OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #4 (151101)

OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #4 (151101)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
March 8 2018

These audios are being released because the government misrepresented, by cookie-cutting phrases, and presenting out of context statements in their documentation. The documents are “Governments Sentencing Memorandum” (docket 2519) and “Review of OMD Advisory Board Meeting Recordings” (docket 2519-1), which are for the sentencing hearing on Ryan Payne, who plead in the Malheur Refuge case.

It must be understood that what OMD AB was doing was gathering information to present an accurate account of circumstances surrounding an event of possible interest to the patriot community.  We have all seen people asking for help from patriots. Some have merit, some don’t. However, most often, you have only the explanation given by the person asking for help. As we progress through these audios, you will see that people have requested help, but an investigation resulted in finding misrepresentation of certain facts.

As with any brainstorming session, all possibilities, even to the extreme, should be considered, as they aid the thought process in finding the most viable solution. Often the discussion tend toward the hypothetical, as an exercise in the evaluation process.

Audio #4 – pages 15-19 of the 91 pages.
The audio can be found at 151101-OMD-AB_meeting.mp3

November 1, 2015

Ryan Paine gives feedback on those who have been waiting to have such an entity to review possible situations that warrant attention.

Jon Ritzheimer to fill the missing seat (#5 was recommended via email during the preceding week.). Dennis (informant) agrees. Discussion of Ritzheimer continues. A discussion regarding the background check we are using comes into the discussion. A vote was taken, unanimous, that Jon Ritzheimer fills the fifth seat, his duties to be Planning.

While waiting for Jon to call in, Ryan and Dennis discussed military planning.

Jon called in. He affirmed that he understood the purpose of OMD. Dennis makes a point of wanting to get to know Jon better in private discussions. Discussion continues with clarification and other matters with Jon.

Back to the Agenda, Cliven Bundy is to be contacted regarding a training event being held on his property.

Red River, previously discussed, the owners having state support regarding their ownership of the questionable lands. Contact will be made by Ryan, through Cliven,  then I will be brought in for backgrounding the problem. Discussion regarding Oathkeepers and the apparent conflict in interest was discussed.

The Refugee issue is next in the discussion. The issue is still a general discussions as to how to implement a plan that can be used in any states to develop an intervention plan.

Next is LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy is still interested in OMD support. The question of Booda’s role I briefly discussed. The assumption is that he will be Personal Protection for LaVoy, which would not impede the OMD role.

Next is Phil Lyman (Recapture Canyon). Lyman is awaiting sentencing. Background was given to bring Jon up to speed. This was not an OMD (pre OMD formation) operation, and OMA (Jerry Bruckhart refused OMA support. Ryan did participate and OMD was looking at support for Lyman.  The OMD participation was whether Lyman was going to resist arrest.

Cleaves is net. Ryan is going to make initial contact.

Veterans on Patrol. Lewis has acquired larger tents, which would be available to us. Logistically, they have sufficient food supplies.

Islam is discussed. Does OMD have a role if a municipality doesn’t want a mosque but the federal government wants to force it on them does, OMD have a role? Hunt suggests that we begin discussions of where the OMD role would come into play. A discussion ensues on the subject of Islam. It is determined that this discussion should be continued, at a future date.

The Syrian Refugee subject is brought back up. The question is whether the real refugee problem is a trickle rather than the apparent flood of refugees. Montana is attempting to create a Committee of Safety that would direct the militia to conduct interrogations of refugees, as had been previously discussed. Jon suggests that we encourage local government to refuse accepting refugees. Ryan compares Missoula with California, with regard to accepting Syrian Refugees. This is balanced against Jon’s recommendation of encouraging the municipality to refuse accepting the refugees.

Close Order drill is discussed.

Status of OMD, in response to Jon’s question. It is explained why there by no legal recognition of OMD. Ryan explains that many who will follow OMD may never make public their association with OMD.


Ryan mentions Tom Dyman, who was later exposed as an outside informant in the Malheur Refuge Occupation. Ironically, the issue of whether he is government, or not, was a part of the discussion. Dennis jumps in with support for Dyman. Does he know something?

Discussion of Spiro and Daboo 7 as resources.

Discussion of possible Response Coordinator. Named John, who was an Oathkeeper, who left because it was an armed protest and felt that being armed was wrong.

Discussion of background, policy, etc., of OMD for Jon’s benefit. The concept of majority versus consensus was discussed, with weight on consensus.

No report by Dennis or Gary. Tim absent. Dennis wants to track Ryan’s movements.

Ryan, and possibly Jon, will be here in Northern California, by the next meeting.

Return to discussion on Tom Dyman. Tom was part of Montana Defense Forces. Offered property to host training. He was not known until after Bundy Ranch. Ryan even suggests that Dyman may have moved in on the movement with the intent to be brought into the fold, as an informant. The question of whether he was working his way in was bought up as plausible. Enhanced review was determined to be necessary.

Meeting adjourned.


The Power Point presentation that was discussed in Audio #3 is now available, and can be downloaded at Mission and Organizational Structure.

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