our hope is to raise enough money to pay off the entire restitution for everyone involved in the Oregon Case.  [Note: The Auction began yesterday and will continue until February 1, 2018.]

We also hope to raise enough money to help the Finicum family and their fight to see justice for LaVoy.  These are the only two guns that were used in the initial takeover and made it out of the refuge.  The rest were  taken by the FBI.  The Sig P238 that I wore has been engraved and memorialized in honor of Robert LaVoy Finicum and put inside a case.  These guns are special given that they were actually used in their intended purpose that is outline in the second amendment.  Pictures of the guns will be found on UnitedGunGroup.com when the auctions start.  We look forward to finding someone that wants to own these 2 pieces of history that took part in one of the greatest acts of patriotic civil disobedience since the Boston Tea Party.  Donations to help my family, while I am in prison, can be made to PayPal.me/Ritzheimer.  I thank you all again for your continued support and may God continue to bless America!


Jon Ritzheimer

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11 Responses to “Burns Chronicles No 61 – Jon Ritzheimer is Going to Prison”

  1. Noble Feather says:

    Thank you brother Ron for you are part of the family of God. Thank you for seeing us through a most tragic time in American History with your honesty and remorse. God is all life giving all love all mercy. God Bless America

  2. Anne Peterson says:

    I will always stand beside Jon. He is a great man with a huge heart. He brought light to the corruption in my home town. Jon and the rest of the people at the refuge did NOTHING wrong. This is a total miscarriage of justice.

  3. piper5000 says:

    Bless you my brother may god be with you and watch over your beautiful family in your absence.

  4. michael heishman says:

    I find this a bit disturbing, apologizing, removing his medals while apologizing to the court, saying he wasn’t upholding his oath, his oath to the constitution and the American people, NOT THE DAMN PEOPLE OF IRAQ, He is no longer a Marine in my book, SIGNED: A six year NAVY VETERAN.

    • ghunt says:

      I am a Vietnam Veteran (not era, I served a year in Vietnam). Within a year of my return to the states, I was active in the anti-war movement. We killed people for no reason, except to satisfy the government’s desire to install puppets in foreign countries –because imperialism is no longer acceptable.
      Of course, anchor clankers don’t have those problems, they simply do what they are told but don’t get to see the blood and guts. So, I understand your viewpoint, though I don’t agree with it.

  5. Stephen L. Dean says:

    American Hero!

  6. Ed Sunderland says:

    This entire operation was a vindictive hit piece by the Obama/Soetoro corrupt justice department. They did not follow federal procedure as written in law to pursue their unjust causes which it appears to be reclaiming the ranchers grazing land to sell uranium to the Russians in the Burns Oregon case and land Harry Reid needed to sell to the Chinese for a solar power plant. This is criminal and no one should be in jail or under any fear of indictment except Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama/Soetoro, Loretta Lynch and the BLM thugs and hired mercenaries with the FBI who also belong under indictment for violating the civil rights of the cattlemen and others. This entire wretched event stinks to high heaven and there needs to be a conga line federal employees headed to prison!

    I did an interview with Lavoy on WOBC radio a few months before the incident that the coroner called murder. Fast forward to the 33 minute mark if you wish as we waited for Lavoy’s line into the studio. Some people haven’t heard this interview as he details what the criminal element in the BLM were doing. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wheresobamasbirthcertificatexcom/2015/11/25/lavoy-finicum-stand-up-for-our-constitution-why-is-freedom-so-important

  7. Jane says:

    Jon is s man of honor and has my respect for fighting for our county abroad and on home land. What a miscarriage of justice this is. Prayers for you and your family.

  8. Tammy L McConnell says:

    No I didn’t say Mark had received (as in already paid) it…it was approved for $100,000 but had not yet been paid to my knowledge as of that conversation in early February (which he told me he was recording), and it definitely was not paid as of June 2016 when I recorded conversations with myself and the FBI, as Mark was completely out of control…clearly recording between me and the FBI that Mark was operating under immunity (what that did and did not cover), had been since 2 years prior, Mark had been terminated from the informant program and was only showing on their books as he had not yet been paid for oregon.
    My first communication with Jon was in early February 2017. Jon also leaves out that I was blamed by Mark for having told the police he was home on Christmas eve…which I didnt….. I didn’t even have any knowledge of anyone looking to serve Mark anything, nor was I involved in that incident in October….. . The FBI “reward” was NOT included in the disclosure to the defense (they only had to disclose payments that had already been made to informants) nor were the emails/texts of gps coordinates pulsed to both myself and the FBI during the takedown thru “findmespot.com” from a gen3spot communicator. That’s really odd since it would support their own witnesses’ testimony about Mark being an informant…however those records would also show HOW LONG he’d been working for them, etc. He is currently claiming in divorce court thst his gear and the spot communicator used in multiple “events” for the FBI since it’s purchase, were “lost on a hike in april due to rattlesnakes in the area”. He didnt even have it in April (I did) and I’m pretty surr the service provider records would be enlightening. Some big bad operator, that flees from a snake?
    Guess they just don’t make them like they used to. Please correct that.

    • Jon Ritzheimer says:

      Tammy, I apologize if I misinterpreted a few things from our phone call. I also did not intentionally leave anything out of our conversation. Our conversation was just not the focal point of my letter. I am 100% willing to testify on your behalf that you had nothing to do with Mark being served on Christmas eve. I had other sources that had been keeping tabs on Mark for me so that I could serve him. I know Mark got physical with you over that and I am sorry that it happened to you but I am glad to see you are leaving that abusive relationship.

  9. […] Burns Chronicles No 61 Jon Ritzheimer is Going to Prison But His Service Continues to Help His Fello… If you aren’t reading Gary Hunt’s genuine citizen investigative journalism your missing the truth of all things Freedom verses the Leviathan. Gary is that rare individual with courage of his convictions so deep & true he shatters the false flag/narrative event. A man capable of taking down the entire construct single handed. Seriously. He is reviled by the hoplophobes & deep stater’s, a mouse that roars. […]

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