Burns Chronicles No 7 – What is Brandon Curtiss?

Burns Chronicles No 7
What is Brandon Curtiss?


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 15, 2016

I received a phone call from Ryan Payne, shortly after the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was entered by nine people, and restored to ‘open to the public’. Ryan indicated that there was a need for others to come join them, as they were concerned for the safety of such a small crew.

Now, many will question why they might be concerned for their safety, however, we need only consider the last few weeks to understand, as many patriots do, that the federal government tends to solve problems with bloodshed, unless all parties come out with their hands up, and submit to arrest whether there is a real crime, or not.

With the understanding that those who might enter the Refuge, since renamed Harney County Resource Center (HCRC), might find that the government would want to arrest them, it was felt by the Operation Mutual Defense Advisory Board (OMD-AB) that a caveat regarding that possibility be included in a call out.

Upon being advised, through other sources, that Brandon Curtiss, Idaho III%, had secured a 40-acre parcel for visitors to camp on, this seemed to be the solution to an alternate location for those who might otherwise not show up because of the caveat.

However, one of those inside of the HCRC expressed his concern that Brandon (“Brandon” will be used as a collective name for Idaho III% and Pacific Patriot Network (PPN), and the individual, as appropriate to the context), had stated that he was there, along with his following, to assure that there would not be another Waco, and suggested that “he would probably drop his gun and run, should things change for the worse”. It was with this in mind that I sought to contact Brandon, on behalf of OMD, and managed to do so through Pete Santilli, on January 10.

When I told Pete that I was trying to reach Brandon, he said, “just a minute”, and he handed his phone to Brandon. Brandon was cordial in the first part of the discussion, though he was rather assertive. “Any militia that come to Burns are under my command”, he said. That sounded like a sort of militia martial law, and Brandon, with 8 or 9 years of law enforcement experience, but no military experience, has taken command. But, then, I knew this was the “prime directive” when I called for Brandon. He also claimed to have secured forty acres for camping purpose, directly across from the Refuge, though I found out later that it was directly across from the Narrows, about six miles from the Refuge. Perhaps he “secured” it, or perhaps it was a fantasy, as he did not even know where it was.

I had been directed by the OMD-AB to ascertain whether, if Brandon decided to order everyone to go home, would he release those who came under the OMD banner? For him to understand what this question was being posed, seeking a solution, I prefaced it with the “drop guns” concern.

Can I say that I was surprised when he “dropped the phone and ran”? Well, I wasn’t as surprised as I might have been, since the first few minutes on the phone, I was mostly listening, while Brandon appeared to want to both ask and answer his question as well as the reason for my call.

Pete, endeavoring to get patriots to work together, reestablished communications by having Brandon call me. This time, however, it sounded as if we were on speakerphone, and additional parties were present, including Eric Parker and Brooke Agresta.

I tried to explain that I am old school, and when you seek a solution, you must understand the problem. I don’t believe that they ever fully digested that thought, as they spent quite a few minutes berating me, telling me what I said, which is not what I said, since I didn’t have the opportunity, and finally concluded with Brooke telling me that she would destroy me in the patriot community if I didn’t do something (I don’t recall what) in the next three minutes, as she spoke for the next two minutes and then hung the phone up.

Well, that discussion didn’t go to well, so I had to find an alternative for those who didn’t want to risk the possible consequences of staying inside of the HCRC. That, however, would have to be put off to another day.

That was my first ‘introduction’ to Brandon Curtiss, though his name had come up earlier. In a report given by Ryan Payne to an OMD-AB special meeting, November 19, nearly two months before the above incident, Ryan Payne explained some circumstances surrounding the meetings held with both the Hammonds and Sheriff Ward. The report, though second hand, bears out what subsequent events tend to substantiate. The pertinent part of the report can be heard in this 12: 30 – clip, Ryan Payne speaking.

The foundation for subsequent activities by PPN, Idaho III%, and to some degree, OathKeepers, is clearly established.

My next dealing with Brandon Curtiss occurred on January 28, two days after the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Due to the arrests made during the Ambush, I no longer had access to people and information that were necessary to what I intended to write. Though my room was booked for another night, I had decided to return home where I am accustomed to writing. So, I began loading my truck for the return journey.

The evening before, I had written a call out (explained in Stand Up; Stand Down). In that call out, I had recognized the necessity of an immediate response, and that response would have to come from the Harney County area, to be effective. What it said in part, was:

“Attention all Oathkeepers, Idaho Three Percenters, Pacific Patriots Network, especially Brandon Curtiss, Joe Rice, Eric Parker, and Stewart Rhodes.

. . .

You have an obligation to proceed to the Harney County Resource Center (the wildlife refuge), immediately, in order to protect the patriots still there. If you fail to arrive, you will demonstrate by your own actions that your previous statements to defend life, liberty, and property were false.

As I was carrying some things to the truck, a man walked up to me. I recognized him as Curtiss, and I noticed that there were 4 other men with him, all in their twenties or thirties, and 3 of them quite husky. Brandon introduced himself, and as is my habit, I extended my hand. He replied that he would not shake my hand and then accused me of calling him a coward. Now, the circumstances didn’t warrant, in most cases, my attention to exact words, however, my reply was something along the lines that I did not call him a coward, only his action, or lack thereof, would make that determination.

