Burns Chronicles No 8 – Active Patriots v. Passive Patriots

Burns Chronicles No 8
Active Patriots v. Passive Patriots

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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 16, 2016


“…As to the history of the revolution, my ideas may be peculiar, perhaps singular. What do we mean by revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution’ it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington. The records of the thirteen legislatures, the pamphlets, newspapers in all the colonies ought to be consulted during that period, to ascertain the steps by which the public opinion was enlightened and informed concerning the authority of parliament over the colonies”.

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson      August 24, 1815.

I believe that Adams’s description of the Revolution, being the period in which the populace transitioned from faith in government to distrust of government, is probably appropriate for the 18th century as well as today.

Since Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas, we have seen a very substantial change in the attitude of large portions of our people, with regard to the government. The recent murder of LaVoy Finicum, with the full knowledge that those who murdered him will have absolute and complete protection from the government, is indicative of that distrust. The question, however, is not about that distrust, rather, which of us are truly Patriots, and which are only pretend patriots?

There was a transition, 241 years ago, where those who were loyal to the Crown and presumed that they would never fight against their government, found a moment in time had come to decide as to whether to maintain that obedience to the government, or take up arms against it.

On April 19, 1775, that time had come. Those within a reasonable distance of Lexington and Concord, thousands of them, picked up their arms and ventured out into the beginning of a struggle that would last for another six years. They left home and family, not knowing if they would ever return. They crossed the line, not because of what had happened to them, but rather what had happened to their neighbors, many of them from other colonies.

As word spread through the other colonies, many thought the problem was only between Massachusetts and the Crown. In time, they realized that the violation of the British Constitution and the loss of their “Rights of Englishmen” were in jeopardy, just as in Massachusetts. They, then, chose their course. They became Active Patriots.

The passive patriots that had not bought or drunk tea were split. Some became Active Patriots, while others remained passive patriots, throughout the Revolutionary War.

We are at that point in our history where we are facing quite similar circumstances. Some have already become Active Patriots, while others, though appearing to be active patriots, are, in fact, passive patriots, or worse.

The passive patriot simply needs to sit back and watch the world go by. Perhaps he might express support for the Active Patriots, or for their cause, or even make contributions to that cause, financially, or otherwise. But at best, he is a sideline supporter. Some might be more active by participating in interim forms of government, such as Committees of Safety.

Some of those passive patriots went to Burns, Oregon, recently. They were willing to demonstrate, carry signs, sound off in public meetings, and show support for those Active Patriots who had taken a step in Civil Defiance by opening the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge administration area to the public.

Of course, the Active Patriots went armed; the Second Amendment does provide for the “security of a free State”, which they had declared the Refuge to be. However, they made clear that the arms were solely for self-defense, and those who had the opportunity to visit the Refuge during these events found that the people inside were peaceful, unoffending, and courteous to all who visited them. They were not the haughty bureaucrats who normally occupied those buildings. And, those who visited them, without nefarious thoughts on their minds, were clearly passive patriots.

Now, there is a third side to this equation. We don’t find them in the historical context. But, we find them in proliferation in our current era of “revolution”. These are the ones that would have traveled to Concord to discourage colonists from firing on the Redcoats, diverted them to another activity (perhaps carrying signs or pitchforks), or perhaps even have told the British what the Active Patriots were up to.

Today, however, they are comprised of people who want to take charge; they want to control the situation; they may even want to help save the lives of Active Patriots by convincing them to submit to arrest. And, they will tell others that they were simply trying to avoid any bloodshed — even after blood had been shed. Let’s refer to them as false patriots. (See The Burns Community)


Those who went to Concord knew that blood was to be shed. The idea is to shed the blood of the enemy, and endeavor to keep your own from being shed, however, that consequence was a part of the effort.

During the course of events in Burns, there were many who contacted me, and others, asking whether the time had come. These were Active Patriots, simply waiting for that day we all know was coming, but not wanting to simply go to an event (Sugar Pine Mine; Montana Big Sky Mine) and camp out, away from family and digging into their own purses to act out a role. They really wanted to know if the British had fired on colonists, and if the colonists were going to fire back.

Some went to Burns. Some remain, and some have since left. They were insufficient in number to have any effect, because the false patriots had done everything that they could to divert as many as possible in the wrong direction.

If others are ready to go to a barricade and protest, or possibly for other purposes, they might divert them to over fifty miles away in a gesture of sympathy for a life lost. So, let’s look at the three, and put them in rather simple terms.

Active Patriot — One who is ready and willing to take up arms, regardless of costs, affect on family, or fortune, and is committed to the cause to that extent. These would properly be considered the real III% that are willing to take up arms.

