Montana Malfeasance – Jesse Newsom Sentenced and in Prison

Montana Malfeasance
Jesse Newsom Sentenced and in Prison

No FirearmsGary Hunt

Outpost of Freedom
July 19, 2016

I had not heard from Jesse Newsom since our phone conversation, shortly before his arrest, back on July 10, 2015. However, to keep informed, I am on the FBI mail list, and received an FBI Press Email on July 25, 2015, with the following notice:

JESSE WADE NEWSOM, a 28-year-old resident of Cascade, appeared on charges of felon in possession of a firearm. If convicted of the charge contained in the indictment, NEWSOM faces 10 years in prison, $250,000 in fines and three years’ supervised release. The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Since that time, none of the contacts I had that knew or were in touch with Jesse had any idea what had happened to him.

I had been checking PACER to see if I could follow the story, when I found the following minute entry:

07/31/2015 – Terminate Deadlines and Hearings as to Jesse Wade Newsom: Discovery ddl 7/30/15. (SLR, ) (Entered: 07/31/2015)

Then, all was silent until I receive a letter from an inmate in FCI Littleton saying that Jesse had read the article that I had written about him, and that he liked it. This lead to establishing communications with Jesse, both via email (CORRLINKS) and letter.

Jesse is appealing the conviction, so he has little that he wants to go public with. However, he did say that the prosecutors had tried to use my article (written from public records and our conversations, before he was arrested), against him. They also used Facebook postings and other pictures obtained with the Search Warrant (self-incrimination?) against him, as shown in the Government’s Exhibits.

He was convicted for Felon in Possession (18 US Code §922(g)(1)) (the same as KC Massey), and sentenced to 34 months in prison. He is at Littleton, Colorado, Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. I’m sure that he would appreciate hearing from fellow patriots, as he, too, is a victim of a government that is more concerned with prosecuting Americans than with dealing with immigrants who have entered our country illegally or with malicious intent.

Jesse can be reached at:

Jesse Newsom 13743-046
FCI Englewood  – Lower East
9595 West Quincy Ave
Littleton Colorado  80123


  1. Sovereign Bastard says:

    Gary, thank you for the update on Newsom. Do you have an updated address for Wolf at this time? I would like to send him some more mail. Thank you for your time, Sovereign Bastard.

  2. Sovereign Bastard says:

    PACER Case Reference. 15-41

  3. sovereign bastard says:

    That is a shame about being scared and intimidated. That is the root disease in this country and possibly the world. The disease of FEAR. If we could all stop being controlled, directed and forced by FEAR, we might actually have a decent place to live as individuals. I would be happy to have a talk with anyone who believes that they have rights that the rest of us don’t seem to have. When FEAR consumes us, we stop living and all decisions in life are made out of reaction instead of action. That is the opposite of Liberty, it is an empty vessel of a life, and I for one have no interest in this FEAR based life anymore. No one has a right to initiate violence against you and when they do, defend yourself and kill them DEAD !

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