One of the, let me call them, “goons”, was taking video with his phone, so there exists a record of these dealings. So, if I am in error, let them come forward with the entire video.

As I continued to go to the room and return to the truck to load it, Eric Parker challenged me, as well. They tried to block my passage, and I had to walk around them. At one point, I was putting things in the back seat (4-door) and when I turned around, Curtiss had blocked as much of the area between the door and bed of the truck as he could block. There is no doubt that he wanted me to “push” my way through, and then claim that I had assaulted him. However, I turned sideways and managed to slide out and go about my business.

During the course of my coming and going from the room, I called the manager and asked him to call the cops; that I was being threatened and harassed. It might seem ironic to some that I ended up calling the cops on someone who spent 8 or 9 years as a cop, but why not give him a taste of his own medicine?

While the harassment continued, and threats were being made, I heard a voice from behind me saying, “Leave him alone!” One of the beefier goons went up and faced this rather short, wiry guy. When I glanced back over that way, a few seconds later, the goon had decided not to take on the little guy.

The manager walked by and told me that he had finally gotten through to the police. Just a minute or so later, Brandon offered me his hand. I told him that he had his chance, and chose not to take it. At about the same time, the little guy said, quite loudly, “Don’t do it”, meaning don’t shake his hand. I was really beginning to like this guy.

When I had the truck nearly loaded, I went over to see who this supporter was. I asked him if I knew him. He simply replied, “Wolf”. He explained that he was a friend of KC Massey, and it struck me that I had interviewed him when I did the story of the shooting by the BPS agent. I couldn’t recall, at that time what his real name was, and now that I do, I think I’ll just leave it at “Wolf”.

He told me that he had been asked to go to Burns to protect me, though he refused to say who gave him those instructions. So, that will remain a mystery to both the reader, and me but it was nice to know that someone, besides my family, was concerned for my safety.

While still talking with Wolf, the police finally arrived. I explained what had occurred to the officer. In the meantime, another patriot that I had met the night before had been watching from the second floor balcony, and he came down and joined us. Both he and Wolf confirmed what I told the cop.

Meanwhile, other cops were interrogating Brandon and the goons, so that head cop, the one that I had spoken to, went over to put the pieces together. Soon, he returned and said, “Everything has been taken care of. You have nothing to worry about. If there is a problem, call us and we well be here, right away.” I thanked him and wished him a good day.

Meanwhile, the second floor patriot was joined by his girlfriend. I offered to take all to breakfast, but Wolf decided it would be his treat. We went to a local truck stop and had a great breakfast, and a wonderful conversation between real patriots.

Interestingly, my dealings with Brandon Curtiss were not over. On February 4, just after 11:00 AM, I received a Facebook PM from him. It started out, “All bullshit aside with our differences, I am not planning on storming any barricades. That would be insane. This is getting spun up and out of control.”

This led to a rather extended PM exchange, and a phone call (identified in the PM), that led to what I thought would be a resolution of our differences and beginning to work together. It had to do with a conversation that I had earlier with someone who contacted me as he was traveling to Oregon.

The post in question, which will also appear in the PMs, states that PPN “will march through the barricades and through the FBI.” This information was passed on as unconfirmed, but would be necessary for the person to get to the Narrows and be prepared to bring those who were not affiliated with PPN to join them, if it were true.

My team continued to track the source of that information in an effort to confirm, or deny, the “information”. It had become quite apparent that many absurd stories had been circulating, by that time.

At 11:03 AM, February 4, I get a Facebook PM from Brandon Curtiss.

Curtiss 02

At 11:27 AM, begins the explanation as to what had occurred, and what the OMD position was in the matter. To aid the four inside (Fry, 2 Andersons & Banta), we wanted to see if we could get them some relief so that we could be sure of “holding the fort” long enough to put out a general call, hoping for many more to come to Burns to assist in keeping the public lands open to the public.

At 11:32, I suggest that we begin working together. Brandon agreed. Then, I indicate what the OMD position is, that we need the relief to get in to the Refuge.

Curtiss 01

At about 12:30 Brandon wanted to go telephonic. Not yet being sure that I could rely on what he said, based upon the previous experience, I recorded the call. A timeline to key parts of the conversation follows:

0:24 – 4:00: Explanation of how we can hold the ground. Brandon builds obstacle to discourage any real action. Then, he explains that he got a call from Oregon State Police (OSP) — based upon what he had sent me (in PM at 11:18 AM). So, I have to wonder why they called him. They didn’t call me, though I appear to be an instigator. Does Brandon have some special relationship with the OSP? Did they call him to get him to thwart any action that might provide relief to those inside?

5:06 – 7:50: He suggests that this would be a “point of no return”. Darn, someday, if we want constitutional government restored, there will be a “point of no return”. He thinks that we would need a thousand “well trained patriots”. To form the battle line that has been suggested would only require discipline. If we cannot get our country back without “well trained patriots”, then we just might as well put our hands behind our backs and back up to the nearest FBI agent. That is nothing more than an obstacle, really, an obstruction — which has little merit. When you have to fight, you fight with what you have. Patriots have been training for many years. Do we train into oblivion? However, I continued to discuss a tactic that has been presented, as that tactic would be both unanticipated and difficult to defend against.

