OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #7 (151115)

OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #7 (151115)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
March 22 2018

These audios are being released because the government misrepresented, by cookie-cutting phrases, and presenting out of context statements in their documentation. The documents are “Governments Sentencing Memorandum” (docket 2519) and “Review of OMD Advisory Board Meeting Recordings” (docket 2519-1), which are for the sentencing hearing on Ryan Payne, who plead in the Malheur Refuge case.

It must be understood that what OMD AB was doing was gathering information to present an accurate account of circumstances surrounding an event of possible interest to the patriot community.  We have all seen people asking for help from patriots. Some have merit, some don’t. However, most often, you have only the explanation given by the person asking for help. As we progress through these audios, you will see that people have requested help, but an investigation resulted in finding misrepresentation of certain facts.

As with any brainstorming session, all possibilities, even to the extreme, should be considered, as they aid the thought process in finding the most viable solution. Often the discussion tend toward the hypothetical, as an exercise in the evaluation process.

Audio #6 – pages 36-42 of the 91 pages.

The audio can be found at meeting.mp3

November 15, 2015 –

Payne has not yet completed the Response Matrix.

The Mellissa Diegel matter is still under review.

Regarding the Hammond matter, referring to the previous meeting, Door #3 [See Audio #6.] was closed. Sheriff Ward is getting hammered from the other side. Payne believes that the government has turned him against the Hammonds. Sheriff Ward believes that if a Grand Jury were empanelled, they would rule against the Hammonds. If the Grand Jury rules on behalf of the Hammonds, he would override the Grand Jury decision. Payne and Ammon will continue to exert pressure on Sheriff Ward.

Suzy Hammond expressed a concerned that should Dwight and Steven resisted, they would be shot by the government. Dwight confirms this. They indicate that the decision is Stevens since the have given the ranch to him.

Ritzheimer wants articles that he can put out. Hunt wants documentation that was omitted from a letter that was sent to Ward. Payne says that Ammon Bundy left it out to make Ward come to him. [My concern was that Ammon is not willing to provide documents to OMD-AB.]

Foley has begun putting information out regarding the Hammonds, without reference to OMD. Ritzheimer will refer people to Foley’s page.

Continued discussion on background of the Hammonds.

Discussion on the webpage, mail list, and visits. Payne reports that it seems that OMA and OMD have been seen as favorably. WRSA (Western Rifle Shooters Association),with one exception, has been favorable.

Discussion of the William Wolf and how he was set up. It took the rifle and was arrested within 5 minutes. The charges included failure to pay the taxes. How can you pay taxes in a parking lot? Everything about Wolf’s case show that it was a setup, because of his political leanings. Charles Dyer, Robert Beecher, and Kevin “KC” Massey were also identified as political prisoners.

Discussion of the effect of OMD participation in relieving the government of political prisoners. It was unanimously agreed that such activity would not be favorable, at this time, of such activity.

Discussion of Diegel. Mother is acting by Munchausen by proxy, whereby she creates an indication of disease and seeks treatment, primarily to draw attention to herself. This is the government argument of the situation and why the government took her children. Payne spoke with her and she said that her computer had been hacked and the information was lost. The only evidence that she had was emails that she had written. We don’t have enough information to make a decision. Payne says he will continue to pursue getting the records that she claims to have and has failed to provide. Ritzheimer thinks that pursuing the matter would be a waste of time. Payne will continue pursuing seeking information.

Dickenson (informant) wanted an update on 10,000 refugees to New Orleans. Hunt and Ritzheimer have doubts as to the accuracy of the reports. Payne and Ritzheimer will contact their sources to get verification as to what the real status is.

Payne talks about courses of action with regard to Muslim refugees coming into the country. Explains that the role of the militia is to protect (defend) the country and he wants to set up a program for militia around the country to monitor the flow of refugees into the country.

Back to New Orleans, discussion of a covert access to information. Dickenson (informant) probably passed this rather secretive exercise directly to the government.

Continued discussion of the refugee situation.

Then, the Task List status is discussed. Rather than detailing these discussion, I will leave it to the listener to following the varied discussions.

Meeting adjourned.

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