The End of the Bundy Affair (maybe)

The End of the Bundy Affair (maybe)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
April 12, 2014

Though I have been in touch with one of the Bundys, I haven’t been reporting on it.  Surely, there is more coverage of this event and activity than any in recent memory.

That, however, brings up something noteworthy.  At Waco, a call went out, early in the siege.  Less than a hundred people showed up.  Later, in April, another event was called by local Texans.  That had a bit better showing of perhaps 200-300 people.  That, however, was the extent.

Since that time, a number of organizations came into being, though many fled after the Murrah Building Bombing.  Some, however, stayed, quietly prepared for such an event as has just occurred.  It is that preparation , and subsequent new entries into the patriot community that were far more prepared to deal with, by whatever means necessary, the Bundy affair.

So, what is the outcome?  Well, BLM says that they are backing down out of concern for the safety of government employees, government contractors, and the public.  However, they failed to mention that they had bribe inspectors and an auction house in Utah to ignore laws requiring cattle health certification and branding laws — to avoid rustling of cattle, which is exactly what they were doing — as each of these (safety and branding) would have required Cliven Bundy to sign the certifications, as the owner of the livestock.

They also ignore the fact that the patriot community has, for the first time, responded, in large and growing numbers, to the VR Ranch, in opposition to the government’s activities.

The foundation for the government’s claims rests with the desert tortoise.  They wanted to designate this as a preserve that would protect them and allow them to safely prosper.  However, that is a load of, well, cattle poop, as cattle poop, in itself, is one of the best things that can happen to such critters.

In the past, nature had wildlife that roamed, and pooped, in this area.  Man has moved most of them out into other realms, leaving little to supply the wants of the tortoise.  However, in a recent article on Canada Free Press ( that argument is made for what it is — cow poop.  A study demonstrated that cattle poop is salvation for the tortoise, and that it can prosper because of it, and will struggle to survive without it.

Probably most important, however, is the fact that patriots responded.  Cliven Bundy put out a call.  Unfortunately, the patriot community, in many instances, chose to implant their conspiracy theories into the story, explaining that the reason behind the government actions had to do with _____ (fill in the blank).  Simply put, it had to do with the government taking control over as much of the public lands as possible, thinking that the public is the government, not the people, themselves.

The efforts of the government to misrepresent, and to utilize means described in “Vortex” (, they could not sway the distaste of government intrusion in our lives from the concern of so many who answered the call.

Most important of all, however, is the fortitude of Cliven Bundy and his family, who really were willing to put their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” on the line for a cause they believed in.

Second, those who did answer the call deserve our profound respect, as they took from their time and resources, and responded when the call was given.

And, finally, to those who supported the Bundys, by others means, believing that the government was wrong and devoted their time and energy to support, as best they could, those who were in need.


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