8:29 – 9:00: Brandon talks about the call outs that they have done. Those call outs will be discussed, elsewhere, but they have been absent any show of force, rather, they are intended to just get people to Burns and let them be a burden on the town (See The Burns Community). Quite frankly, what he had, and continues to call for, has hurt far more than it helped those in the Refuge. He then states that those who had come to Burns, and the Refuge, scattered after LaVoy was shot. The cause and effect of that reaction is discussed in “Stand Up; Stand Down“, and there were persistent phone calls and text messages, from PPN, to those inside, to abandon their positions. This resulted in only 8 or 9 defenders by the next morning.

9:01 – 10:29: Discussion of passive and active support. Brandon seems to prefer passive (demonstrations), though he is Idaho III% (III% is the John Adams estimate of how many colonists FOUGHT, like with muskets, against the British). This is also the difference between Civil Disobedience, which might get you arrested, and Civil Defiance, which is defying the presumed authority with arms, as at the Bundy Ranch in April 2014. Then, he mentions LaVoy, and says that he doesn’t “want anyone else losing their life.” So, now we step into the world of “peaceful resolution”. That was the mantra of the FBI, Sheriff Ward, Judge Grasty, and, apparently, PPN, Idaho III%, and the OathKeepers.

13:40 – 16:40: Brandon explains that he spoke with Ammon and Ryan about letting them (Brandon) know when they were going to be “out and about” so they could be “over watch and scouting around”. So, they (Brandon) took a lot of hits since they weren’t there (at the shooting). However, the run into town has no good place for an ambush. It is wide open. Now, if someone wanted to provide “over watch and scouting around”, there was no reason for Brandon to drop that mission, since he should have known that the road to Grant County went through the Malheur National Forest, with plenty of trees, rolling country, and many curves — ideal for an ambush. As far as not being notified, the meeting in John Day was well advertised as much as a week, or more, before that fateful day. However, it is probably much easier to be sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a meal paid for by contributions made to support the operation, than to take the initiative and scout the route. If they had done so, it is quite apparent that the ambush location was established at least a day before, when branches were cut from trees to facilitate firing positions, snowmobile tracks, and the entire ambush area prepared, and probably quite obvious, at least to someone who could “scout” an area — before, not after, the fact.

18:25 – 19:10: Brandon has both numbers and was going to give them to B. J. Soper, presumably to let him know that we are “working together”.

21:44 – 22:04: Here, Brandon includes the FBI, along with OSP, as having contacted him. Why they have so much faith in getting answers from Brandon is a matter for speculation, at this point.

22:32 – 23:22: Brandon says, “Well, we will work through it. It’s okay. And the, by all of us coming to gather, and then working together, it just makes us stronger”…. We then, finally, “shook hands”, over the phone — that is the honorable thing that real men do. Then, he says, “This is what we all need to be doing, working together and building our network, you know, larger.”

So, we end the conversation with what should be a good and honorable working relationship.

On the morning of February 5, I discovered that, without notifying me, nor having received that call that Soper was supposed to have made to me, the “Call to Action” at the blockade had been changed to a demonstration at the site of LaVoy’s murder. Though I don’t have the original message that I received that morning, the following is the wording from pacificpatriotsnetwork.com:

Stand down for the Feb 6

So, what had been discussed (above) was simply tossed out the window, the location changed, and raises the question as to the sincerity of Brandon Curtiss, as we have learned to expect from government officials.

My comment, with regard to this “working together”, then continues the PM conversation. Needless to say, Brandon Curtiss’ true colors were amply demonstrated, not only by this most recent episode, but not in the least, inconsistent with what was reported by Ryan Payne, Brandon’s asserting authority over any militia that came to Burns, his abrupt rudeness and unwillingness to talk in the early conversations, and finally, this attempt to obtain information, suggest that he was honorable, and then assigning the responsibility, not on himself, as leader of Idaho III% and PPN, but on Soper, who was probably never informed of the telephone conversation and the agreement to work together.

NOTE: Though one of the comments (Matt Grove) below links a questionable business practice, reports at the following link refers to Brandon Curtiss’ business, Curtiss Property Management, where there are two other reports filed explaining his character. They are not inconsistent with what is presented, above. He is, it appears, simply a “con man”, both in real life and as a “patriot”.


  1. 15Fixer says:

    Thanks Gary, I like reading your input, please keep up the good work.

  2. After reading this post, I’m quite frankly confused by what I read.

    It appears that the proposed support of the Hammond family, and/or this seizure and occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (or whatever it is), was doomed before it even began, due to the seeming lack of organization and planning, further complicated by members openly disagreeing with each other.

    From what I see, once the Hammond family, and/or the local residents of Harney County, Oregon and Burns, Oregon had publicized their rejection and objection to offers of assistance, the proposed mission should have been cancelled.

    Mission success depended on favorable perception by the news media and the general public, and that wasn’t happening.

    The situation was made worse when the original purpose of the mission (i.e., the unlawful prosecution and incarceration of the Hammonds) was apparently forgotten and even further ignored during the confusion accompanying the seizure and occupation of a deserted and rather desolate federal facility.

    (Oh, by the way, how were the occupiers “impeding federal employees” if the federal facility was closed for the Winter, and there were no federal employees working there?)

    Additionally, such a mission would have a much better chance of eliciting general support and sympathetic response if it were initially done during warm weather, and not during the harsh conditions of Winter.

