Burns Chronicles No 41 – Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones)

Burns Chronicles No 41
Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
October 16, 2016

Notice: Because of her extremely biased judicial discretion, Judge Anna Brown has ordered that I remove the information that I obtained from a ‘prohibited’ copy of the Discovery for the trial of the defendants in the Malheur Occupation trial. I have fully complied with that order and removed all of those portions prohibited, according to that order. All instances of removed text will be marked “[REDACTED]”, which is the same method the government used in depriving information that should have been available to the defendants, as well as you, the reading public, with factual information needed in order for you to make a fair and logical assessment. The FBI redactions were the government’s efforts to “protect” their army of paid informants, but they did a lousy job, as I was able to identify them with the unredacted text.

On October 11, 2015, the initial Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board (AB) held their first meeting. Each meeting had an agenda and the AB members agreed to record the telephonic meetings, for the record. The recordings were then place in a Dropbox folder, accessible only to the AB members. There was also a private mail-list group set up, again restricted only to AB members.

The AB was comprised of five members. The only member that was known only by one other member, Ryan Payne, was a retired military officer named Dennis Roy Dickenson. Dickenson had endeared himself to Ryan when he was going to fly up to Montana on April 10, 2014. The meeting never occurred, as Ryan had left for the Bundy Ranch on April 7.

Mr. Dickenson had provided his DD-214, as was required of all members of the AB who claimed prior military service. Of his 21 years of service he was in “intelligence” for over 19 years, and left the service, honorably, as a Marine Lt. Colonel.

Under the agreement of all of the SB members, I had set up the Dropbox account and the mail-list group. The Dropbox is rather simple where only designated people have access and large files can be transferred up and down in the background. The mail-list group access panel is limited to designated individuals.

Dickenson volunteered to be secretary to the AB, and was designated, just in case I was inaccessible, to have access to the webpage and the mail list group. He was given the access passwords.

We held weekly meetings and special meetings, when necessary. In every case, agendas and recordings were made available to all members of the AB. In the first recorded meeting, on October 11, 2015, Dickenson, when asked about minutes of meetings, stated that since we had the recordings, he saw that there was no need for written minutes. However, as we shall see, Dickenson did make minutes of the meetings, and promptly turned them over to FBI Special Agent Mark D. Seyler, as well as recordings, emails, and other information regarding Dickenson’s vocation as a spy.


In hindsight, reviewing the recordings from that first meeting, Dickenson, when someone mentioned “we”, or any indication that something someone was talking about implied other participants, he always asked who the other participants were. He also sought detail on every subject, in every meeting. Now, this could be attributed to a desire to fully participate, and it could be a desire to gain information.

The FBI uses form “FD-1023”, also known as “CHS Reporting Document”, for agents assigned to an informant to provide information, based upon their communication, face to face, via text or email, by phone, or even secret messages, to be placed into the record. “CHS”, of course, refers to “Confidential Human Source”. The following information is from those 1023 forms. They are marked, at the bottom left corner, “Dissemination Limited by Court Order”.  So, let me make this perfectly clear — I have no intention of “disseminating” the documents, nor am I bound by any “Court Order”.  I am writing about a Public Trial, which was held in September and October 2016.  Had I access to these documents during that trial, I would have written the same article that I am writing now.

A Public Trial, as intended by the Founders, was guaranteed so that we could judge both the alleged crimes of the accused and the role of the government.  This article, and subsequent articles on the subject of informants, is about the role of the government.

Given the background, above, we can clearly see that the government has no intention of spying on the people that created that government. This reeks of George Orwell’s “1984”, to the greatest degree possible. The government had no reason to believe that OMD or the AB had any intention of doing anything illegal. The purpose of OMD was to evaluate situations, and if the situation had merit, as determined by the AB, then a call out would be made to the followers of OMD. If any illegal activity was discussed, it was discussed only to the extent of whether something would be illegal, or not. However a call out would be consistent with the rights preserved by the First Amendment; Speech, Assembly, and Redress of Grievances. In some of the matters brought before the AB it was determined that there was no lawful standing to pursue a situation, ending discussion on that matter.


Recorded meetings were held on October 11, 18, 25, and November 1, 2015. With the exception of the above, we find the first written 1023 report dated November 3, 2015. It deals with separate phone calls with AB members. The first mention in the 1023s of the Hammonds was based upon a call with Ryan Payne:


The background checks were approved by the AB as a requisite prior to acceptance on the board. Dickenson’s background check was also provided to the AB.

Later, that same day, another 1023 is filed regarding a subsequent conversation with Ryan Payne:


On November 5, 2015, we get to the reports of the meetings, the “minutes” that Dickenson did not want to write for the OMD-AB, but was more than willing to write for the FBI, It begins with:


Note that “Dennis Jones” is participating in the meeting. However, there was no Dennis Jones, only Dennis Dickenson. This is a lie to the FBI, and is consistent throughout the reports.

In other 1023 reports, if the CHS is involved, they would report that “Initially participating in this meeting were Tim “Nailer” Foley, CHS, Gary Hunt, and Jon Ritzheimer.” So, apparently, and informants can lie, so long as he is working for the FBI. And, in reviewing the recordings with the 1023 reports, there are many instances of Dickenson either lying outright, or twisting the truth to a point that is appears to be opposite of what really transpired.

Regarding the Hammonds, in that same meeting:


So, peaceful plans are still being considered. There was the possibility of something that might force a confrontation, if the Hammonds agreed to ask for help. However, Dickenson, in his parenthetical, make OMD a “militia group”. It had been made clear from the beginning that OMD was like a Committee of Correspondence. That is was NOT a “militia group”. However, he wants to suggest a different purpose – a form of demonization of the organization that he is a part of.

Interestingly, in this meeting, a discussion of what AB would do, under three different situations, ensued. It was broken down to “three doors”. Door #1 is would AB act if the Hammonds agreed to allow OMD to be called out in support of them. The votes was unanimous, “yes”.

Door #2 was would the AB consider a call out of the Hammonds would not express support, but would not come out in disagreement with a call out. Again, it was a unanimous vote of “yes”.

Door #3 was whether the AB would call out through OMD if the Hammonds were opposed to any action in support of keeping them from going to prison. The vote was three for not becoming involved and two were for involvement. Those two were Ryan Payne and Dennis Dickenson. Was Dickenson’s vote an effort to encourage such activity? It was not addressed, at all, in the written report.

Another matter that he did not mention though the AB found it both interesting and disconcerting, was the fact that Ryan reported that Brandon Curtiss had agreed to work with the Sheriff, to help the Hammonds or support the federal government, whatever the Sheriff decided to do. I had previously link that report on the Brandon Curtiss article, though it can be listened to HERE

As we continue through the documents, Dickenson reports every detail of any possible action. Basically, he provided the minutes that he declined to prepare for the OMD-AB. He has 20 known and more possible reports. Those 20 constitute 41 pages of the 230 pages of 1023 reports. He is, perhaps, the most prolific writer of the informants.

Many of his reports are outside of the meetings and are based upon phone calls with members of the AB.  Many of those calls were to or from AB members at the Refuge.

On two occasions, once before the occupation of the Refuge and once during the occupation, Dickenson says that he will travel from Florida to meet AB members, though when the time gets near for his trip, his wife has some medical procedures that forestall the trip.

It seems rather strange that someone who took an oath to the Constitution, and served over twenty years under that oath, would turn against the Constitution and spy, for his government, on its own people.



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