Camp Lone Star – The Hole Gets Deeper

Camp Lone Star

The Hole Gets Deeper

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
November 7, 2017

About an hour after I posted yesterday’s (November 6, 2017) article, I went out to get the mail.  There was a letter from Kevin “KC” Massey, from his hellhole in Seagoville, Texas.  This is beginning to play out like a “B” movie, however, this time; I think that I should give it to you in Kevin’s own words.

Now, before we begin, there have been some comments that the last article just might get Kevin in more trouble than he already is.  In the letter in which he gave me the information for the story, he said that he wasn’t a writer, and wanted me to put it in my words.  He knows that this either will serve for good, or will make things worse.  Being the man that he is, he is willing to take that risk.

One more thing before we get on with Kevin’s own words.  I am on the FBI press release mailing list.  After I read Kevin’s mail, I check my email and, well, I found this waiting for me.  Perhaps a sign that things are getting more honest in government, and I surely hope so.  So, you can read it for yourself:

ECI Correctional Officer Sentenced to 46 Months in Federal Prison for Racketeering Conspiracy

Now, for Kevin’s story:

“Well today, I had to go to another DHO hearing on the “green leafy substance” that they said was found in my locker.  After sending it to a lab to determine its chemical composition they threw away the lab report and found it was a narcotic based on the “NIK” test.  A Lieutenant told me the NIK test is not reliable or accurate.  They (BOP) asserted that what was suspected for it to be “K2”, but K2 is not illegal, nor is it a narcotic.  Convenient how they can decide to use an inadmissible, unreliable test over a laboratory Test.

“Anyway now they hit me with another sanction on top of the one for the cigarettes.  41 days loss of good time, 60 days in solitary, 180 days more of no phone, visits, or commissary.  This could cause me to have to do all of my “time” up to May 20 2018.

“My only hope of getting out soon is the Supreme Court or my 2255 motion.  These motherfuckers are gonna fuck me until the last drop.

“The DHO bastard also read me my rights then boldly denied me my rights.  The Hearing was recorded so I am going to appeal it.  He said I had a right to have a staff representative and I had a right to have witnesses on my behalf.  Then he said I refused my rights, but he couldn’t produce any document I signed waiving any of my rights.  He only had a document signed by me of my enumerated rights with my signature and the statement without prejudice.  I told him that specifically means I wasn’t waiving any rights by my signature.  He still said I had waived my rights.  It is all “recorded” supposedly.  I’ll bet somehow the recording will get lost.  They have no conscience about lying or fucking anyone over.


So, you can see that Kevin’s “hole” just got deeper.  His only hope, now, for not serving until May, is that somebody in government, with the proper authority, investigates how these mini-kingdoms exist within the prison system, as they did in the FBI article, linked above.

Let me explain about the Supreme Court and the 2255 motion.  Kevin’s Supreme Court, Petition for Writ of Certiorari was filed on May 23, 2017.  The Supreme Court has over 9,000 cases submitted, every year.  They go through all of them and decide which ones they will hear.  The rest simply fill a filing cabinet.  On June 8, the Solicitor General waived his right to file in opposition to Kevin’s Writ.  On June 15, the case was Distributed for Conference, the Conference to be held on September 25.  .  This is where they decide which cases they will hear.  On August 29, the Court Requested a response from the Solicitor General.  It was due to be filed on September 28.  On September 29, the Court extended the filing deadline to October 30.  The Solicitor General then filed his response on October 30.

Here is the Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

So, what does this mean?  Well, more than likely, they will hear Kevin’s case at the Supreme Court.  Surely, the Solicitor General waives filing, probably quite a bit, having to deal with thousands of cases.  Since the Court required that they file, it would seem that there is some interest in the case.  Otherwise, it was easy enough for it to just get filed with the others that they are not going to hear.

The 2255 motion, a Habeas Corpus for someone already sentenced and serving time, that he mentioned is on stay, since you can’t have the Habeas Corpus being heard the same time a Certiorari is heard.  So, that will die, if he prevails at the Supreme Court, or will come up to be heard, if he does not prevail at the Supreme Court.

So, Kevin’s ride with the government is getting even more interesting.  The prison wants to screw him until they can screw him no more.  However, if he prevails at the Supreme Court, a lot of people currently in prison for Felon in Possession may just find a way out, and those who have been charged, or who might be charged, will be less likely, under certain circumstances, of going to prison.

For those that pray, please do.  One for Ruiz and company to get their just deserts.  The other prayer, that the Supreme Court will move us closer to the Second Amendment, as was intended by the Founders.

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