    Originally, the idea behind all this may have been a good one, but it obviously devolved into the wrong fight in the wrong place at the wrong time, with participants looking like panicky buffoons.

    At least, that’s how I currently see it, based on what I’ve seen on the Internet.

    Then again, maybe similar complications arose among members and supporters of the Sons of Liberty prior to 19 April 1775, with all their petty differences cast aside, once those first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord.

    • rick says:

      Dear John,

      I am confused too. But from what I have gathered the Hammonds were threatened to curtail all communication with the Bundys et al or else. The threats were from the feds. Previous to those threats of lengthened incarceration and confiscation of assets, the Hammonds enjoyed conversations with the Bundys.

      The occupation, in my estimation, failed to procure a clear message. At first it was about releasing the Hammonds. Then it became about govt over reach. There were many conflicting reports along the way. Often, those reports were interceded with what I call amateur attempts. You have the Oathkeepers, the III, and others saying they will then they won’t. There was Pete Santilli basically screwing up by misreporting or highlighting a ‘fact’ when yet unverified. Of course he never missed an opportunity to talk of his new black hat or that he was cutting edge journalist (Ladies and gentlemen, this just in) Effing self promotion. The Bundy message was unclear and the reports were confusing. Too many amateurs involved, not enough substantive reporting. The people were unconvinced. It was an atmosphere ripe for exploitation. The only story that was gotten out with any consistency was that the residents of Burns were against the ‘occupiers’. Even that was a lie. Perhaps the biggest lie.

      In the aftermath, after the MSM went home, after the self-promoters had departed, we see that the people of Burns were decidedly supportive of the ‘occupiers’.

      In my estimation, the charge of ‘impeding federal officers’ is contrived, fabricated, made up. Just prior to making these charges it was reported that refuge rangers wanted to go back to work but they couldn’t because…because their HQ was occupied. If that isn’t BS I don’t know what is. So of all that came out of this, that is the one charge??? What about trespass or tampering with fed govt equipment or a whole host of things? Utter BS. And to tell you the truth, most people across the USA would buy it. Most of this country have little idea what has been and is happening in the 11 western states. Nor would they care. O, some banditos out west got what’s coming. Why would the rest of the country eve connect this to the restrictions of the general govt as contained in the US Constitution? Wait…what?

      As far as picking the season, you have a very valid point. But remember this was in immediate response to the Hammonds being recalled to serve their term. Thereby, do you wonder if the govt had something to do with selecting the season? Should Bundy, et al waited until the snow melt? Would it matter anyway since Burns is in the middle of the middle of no where? I’ve been in isolation and I like it. But it isn’t the place if I were to wont to call people to my aid. No matter what the season but yes the winter would make it more difficult. In fact, one could say that that the selection of winter was to cull the tough and ready from the herd. What herd? Well, the herd of a flaccid population of course. As in any society, no matter how grave the threat, but a few would answer the call to arms. Does 3% ring a bell? Hells bells, even Plato warned of this.

      As much as it pains me to say, I completely agree with you that this was the wrong time. Except that if we were to look upon this not with jaundice but to see it as akin to the 2nd strike (See, American Revolution) we may develop the perception that yet another intolerable act has bee perpetuated upon the people. This especially since what is by all accounts a kindly, genteel man was gunned down-murdered-in an ambush perpetuated under a conspiracy to deprive one of life. Oh yes was this an ambush. Absolutely yes. What must possess the thinking man is if him why not me? The cold blooded murder of Robert Lavoy Finicum was intended as a clear message to any one of us that dare stand for liberty. ‘We will gun you down and sleep soundly in our beds.’ Is this your land, is this my land?

      In any case, these folks who took a stand failed to get the message out. They failed to present a clear message and they failed to be consistent when the message ‘evolved’ from one issue to the next. God forgive me for what I am about to write, I can hardly believe I am to say this: this was amateur hour at the Malheur. They failed to get the message out, then they failed to be consistent. For shame anyone who promised backup. But they poibly are forgiven because the message was never clear even from the beginning.

  3. rick says:

    Jeez Louise, this all reads like a soap opera. It’s like the Keystone Kops for crying out loud except its real and about standing up in defiance against an over reaching govt. I understand there may be petty bickering but what you have presented rises to such a scale as to jeopardize the entire operation. That is unacceptable. You best get squared away. Look in the mirror to see who I’m talking to. I’m no fan of Brandon but by God I’ll lone wolf it to defend my liberty if the likes of all y’all is the alternative. BTW: all I have to establish my cred is that while flat broke I had my truck loaded and headed for Burns until Lavoy was murdered in an ambush. Effing A I’m serious. But you guys appear to be as comical as girls. As for me, I refuse to be co-opted by misfits. Show me where I’m wrong. I gladly welcome constructive criticism. But eff y’all if you think what you and Brandon have presented o various blogs constitutes the fight for freedom. God bless you.

  4. Matt Grove says:

    This is a completly different guy, and was a year and a half ago. Same MO, I didn’t see you mention it, but Brandon Curtiss even has corporation funny business going on like this guy.
    OAS had the same stand up/stand down going on. There were multiple times this Roberto guy tried in late night campfires, or overly long rides he would take people on he would start talking about trying to setup a false flag and things like that.


    Blaine Cooper, his real name is Stanley Hicks. He along with Santilli(brandon’s claimed inspiration) and some others pulled similar things to this with the militias going to the border.

