Wolf Trap – The Setup

Wolf Trap – The Setup


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
April 14, 2015


On March 26, 2015, a Montana radio host, William Wolf, was arrested by the FBI (not the BATF) in violation of 18 US Code §922 (o)

(o)           (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), it shall be unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a machinegun.

(2) This subsection does not apply with respect to—

(A) a transfer to or by, or possession by or under the authority of, the United States or any department or agency thereof or a State, or a department, agency, or political subdivision thereof; or
(B) any lawful transfer or lawful possession of a machinegun that was lawfully possessed before the date this subsection takes effect.

The “machine gun” in question may have been legal, until modified by the FBI, as explained in the Criminal Complaint. So, let’s look at some of the information gleaned from the Complaint (underlining, mine):

During [a] meeting [September 30, 2014], Wolf expressed interest in CHS [Ed Gray] introducing Wolf to a former colleague who could possibly provide technical or monetary assistance in building the gun [this would be a flame throwing gun that had previously been mentioned].

Yes, the informant was Ed Gray. I got this information directly from Wolf, before communications were cut off — but that is another story.

On October 10, 2014, a CHS [Confidential Human Source – Ed Gray] introduced Wolf to the colleague, who in actuality was a FBI undercover employee (“UCE”).

Gray brought his agent (handler) in to meet Wolf.

At one point during [a] meeting [December 18, 2014], the UCE stated to Wolf that he would ask his contacts about acquiring a flamethrower for Wolf. Wolf immediately replied, “Try to get me a Russian automatic shotgun too.”

[In a footnote] The possession of the type of flamethrower described by Wolf to the UCE is not regulated under the laws of the United States and thus would not violate federal law to possess such a device.

According to Wolf, the offer was made and then he made the request.

The FBI acquired a firearm with the specifications desired by Wolf—i.e., a Saiga-12 fully-automatic shotgun with a shortened military grade barrel. FBI Headquarters modified a semi-automatic Saiga-12 gauge shotgun to a fully- automatic with a shortened barrel.

So, the FBI manufactured an Automatic shotgun from a Semi-automatic shotgun.

The CHS stated that in addition to the $600.00 previously arranged for by the UCE [Ed Gray], an additional $125.00 was necessary due to the conversion of the shotgun to fully automatic. Wolf agreed to the pay the extra $125.00 for the conversion.

So, now the cost, since they couldn’t come up with what the said they could, goes from $600 to $725. not really significant, except with regard to detail.

The UCE informed Wolf that his “supplier” was a Class III dealer and had converted the firearm from semi-automatic to full- automatic, to which Wolf acknowledged.

On March 26, Wolf took possession of the shotgun and,

Wolf then paid the UCE $720.00 for the firearm and took possession of it from the UCE. Wolf placed the encased firearm into his vehicle. Wolf was then taken into custody by the FBI without incident.

There is that picky detail. The bill was for $725, according to the previous agreement. The UCE only got $720. I suppose that they were so excited that they were wetting their pants because the managed to entrap Wolf, or, they just aren’t concerned with details in their reports.

The Complaint then ends with the:


Based on the information contained in this Affidavit, there is probable cause to believe that William Krisstofer Wolf knowingly possessed a machine gun, in violation 18 U.S.C. § 922(o).

First, let’s look at what they did and question the legality, and then at why they did it, and question the legality.

What They Did

As I understand it, if I wanted to purchase a machine gun and went to a gun store operated by a Class III licensee, he would hand me some paperwork for a background check and some paperwork for the Class III license. I would complete the forms and return them to him. He would then submit the forms to BATF and if the background came back clean, then the Class III license would probably also be issued.

However, if I went to the same gun store and said that I wanted to purchase a machine gun, and they said that will be $725 dollars, and if he didn’t require me to complete any paperwork, background check or Class III license application, I must assume that I am in compliance, as it is his legal responsibility to take the aforementioned steps to comply with his license. If I accepted that offer, he then took my money and handed me the machine gun, I would have satisfied every obligation placed upon me by a federal licensee.

The UCE was presented as, and did not deny, that he was a Class III licensee. So, who is the criminal party?

But, let’s assume that there is exception to 18 US Code §922 (o) (posted above). Well, there are two exceptions. The second exempts anybody who had acquired the machine gun prior to effective date of the rule.

The interesting one, however, and reading it with full regard to the punctuation (we are still a nation of laws, not of man, I presume), we can see that it says, as the first exemption (ellipsis … connotes words omitted for clarification):

(A) a transfer… by… the authority of the United States or any agency thereof…

So, if it was transferred by an agency of the United States, it is exempt, as per §922 (o) (2) (B). However, if as was represented by Ed Gray, that UCE was a Class III licensee, then it is not exempt, however, the guilty party (criminal) is not the one that relied upon the licensee, rather it is the licensee who violated the conditions of his license and the federal rules. This doesn’t even venture into who modified a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic, and whether he was properly (legally) authorized to do so.

That aside, though very significant, we can still rely upon the Complaint to determine what the focus of their efforts was — the motive for the set up and entrapment. After all, we all know that every crime has a motive. It is the government’s motive we are pursuing, for if there was a subsequent crime resulting from the government’s crime, which one is more important for us to concern ourselves with?

