OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #3 (151025)

OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #3 (151025)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
March 5 2018

These audios are being released because the government misrepresented, by cookie-cutting phrases, and presenting out of context statements in their documentation. The documents are “Governments Sentencing Memorandum” (docket 2519) and “Review of OMD Advisory Board Meeting Recordings” (docket 2519-1), which are for the sentencing hearing on Ryan Payne, who plead in the Malheur Refuge case.

It must be understood that what OMD AB was doing was gathering information to present an accurate account of circumstances surrounding an event of possible interest to the patriot community.  We have all seen people asking for help from patriots. Some have merit, some don’t. However, most often, you have only the explanation given by the person asking for help. As we progress through these audios, you will see that people have requested help, but an investigation resulted in finding misrepresentation of certain facts.

As with any brainstorming session, all possibilities, even to the extreme, should be considered, as they aid the thought process in finding the most viable solution. Often the discussion tend toward the hypothetical, as an exercise in the evaluation process.

Audio #2
The audio can be found at 151025-OMD-AB_meeting.mp3

October 25, 2015

(RP) Response Matrix is not completed

Area 51 – Sheehan property has been taken. Valuation is pending. Impractical project.

OMD Sign Off – Discussion of a closing for any correspondence. tabled.

Discussion of Tim Foley’s flag rally. Other miscellaneous discussion, including Lewis Arthur (VOP); Unity in the patriot community.

Previous discussion on “Raven” yielded no results. Finished.

Brief discussion of McVeigh and government war tactics.

(GH) Webpage – information provided, though page not up.

Discussion of use of names in public presentation of officers of OMD-AB, what effect? Initial consideration of Jon Ritzheimer in fifth seat of five seats. Voted in favor of use of names with titles, however when to publish names carried to next meeting. Dennis Dickinson (informant) will just be shown as “Dennis”.

Agreed that Degree of Involvement will be published on website, only 1 through 4.

All members will do background checks, including existing members. The failure of this system is that Dennis Dickinson (informant) was approved based upon background check.

Any fundraising will be held off until BTFA (Bear True Faith and Allegiance) is operational and in a capacity to raise and distribute funds to OMD. OMD will not raise funds under OMD.

Reports on various in progress preparation, by function.

Note how Dennis Dickinson (informant) was the audio put up ASAP. Apparently, FBI wants immediate access to information.

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