    The level of skuldugery going on with these things is insane. I have really come to the conclusion that people are going to have to really put anyone who says they want to lead’s feet to the fire.

    Oh, that phone call thing to get it off of chat where it is easier to show what had happened than having to listen to an audio recording, it’s SOP.

  5. Sk says:

    In addition to my past dealings with Brandon, these are the reasons I never will be part of anything he is involved in. At minimum he is a bumbling fool… All the way up to an informant who is leading Patriots to slaughter.

  6. Paul Niblock says:

    Lesson to be learned? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  7. Yes, I have to agree with the soap opera and WE continue to get beat by the Divide and Conquer Strategy. He said, she said. If he/she/they are a part I/We am not a part, Trolls, schills, undercovers, snitches, rats, left, right! When does it stop and who does one trust? If I had that answer I would be set, but for now I am going on prayer, gut and FAITH! March 5th there is an event for LaVoy and the Patriots jailed in Oregon and the Patriots that have died and incarcerated before and there are many. I say start at the lowest level, your house , neighborhood, city hall, county seat, state capitol where ever YOU feel comfortable, but WE THE PEOPLE cannot continue to be divided and expect to get to the TRUTH of any of this and does it really matter OUR Country, State’s, Counties, Cities and houses are at stake. I don’t know I am just one guy in Gun Barrel City, Texas and I am moving forward or maybe it is backwards but I am moving. What else can one do, but move forward? #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas I will leave you with this short video from Kenneth Webb aka ChangeDaChannel https://youtu.be/Ulhn1Vk-B1I

  8. Jordan says:

    The refuge was NOT closed for the season – it was a holiday weekend. Therefore the employees were unable to work once the refuge was “taken over”. It was not abandoned nor in the middle of nowhere.

  9. […] you have to do is peruse the examples of miscreants like Jim Stach, Rick Light, Jerry DeLemus, and Brandon Curtiss in order to understand that not adhering to the biblical golden rule of “treating others as you […]

  10. Ken says:

    The militias are Fed front groups, especially Oath Keepers. I believe they are funded by George Soros. The only thing good to come out of this Oregon Standoff is that Americans now know not to depend on militias. They are false security. The better “militia” would be a real community of people being deputized by a constitutional sheriff or individuals (not organized militias) coming on their own to help. We all need to train on our own. Mostly, we need to do a complete blackout on the established militia organizations. Let the innocent members of these militia know they’re not Patriot groups and that being involved with them is just putting yourself out there for a roundup later, if it comes to that. Thank you for your work, Mr. Hunt.

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  13. Scott Amos says:

    Good article. I can tell you firsthand that Brandon Curtiss is nothing but a con man who robs little old ladies and service members serving their country overseas. He has stolen nearly $200,000 from a group of 30 people. Brandon is nothing more than a wannabe who lives in a fantasy world on other people’s (stolen) dimes.
    He has filed bankruptcy THREE times since 2001, has yet to pay back child support since 1991, cheats on his pregnant wife. God willing, he will soon be in jail where he belongs.


  14. […] I wrote “What is Brandon Curtiss?“, I had nothing but gratitude for Wolf.  He had stepped up when I was faced with Brandon […]

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  16. Al Hinds says:

    Brandon saved Lives in Burns Oregon on the 26th of Jan and in the days after….

    I will stack my life on that, cause I had some real time lintel that had that whole set up as a kill zone 40-60 miles square centered on the refuge. They was ready and waiting for any and all patriots that responded to Lavoys Murder…
    They had 15 Black water in Burns that AM Jan 26th, another 30 in Bend Oregon, 15 in Klamath Falls Oregon and another 20 in Ontario Idaho supported by Fbi, state police and sheriffs from other counties, in all four locations….


    26 January 2016

    Pacific Patriot Network – Oath Keepers – III%
    Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release

    They was ready, wanted a Blood bath of the utmost perorations. Him order a stand down, calling ‘Broken Arrow” saved god knows how many lives…. but he took heat from hot heads that do not believe or comprehended the lintel…..

    On January 26, 2016, Ammon Bundy Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Brian Cavalier, Ryan Payne and LaVoy Finicum were involved in a traffic stop between the town of Burns and John Day, Oregon. They were on their way to a meeting with local ranchers. Ammon Bundy, as well as the passengers of his vehicle were stopped, arrested, and taken into federal custody by the FBI. We can confirm that one man has been shot and taken to the local hospital and that another was shot and killed. We can also confirm that separate from the traffic stop, both Joe O’Shaugnessy and Pete Santilli were also arrested and taken into custody.

    It has come to the attention of PPN that many individuals are responding to this news as a ‘Call to Action’. The Pacific Patriots Network is issuing an immediate “STAND BY” Order to all those who are mobilizing to the peaceful city of Burns, Oregon. We will not pursue any action until all of the facts have been pieced together regarding the traffic stop and the arrest of Ammon Bundy. During this time, cooler heads must prevail. We do not wish to inflame the current situation and will engage in open dialogue until all of the facts have been gathered.

    Again, we must reiterate the current standing order. No mobilization of any kind is to take place until every piece of speculation and hearsay have been verified or dismissed. We will maintain the high road and continue to communicate with federal officials until a complete time line has been developed. In light of recent events PPN continues to support a peaceful resolution to the occupation of the refuge. As more information is made available to the PPN it will be released accordingly and via the appropriate channels.

