The National Straight Beer Boycott

The National Straight Beer Boycott


In an article on the “gothamist” (Brewers Pull Out of St. Patrick’s Day Parade), it is reported that Guinness, Heineken, and Sam Adams, have decided to boycott both the New York and Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parades. The reason is the banning of participation by “gay (queer) groups marching openly” in those parades.

Now, there have been many efforts to impose an economic impact on certain products, in the past. Most notably, they gasoline industry with the “don’t buy gas on Saturday” type campaigns. However, these had little, if any, impact, because you would buy gas on Friday or Sunday, have no impact, at all, on the industry. After all, there was no alternative. Gas is gas, and wherever you buy it, the cooperation between the various suppliers, doesn’t allow an appreciable impact on any single producer.

Beer, however, is different. There are many different brewers, some of whom will not attempt to social engineer you, or a Parade, into political correctness.

It is up to you, the beer drinkers, to turn the tables on the insidious practice of 6% of the population imposing their morality upon us, by such threats from their community to intimidate other industries to support their cause in this manner.

Let’s hit these people where it hurts — in their bottom line. Patriots should never put another dime in the pockets of these transgressors, and they should encourage their friends to do the same. Boycott the boycotters and drink beer only from those brewers who don’t attempt to impose their will on us — only to provide good beer.

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