Why They Did It

Wolf made clear in his various meetings and radio shows what he thought of the government, which most of us already see as a bit out of hand. So, in one radio show, beginning back in November 2013, he presented his purpose,

to educate the public on how to counter action at the local, state and federal levels that were viewed as overstepping on constitutional rights… Over the next twelve months, Wolf repeatedly espoused his contempt for local judges, law enforcement, the county attorney, city and county commissioners, and the agents and agencies of the federal government.

Perhaps a bit overbroad in its inclusiveness, but not beyond the sympathies of many. He also called for:

Wolf called for a “restoration of the constitutional government.”


Wolf stated on multiple occasions that he considered agents of the government (local, state, or federal) to be the true enemy to the American people.

In a July 2014 radio show,

Wolf asked his program listeners “Are you willing to attempt a restoration of our constitutional government? Because that is what we are going to do.

And, in a December 18, 2014

Wolf described his plan to conduct a meeting in late January 2015 for the purpose of educating the public about “committees of safety.” Wolf viewed these committees of safety as the last peaceful method to address his grievances with the government.

So, though he referred to the historical Committees of Safety, and is seeking a peaceful solution, they seem to be offended by the function of Committees of Safety being the means of peaceful redress of grievances and the right of self-defense, and the defense of others.

Obviously, they don’t like the way the Wolf talks about dealing with the problem, and they can’t charge him with sedition, nor can the charge him with unlawful speech, so they have committed criminal acts against him in order to entrap him into committing acts which may appear criminal, though, as explained above, are not.


  1. DrE says:

    Regardless of Wolf’s impetuousness and indiscretions, and the subsequent ramifications
    resulting from this nonsense, I do believe we need to support him from the tyranny of the gov’t set-up.

    Initially angered by his news of arrest, after seeing this information, I would want to see this man cleared.

    In his heart, I know he cares about our country – and like most Americans, we love our country yet despise
    the corruption and despotism running rampant within our gov’t.

    I also think there is a good chance Wolf could be exonerated. I have forwarded this information to some folks
    to decide the best way to assist in this.

    • ghunt says:

      We appreciate your concern and support. If I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me.
      There will be another article on the subject “Wolf Trap” coming out this evening,

      • DrE says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        To help….if you are in touch with William, does he have a defense council available
        to help him, and, what can We, the People do to help with that defense ?

        If you are in touch with WKW, then please let him know that he is in our prayers, as well.

        Will look forward to your next expose`. And also, your efforts are appreciated in
        helping on William’s behalf. Thank you.

        FYI: I did send a copy of this to Quintin Rhoades, Attorney, and also to
        James R. Deal, Attorney in Seattle just to see if I can get feedback or answers.

        FYI: I think GOA (Gun Owners of America) also provide legal help, as well.

        Have a great day, Gary, and thank you again for helping Wolf.

        Arthur (“Doc”)

        • ghunt says:

          The Court has appointed Mark S. Werner, a public defender. More about him in my next post. I received mail from his office, this afternoon.
          The next post is an effort to drop the communications restrictions they have placed on him.

  2. DAN III says:

    All things considered in this debacle, I can’t help to wonder why anyone would want a full automatic shotgun. It doesn’t make sense to me as there is no practical use for such a device. A full-auto carbine I can understand.

    Nevertheless, this entire story is indicative of the levels of tyranny our friends, family and neighbors we call “government”, will stoop to to deny fellow Americans Liberty and Freedom.

    • ghunt says:

      Dan, I am inclined to agree with both your first and second thoughts.

    • Mike says:

      Your right about the auto shotgun. Be pretty hard to control, especially shooting 00 Buck or bigger, through a 3″ magnum chamber. But hey, to each his own.
      Besides, I like my double-barrel Stagecoach gun just fine (twin hammers, 3″ chamber). Even then, one shot can put you on your butt, cause this kicks like a water buffalo !! Despite that, the federal government is way out of control….

      Just like a house too badly damaged to repair, you might as well raze it, and start over from scratch…which is, to many of us, the ONLY way to get our country back under control by the people (and our beloved Constitution), and stop this delusional terror nonsense. The real terrorists in this country, are the criminals in the District of Corruption. We are being destroyed from within.

  3. tvfmontana says:

    Don’t know who this particular guy is, but he’s number two in MT. Just a guess, but stay tuned for more. Or…be prepared to be next.


    Kalispell man indicted on federal gun charges

    By MATT HUDSON The Daily Inter Lake | Posted: Saturday, May 9, 2015 9:00 pm

    A 40-year-old Kalispell man has been indicted in U.S. District Court on gun-related charges.

    Christopher Kelly Ferrari pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to counts of possessing unregistered firearms and keeping them as a convicted felon.

    According to court documents, authorities found he had two 9 mm handguns, a silencer, a .410-caliber shotgun and a .22-caliber handgun. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigated the case.

    Ferrari has a long criminal history in Flathead County, including multiple drug convictions and bail jumping. He was previously on conditional release from the Montana Department of Corrections.

    The indictment in the current case makes a reference to another felony conviction in California in 1995.

    Ferrari could face up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines if convicted, according to the Department of Justice. He is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on May 13 in U.S. District Court in Missoula.

    • ghunt says:

      The fact that he has a criminal past precludes my participation in supporting him.
      However, if we prevail on the Massey case, in Texas, a remedy may become available that will negate “felon in possession”.
      I expect to be writing about the Massey case (“Camp Lone Star” on the blog, use “search” function with that subject), soon, as we are waiting for the Judge’s decision on what may be a boon to all patriots who have been convicted of felon in possession.

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