    Pacific Patriots Network Media Team

    Pacific Patriots Network

    Update: January 29, 2016

    In light of the events that have taken place in Harney County, Oregon over the last two days, the official Pacific Patriots Network statement is as follows:

    PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff’s Department along with the FBI in the shooting death of Mr. Lavoy Finicum.

    PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff’s Department along with the FBI in the execution of arrests associated with the people at the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

    PPN condemns the DISHONEST tactics used to arrest Jason Patrick on January 28th. Mr. Patrick’s safety, well being and emotional state were compromised when the FBI lied not only to Mr. Patrick but to PPN representatives trying to assist with the PEACEFUL removal of people at the MNWR. The FBI stated to Mr. Patrick and the PPN that he was “free to go.” Mr. Patrick walked 7 miles in sub freezing temperatures only to be arrested at the checkpoint north of the Narrows.

    PPN condemns the false statements given to the public by the FBI, Harney County Sheriff’s Department and the Harney County officials.

    Calling on any and all Americans to come to Burns, Oregon to come to the aid of the American people standing against these violent, malicious and deceitful tactics. Come stand together with other Americans, and express our Constitutional right to PEACEFULLY assemble and air our grievances.

    This operation will demand the following:

    – Immediate detention by Oregon State Police of the FBI special agent in charge along with all agents and LEO involved in the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum. A first hand eyewitness account presents reasonable cause for arrest while the investigation takes place.

    – Immediate removal of all militarized FBI personnel and equipment from Harney County. All State and County Law Enforcement officers are not included and requested to stay and assist in the process to keep the peace.

    – Immediate resignation of Judge Steve Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, County commissioner Pete Runnels, and County commissioner Dan Nichols.

    In order to successfully accomplish our mission, we will need any and all Americans to PEACEFULLY assemble within Burns, Oregon immediately. The success of this mission depends fully on the number of people that will come to PEACEFULLY stand and demand the items above be initiated.

    A letter of intent will be legally served on the FBI special agent in charge at the time of Lavoy Finicum’s death, Judge Steven Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, Dan Nichols and Pete Runnels by January 29th, 2016. We will request to escort the FBI presence out of Harney County, Oregon and once complete, the attention will return to the resignation of the County elected officials.

    PPN is dedicated to a PEACEFUL operation. If you have any ill intent, please do not come. We do not need you. Please come prepared with civilian attire and adhere to the policy of no long guns within the community.

    Please come self sufficient and able to care for yourself for the time you plan to stay. Donations arrive daily but they are not sustainable for a large or lengthy contingency.

    We ask that you email us at volunteer@pacificpatriotsnetwork.com if and when you are planning to come and stand in Burns, Oregon

    Brandon Curtiss
    February 10, 2016 · Meridian, ID ·

    We are in a standby mode, the FBI has the refuge surrounded. No one is able to get close to the refuge, people need to understand that you can not just walk in there. We are still in Burns and monitoring the live stream. Please stay calm and keep cool heads. Those who are praying people now is the time to come together and pray fore these guys. God be with them……

    Bj Soper
    February 7, 2016 ·

    I want to take a moment and spread some light on the last topic of discussion about David Fry’s last video.
    I believe David does not understand what people are involved in PPN. David and Sean both talked to Brandon Curtiss. I personally had the calls mixed up but I was in the room with Brandon when we he talked to Sean and there are people that will confirm that Brandon indeed talked to David at 230am last week…
    I believe David is under the impression that Brandon Curtiss is only Idaho 3% president. When in fact he is also a founder of PPN, just as I am with 3 others. I do not think David understands this, hence the reason for his statement.

    I want to clarify my point of view here. Brandon and myself, along with many others have been in Burns for a very long time now. We talk on a daily basis and stand side by side for most the day, so we are fully aware of what each other knows. Brandon of course shared these 2 conversations with me.
    With that information along with comments made by the FBI, reaffirming David and Sean’s position, when I contacted them one last time before our plan was cancelled on Saturday, I MADE THE CALL TO CANCEL THE PLAN ALONE. Now believe me, I trust the FBI here about as far as I can throw them, but they confirmed these comments made. I was not going to endanger people coming to assist in a peaceful plan when I could clearly see it was no longer achievable and the risk of a violent reaction from both law enforcement and the refuge was possible.

    So say what you will about my choice. It’s on my shoulders only and it was based on the information I had at hand at that time. I was not going to risk more bloodshed.. It’s not needed nor is it wanted.

    Let me make this crystal clear . If you are looking for a violent fight, go find another group to follow. If you are wanting blood for blood, go find another group to follow. If you are hoping a civil war starts here in burns, don’t bother being a part of PPN. That’s not what PPN is about, nor has it ever been. Taking up arms has to be the very last option. We have a duty to exhaust all other avenues prior to taking up arms. So call me what you will, that’s where I stand and will continue to stand.

    We are not walking away from the issue. We are simply looking for another plan to try and help the situation resolve itself peacefully and without any more AMERICAN blood being shed on either side of the line. Saturday’s plan was not going to succeed, and the smart move was to cancel and work on another avenue. I’ve said it all alone. You don’t like what we are doing, we are open to ideas. But you will have to BE HERE in order for us to talk about it. Typing on the keyboard doesn’t cut it anymore.

