Resistance to Tyranny — A book by Joseph P. Martino

Resistance to Tyranny Martino

By Joseph P. Martino

For over twenty years people have been talking about the ‘takeover’ of America, whether by foreign forces, or, by a government intent on creating a truly despotic government.

In 1984, a movie, Red Dawn, depicting one form of takeover was very popular throughout the country.  It was so popular that it was the 20th rated movie of that year.

Since then, movies and mini-series have depicted such a “takeover” and have captivated audiences.

What non off them present, and, what has eluded those who have endeavored to “prepare” for such and event , is the complexity of coordination that would be required of people who really wanted to prepare for “Resistance to Tyranny”.

Based upon real events of the past as well as his practical application of experience in his tenure with the Air Force, this book is a description of the ‘networking’ necessary, in today’s world, to carry out such a resistance.

Joseph Martino has compiled a complete primer to the organizational elements necessary to be able to affect such resistance.

This book is an absolutely necessary addition to the libraries of for Committees of Safety, Militia units, and Survivalist organizations, as well as anybody who wants to really understand what may be necessary, if we are to survive, as a country.  It should be read and understood by any person with any degree of responsibility in such organizations.


 Resistance to Tyranny

ISBN 9781450574280

Available at: Resistance to Tyranny


About the Author
Dr. Martino is a retired Air Force Colonel.  He served in Thailand where he conducted research on counterinsurgency.  He later was Chairman of the Counterinsurgency Working Group of the Military Operations Research Society.  He teaches a course in Just War Doctrine at Yorktown University.  He holds degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.


Served in US Air Force 1953 – 1975, retiring in grade of Colonel.  Service included 21 months in SE Asia 1962-1963, researching problems of counterinsurgency.  Served as Chairman, Special Warfare Working Group, 1963 – 1968.  Published A Fighting Chance: The Moral Use of Nuclear Weapons, 1982, applying Just War Doctrine to use of nuclear weapons.  Several papers on counterinsurgency and special warfare at Vietnam Symposium, Texas Tech U. and in military journals.  Educational background: AB in Physics; MS in Electrical Engineering; PhD in Mathematics.  Worked as Research Scientist at U. of Dayton Research Institute 1975 – 1993.  Visiting Professor, Marmara University, Istanbul, 1998 – 1999.

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  1. Mark says:

    Sir! I am doing research on COIN to apply to Oxford University for a DPhil, and I came across your 1966 paper on systems analysis and counterinsurgency. I was born in 1966, and I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing your paper is still going strong today. Good writing stands the test of time. Thank you for you service and the wisdom passed on.



  2. I had almost forgotten about that article. The methodology is still sound, even though getting the data may not be as easy as I once thought. Good luck with your studies.

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