Nation #4 – What has to be done to Again Become a Nation?

Let’s Get Real! – Nation #4

What has to be done to Again Become a Nation?

Gary Hunt
June 19, 2009

 Those who chose to leave, or refused to take the loyalty oath should be given a stipend and a ticket to the country of their choice. They can take with them any moveable property they own and the knowledge that they acquired in this country to provide them the mean to make the country of their choice a little better off than it is, now. Any real property would be bought from them at current market value. To assure that the integrity of the nation is maintained, entry into the United Sates must be with permission and in accordance with the laws. Anyone caught violating the entry laws will be impressed at hard labor (building fences and legal entry points along the border) for 6 months, as a deterrent, and then removed to the country from which he came. A second violation would double the hard labor, and a third would assure 2 years of fence building.

Any guest to this country would be by permit (visa) with a limit of 2 years stay. After returning to their native land for no less than 6 months, they would become eligible for another visa.

Corporations created in this country would be required to do business in this country. Employees must be Americans (no visa guests to be employed) and all manufacturing would be in this country. Importation of goods should have tariffs imposed that were just short of protective. They could only be imported by American corporations licensed to import foreign products. Americans would have to hold 75% of the ownership stock of American corporations. Foreign corporations would not be allowed to operate in this country. All land in this country could be owned only by Americans. Absolutely no foreigners should own land in this nation.

Most significantly, an evaluation of current voting rights should be considered. It would appear that we have learned from our mistakes. If the vote is given to those who contribute little or nothing, in the form of taxes, it could be that they are not the best choice for making decisions regarding who will deal with the allocation of those taxes. Quite simply, those who own land (equity in 50% of the real property) are those who have made the foundation upon which the nation will survive, or fail. It is to those who have made such a contribution, whether by effort or inheritance, that the determination of representation should be made. Each household should be limited to one vote. Nullification (2 or more adults in one household, voting at odds with each other) makes no sense, therefore, and since the foundations of this country are patriarchal, the oldest male or female family member in the household has the vote, unless they choose to relinquish it to another.

Since this country was formed as part Republic and part Democracy, it should be returned to that nature. The 17th Amendment should be repealed so that the states have a vote in the democratic portion of government (equal say for each state), as a state, by its legislature. The Republic portion (Representation of households) to be continued, as above.

The Constitution is sacred. It is not a living document, rather it is ‘the chains that bind the government’. As such, any person holding public office who violates that oath to uphold and defend the Constitution will be removed from office and never allowed, again, to serve in any public office.

This is intended to present some ideas on what needs to be done to recreate the once great nation, The United States of America. Under the guise of progress, and political correctness, we have lost the integrity of government that is so necessary for its continuance as a model, rather than a master, to the world.

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