    To all the people that were on the road to help when the cancelation came, I am sorry. I would love to hear from you and tell you thank you for dedicating. For everyone else that talked and complained, hopefully next time you can put your money where your mouth is.. I don’t want to hear the story’s about why you could or would not come. There are people here that have it way worse, I can promise you that, but they have come to help regardless.

    It’s not over and we are not done trying to help…

    Part One

    February 4, 2016

    [ click here to download full training manual ]

    In the recent weeks the Pacific Patriots Network has been involved in the ongoing situation in Burns, Oregon. Though members of the network were not and are not involved with the continued occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge buildings, we have been and continue to research the reasons behind the continued abuse of the people of Harney County.

    The situation in Harney County and the corruption is so extensive that reports will need to exposed in a step-by-step process on each issue. The issues to be exposed include the dealings of Steve Grasty and his involvement in the Sage Grouse environmental aspects as well as involvement with and for the Free Masons along with involvement with environmental extremists, BLM/DOI, and his direct involvement in the abuses of the Hammond family. Next Brent Grasty, brother to Steve, who is involved in the continued abuse by BLM against citizens and their personal property via his employment with the BLM Vale District. Grasty’s wife, Cynthia Grasty, and her involvement in with environmental extremists. Pete Runnels and Dan Nichols will also be exposed for their personal gains which are directly related to the continuous fight for conservation projects and continued Federal Land Management in Harney County. Former Sheriff Glerup and his abrupt resignation will be exposed. The outlandish expenditures of the Refuge itself on supposed necessary research and volunteer expenses. The interest in minerals in Harney County by Private Corporate Giants and evidence thereof. The Department of Interior’s direct disregard for the rights of the people and their personal property, specifically the Hammond Family. The list goes on and on and the corruption starts at the county level, through state government including the current and previous Governors, and lands at the feet of Washington D.C. and the Secretary of the Interior. The evidence and documentation is overwhelmingly, but in case anyone is worried the evidence is secured across the United States and Internationally as well.

    We will begin with the training and policies of the United States Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers.

    Documents were provided to the PPN and provide proof of the continuous forward movement in mentality of the Federal Government and Law Enforcement associated and employed by the Federal Government toward a militarized police state.

    According to policy 054 FW 1 – Serious Incident Notification Procedures

    Section 1.5 – “What is a serious incident? A serious incident is a law enforcement incident, emergency condition, unusual event, or homeland security concern that could focus public interest on the Department or the Service or result in inquiries to the Secretary of the Interior of the Director.”

    Oh well we wouldn’t want the focus of the public to be on law enforcement since that might mean they need to be held accountable for their actions.

    Section 1.7 “What incidents do you report to the Service Duty Officer?”

    Sub – section A. “Serious Incidents Servicewide: Table 1-2 summarizes the types of serious incidents you must report (see section 1.8 for information on how and when).”

    There is a long list of events under this section but specifically under bullet point number 3 titled “Criminal incidents” is listed “Demonstrations involving civil disobedience.” Further down on that same list is “Crimes that might result in significant media or political attention.”

    This continues to forward the less than transparent attitude of law enforcement on a large scale.

    Moving on we see in the course materials for the LEFS-R/E 1502 Law Enforcement for Supervisors Refresher continued militaristic traits being taught.

    On the Agenda page the scheduled event for Wednesday, 06/17/2015 is “Use of Force & Human Performance (Hold on, this one is going to be GOOD)!” which according to documents was to be taught by Ken Tassie, DHS FLETC (Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center)

    In the training materials section titled “Personal Liability Litigation Against Federal Employees” the section titled “When this briefing is over, you will:” which explains the benefits of committing an offense while on duty “Understand that your risks are low. Rest Assured legal counsel will almost always be available to you. Appreciate powerful legal defenses that can be raised on your behalf.” This section is taught by Paul Michael Brown, Senior Counsel, Constitutional Torts Staff, Torts Branch, Civil Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice.

    Further in the lesson there is a section that explains why the attorney will retire in his current job titled “Unfortunately, Business is Good” where bullet points explain some of the reasons why Federal employees are sued including “Some segments of society hostile to government” and “Agenda litigation by those opposed to government policies.”

    This would lead us to believe that LEO are ingrained with the idea that people are against them because they are against unjust administrative policies and procedures. Continued statements throughout this section of the training manual further prove this belief, those include:

    “Continuous tension and scrutiny of government conduct vs. the citizenry”

    “Claim: Bad Motive or Retaliation, Strategy: Be a good Bureaucrat”

    “Challenges to Searches” in reference to the section showing common arguments to amendment rights.

    “Miscellaneous Personal Legal Issues: Liens against personalty (assumed to be personal) and realty filed by kooks.”

    In another section where it is described the possibility of a critical incident such as a shooting while on duty titled “Emergency Interim Rep” it states “Problem: Criminal investigation by locals, Solution: Private counsel at govt expense”

    Under legal defenses we again see it stated further that “For state law tort claims, federal employees enjoy absolute immunity” and again reinforcing their absolute immunity by stating “If employee is nevertheless sued, he is entitled to substitution of the United States in his place”

    The next discussion point in the training section is the pros and cons of federal employees securing insurance it is stated “Insurance not really necessary: Risk is low, DOJ almost always available, Powerful legal defenses, US often co-defendant” which shows the continued promise that federal employees can act as they wish because they will “be covered.”