Passive patriots — These are those who will go to varying extent to support the Active Patriot, by any number of means. They are the support every army needs, and they do so, willingly. Often, their activities might put their lives at risk, but that is inconsequential to the completion the efforts that they have begun. Time and money are their primary contributions. These are the Supporters of the III%.

Finally, we come to the false patriot. His actions tend to support the enemy, whether through disruption, diversion, intelligence gathering (frequent communication with the enemy), and often the attempt to discredit or ridicule those who are of the other classes. These people are not patriots; rather, they are, in fact, simply false. In years past, they would be referred to as “culture vultures” or “patriots for profit”, if their concern was primarily their monetary gain. However, others might be more accurately defined as “snitches”, “informants”, “spies”, or worse.

Since we have progressed from Civil Disobedience, where one might get arrested and spend a few hours or days in jail, to Civil Defiance, where we stand, firmly, against the enemy, and endeavor to turn the continued encroachment of our rights, then we can fully expect that the time will come, soon, in which the line is drawn and the point of no return has been reached. It behooves us to identify which role our neighbors will take. If they are to be Active Patriots, or passive patriots, then we are in need of both. However, if they are false patriots, then they need to be excluded from any aspect, no matter how mundane, of our work. They need to be expelled from our community, for they serve no useful purpose, except that purpose which serves the enemy.


  1. Obbop says:

    I believe the militia movement lacks the needed leadership of the quality of the Founders. I also believe that hearts and minds of the masses need to be won by today’s freedom fighters before any attempt to defy tyranny has any chance of success.

    Those are my opinions and with a couple bucks will buy a cup of lousy luke-warm coffee.

    • ghunt says:

      Hearts and minds must have something to attach themselves to. If there is nothing to pursue, ain’t nobody going to pursue it.

      • T Guiney says:

        I so very heartily agree with you Gary! We now have those who are denigrating the sacrifices that those Patriots in OR made! You description of the false Patriot seems to fit them to a “T.”
        The language being used to describe the righteous anger felt by those who believe that LaVoy was unjustifiably shot, and in a premeditated way, and was murder are being defamed by these “false patriots” using Alynskyite tactics, such as calling them “Ambushers” and stupid and a host of other names.
        So, instead of rallying around the flag in this instance, they seem to be doing everything in their power to denigrate the efforts of the True Patriots!
        Oh, and how should we categorize those who chosen to run, or hide, now that the feds are saying that they are coming for people with lying indictment documents?

  2. The tree of liberty should not be watered in unfertile soil, therefore discretion is the better part of Valor. To much of Oregon I say this, “fuck you”. The blood of Patriots is reserved for those worthy of the responsibilities of liberty, places such as Adderholt ranch, TX and Oak Flats AZ, not some bird sanctuary in a state with a lesbian Governor. Nothing against lesbians, just libtards.

  3. jakeandcrew says:


    Have you seen this, yet?

    The FBI cut and pasted the video they released. This guy has proven it. This link is to part 1, there are subsequent posts at that site (up to part 7 so far).

    The video has been altered – big time.


    • ghunt says:

      I was a photogramatrist in the Army. Of course, it was film, not digital, back then. We used aerial photography for 95% of our analysis.
      I read parts 1 and 2 and think that he is guessing. What is clear, however, is that the imagery was downgraded.
      If I remember correctly, the date/time was always on the upper left. There is more data now, since GPS and other technical advances have taken place. The obscured data would give a of of information, including, altitude, orientation, latitude/longitude, camera and vehicle ID, etc.
      What is clear is that the imagery was downgraded. The date/time stamp should be bright white and crystal clear.
      What we called “screening” then is where a screen, which obliterates some of the detail can be placed over the negative and mask out some detail, not really changing anything. In the digital age, this is probably much easier.
      The 26 minutes of what the FBI first made available was 159 megabytes. I obtained a 1.4 gigabyte version that is clearer than the other version, but still not as clear as should be expected. I doubt that they did what the guy suggests, though they may will have downgraded the imagery for the sake of size, for if they cut out portions, like the 4 minute stop when Ryan Payne got out, people would accuse them of editing the footage. So the may have reduced the quality to accommodate easy downloads.
      I have seen many theories evolve from the footage, but, at best, it is conjecture. I will not draw any conspiracy conclusions from any of it.

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  8. Van says:

    It is a little confusing where the line is between protesting and fighting a war for independence. One need not protest to death. Sometimes it looks like some are fronting like they are going to fight when they are just protesting. I think there are many Patriots in all facets of government and other walks of life that will not hesitate to take action when the time comes. They are needed to stay incognito and not sign their name to a roster or protest but they are there and they are helping to guide public opinion as they they stay prepared. I have a much contact with many warrors from all walks of life and I speak from my vantage point. Information exchange helps clarity.

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