Camp Lone Star – Massey is in the Hole

Camp Lone Star – Massey is in the Hole

Maybe there is more to this than meets the eye

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 6, 2017

I’m going to piece a story together from some information I was provided by a friend. I can’t yet confirm the veracity of the story, though in writing it, perhaps the truth of its accuracy will eventually be established.

It begins in a federal prison in Texas. The prison has the main blocks (behind the wall), and a less secure area known as the “Satellite”. It is in the Satellite where the following people and events occurred.

To begin with, there must be someone in authority who can allow certain things to happen, and to make other things happen. Let’s call that person “Mz. Ruiz”. She works for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and is involved in setting, or changing, release dates for prisoners. She is also the Case Manager for Massey, who recently ‘advised’ him that his release date had been moved from December 7, 2017 to January 8, 2018. Though Ruiz blamed the change on the Resident Reentry Manager, as you will see, there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

Ruiz had also made accusations against Massey, saying that he had threatened her on the phone. However, when the Lieutenant that investigated the matter reviewed the recorded phone calls in front of Massey, there were just a number of derogatory comments about Ruiz, no threats, at all. Apparently, her claim was concocted, and the charge was dismissed. Ruiz told Massey that she would never talk with him, again, unless his counselor or a Unit Manager were present

One of the prisoners, Cody Mayfield, is in Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, and even as a federal prisoner, he manages to keep his Facebook page going. He also seems to have a very good relationship with Mz. Ruiz. He seems to know when there will be inspections, or investigations that are trying to catch him operating his illegal gambling operation.

When he pressured an inmate to pay up on a gambling loss, the inmate threatened to turn him in. Instead, he relieved that debt and hid his gambling equipment until the SIS (Special Investigation Squad) searched, and found nothing. It seems that he must have the support of someone within BOP to manage to always avoid the bullet. What led to this incident was the debtor that owed the gambling debt, contacted his wife and told her about it. She then called the prison about the money her husband owed to Mayfield for the gambling debt.

It appears that Mayfield also borrowed $150 from Massey, about 7 months before to pay some gambling debts. However, he has yet to repay the $150 to Massey. Not a good character reference, considering the Facebook posting.

The next player in this soap opera is Danny Contreras (Daniel Armando Contreras). Danny, according to sources, brings in about 90% of the contraband that comes into the Satellite. Danny appears to be Mayfield’s source for steroids and needles. Danny must have some good connections, and some of what he brings in is “K2”, which is a Synthetic marijuana, and was found in the autopsied remains of New England Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez, who died in prison. The K2 was considered as contributing to Hernandez’s death.


He is also described as a “flaming homosexual”, and has a sexual partner (punk) named Joey Cooper. Danny is also quite prone to allege sexual discrimination, whether guard or prisoner, if he has cause to dislike the person.

Danny and Joey have frequently been caught in the shower, together. Now, this may be distasteful, but it is a fact of prison life, and indicative of the types of people you might encounter, should you ever go to prison (God forbid). It seems that just before the change in Massey’s release date, a pile of feces was found on the shower floor. It was presumed by most that Joey was the source and Danny was the cause — of this mishap.

Well, Massey made light of this incident, including names. Joey, being one of Ruiz’s pets and snitches, was quite upset over being blamed, and probably went to Ruiz with a complaint against Massey.

That night Massey’s locker was searched, and the guards found “a lighter, cigarettes, and some leafy green substance”. The lockers have combination locks. Massey never had any concerns, so early on, in the Satellite, he stopped locking the locker, and eventually even forgot the combination. He figured that there was nothing to steal, and that if someone did steal from him, he would deal with it, as necessary.

After the locker was searched, Massey was taken before a Lieutenant. He was tested for drugs, but tested clean. In  subsequent Disciplinary Hearing, where he was given 30 days in the hole, 60 days without privileges, and lost 14 days of his “good time”, only because of the cigarettes and lighter. Subsequent lab drug tests did clear him of any drug charge.

Remember Mayfield? He owed Massey $150. But, Massey is pretty much out of the way and unable to collect, since he is back behind the wall. Mayfield’s buddy, Danny, and his “punk” Joey, don’t like their episode in the shower mocked. Mz. Ruiz doesn’t like the way Massey talked to her.

So, who can really say if they set Massey up? It’s just that the circumstance and the combination of people that seem to suggest that a setup, by those four, is the most logical conclusion, based on what we do know. Perhaps, considering the relationship between prisoners and an employee, it also gives a little insight into just how drugs get inside of the prison walls.


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  1. Paul Niblock says:

    I’ve been told by friends that drugs are just as available in county as outside and that guards will trade contraband for favors. I also have a brother-in-law that is a custody specialist for county. He hates his job but likes the pay.

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