    The next section to pay close attention to is titled “Law Enforcement for Refuge Officers” is it stated under “What is Jurisdiction” it is stated that the broad definition is “The governments general power to exercise authority over all persons and things within its territory.”

    Under the next section “Refuge Law Enforcement Program” in the portion specific to “Region 1 Major threats and Issues” which covers Idaho, Oregon, and Washington states, it states “Growing Anti-Federal Government Sentiment.” It is significant to mention that this is the only “region” that mentions that specific issues or “threat.”

    Under Chapter 2 titled “Oath of Office and Management of Law Enforcement Authority” we see the oath taken by federal law enforcement employees, which is closely related to the oath taken by other forms of law enforcement. It should be noted that under the oath is stated “(Using the phrase ‘So Help Me God’ is discretionary and depends on an officer’s religious affiliation)” It is becoming customary to remove God from every aspect of this nation.

    In the last section “An Introduction to the Federal Wildlife Canine Program” on page 38 under the “Drug Search” section it is stated “Ask consent to search the vehicle’s interior (Just to see their reaction), Do not tell them you are going to use a K9.”

    As stated at the beginning of this report, we are seeing a continued push to train federal law enforcement with the mindset that people do not have the right to stand up and ask questions when they feel their rights are violated. Also, we have seen that the training being received by these officers promises them time and time again that if they step outside of the bounds of citizens’ rights they will be protected, in other words giving a free pass for officers to abuse citizens.

    Frankly it sounds like instead of wanting to work with the 3% of Idaho, the 3% of Oregon, the PPN and Oath Keepers. You actually wanted action, you wanted to force a conversation with the Feds…. But they where not Feds. Black Water hired KILLERS is what you had there…
    I am sure that you yourself was dealing with a over abundance of contradictory information from inside the refuge, from outside, from people that claimed they was inside, but never was…..rumors from locals, lies from the Media and Law enforcement.

    I personally was up for 8 days, from the 26th of January until after Lavoy was put to rest with his family….I spent every minute sorting out everything, vetting the truth and slamming those that where only posting to see there words on the screen.
    So did you even know that Black Water had that entire area, every road in and out within there “kill box”?

    If you would have pushed on the block aid, tired to force your way in, you would not have even known from witch direction death came from.

    Plus it was already FIRMLY established by the 3% of Idaho and the PPN, that there was no BE NO

    “Again, we must reiterate the current standing order. No mobilization of any kind is to take place until every piece of speculation and hearsay have been verified or dismissed.”

    Posted on the On January 26, 2016. That was posted in the ppn web sight about an hour after the signal went out “Broken Arrow”… the stand down, go to ground code.

    You all sit back and take weeks digging up all of this BS in order to attempt to Monday Night quarter back the big Game….. Only problem is, missing lintel, as well as lack of training in Physiological warfare.

    Asked your selves a question. Why is the leadership of the 3% of Idaho and the PPN being targeted so blatantly from local News papers, blog posts, even desertion with there own ranks?

    Ask yourself why Melvin Lee the Patriot leader of the Patriotic Warriors that swore that Mark was NOT AN INFORMANT… or Stewart Rhodes that RAN and left the Bundy’s, up and PULLED all of his men out from BunkerVile in 2014 cause he received lintel that the government had authorized a DRONE STRIKE ON THE RANCH? Why are these guys being drug out over the coals like you all are doing The 3% of Idaho Leadership? Why are they not being hammered by the press or even on social media?
    Why has the phys-op not reached them? Why is it focusing on Brandon Curtiss and the Idaho Leadership?

    That is simple once you understand the MindWar, and understanding how our intelligence agency has disestablished, created civilian uprisings in other countries that went on to over through the government that was not “kissing” our ass enough….

    Or how they use there Mocking Bird Program agents to bash political treats, opposition to there agenda by manipulating then people against them….
    Disinformation 101.
    So why the Full court press on Bradon a the 3% of Idaho get so much attention?
    They PISSED off the wrong people, established themselves as a verified treat…. I mean after all, by standing down, and maintaining that stand down ….. by taking the heat from all the pissed off hot heads that wanted to rush in guns blazing…. saved LIVES and upset there mission objective.
    Witch was a mass execution of a few 100 pissed off patriots.

    Franky, I will stand behind the man that is under fire from everywhere. Cause that is the Man that has the establishment nervous.
    I stand with the man that has the traitors worried.

    Not those that the Government, as well as there undercover Mocking Bird Agents are avoiding…. No way in hell. If the Media is not attacking there character, not hammering them, but are instead “Protecting them” by avoiding any Articles about them, just like the have done for Hillery these past years…. avoiding the truth, and attacking alternative media for posting the truth of her criminality….

    Flat out repeated acts of treason.

    So yes… By simple deduction, I stand behind the 3% of Idaho 100%…… and I support there decision to NOT escalate the situation in Burns last year.

    So slam away…….
    God Bless.

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  22. Harold Poole says:

    A good 80%. Already are previous convicted criminals and felons. Because of their records and lack of educational opportunities,. They embrace the fringe lunatic fringe fantasy beliefs and made up law and history to try and convince or con others to support them or their bizarre loser lifestyles to get some kind of respect from other losers and finance their living expenses. White trash especially the gay phone cowboys.

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