OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #5a & 5b (151105)

OMD Audio Recording Series – Audio #5a & 5b (151105)

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
March 10 2018

These audios are being released because the government misrepresented, by cookie-cutting phrases, and presenting out of context statements in their documentation. The documents are “Governments Sentencing Memorandum” (docket 2519) and “Review of OMD Advisory Board Meeting Recordings” (docket 2519-1), which are for the sentencing hearing on Ryan Payne, who plead in the Malheur Refuge case.

It must be understood that what OMD AB was doing was gathering information to present an accurate account of circumstances surrounding an event of possible interest to the patriot community.  We have all seen people asking for help from patriots. Some have merit, some don’t. However, most often, you have only the explanation given by the person asking for help. As we progress through these audios, you will see that people have requested help, but an investigation resulted in finding misrepresentation of certain facts.

As with any brainstorming session, all possibilities, even to the extreme, should be considered, as they aid the thought process in finding the most viable solution. Often the discussion tend toward the hypothetical, as an exercise in the evaluation process.

The November 5,2015 meeting was in two parts .Ryan Payne was not available during the first session (5a) and when he became available the second session (5b) was held.

Audio #5a – pages 20-22 of the 91 pages.

Audio #5b – pages 23-29 of the 91 pages.

The audios can be found at: &

November 5, 2015 – First Session (5a)

Approving Tier 2 member, in preparation for the “grand opening”, going public, with OMD. Spiro approved

Determining coalitions instead of command structures is the proper approach. (This approach will be discussed in a later meeting.)

Arizona Border Recon (ABR) to be sanctioned. Discuss getting tents donated to have them available, should the need arise. Sanction approved. ABR is sanctioned.

Awaiting Ryan’s report of meeting with Dwight Hammond.

Discussion about a Grand Jury. This is not the ones that you are familiar with. This Grand Jury come out only with a probable cause Indictment, and is a function of Committees of Safety ( ).

Ammon’s suggestion that we obtain the Hammond’s allotments, start fires, and see what the government does.

Tim gave a report on some of the operations on the border.

Discussion of homeless veterans on ABR and Hammond operations.

The Discussion moves to Islam, and potential to get state governor to file against Islamic teachings  from the Koran.

Meeting recessed until Ryan is available.

November 5, 2015 – Second Session (5b) (Continuation of previously continued meeting)

Discussion on the Hammond matter. Ryan and Ammon Bundy met with the Hammonds. Hammonds confirmed that the government wants to take the Hammond’s ranch. Hammonds indicated that they didn’t want support from anybody, Dwight Hammond was not present. Steve Hammond is willing to go to prison.

In a previous between Ryan with Dwight Hammond, he, like Steve is willing to go to prison.
Letter from the Bundys suggest that we have an obligation to defend the Hammonds, whether they want help, or not.

Then discussion about a meeting with the Sheriff (Ward). Ward wanted to hear about what happened at Bundy Ranch. Ward stated that he would not allow the federal government to take weapons, though he would not allow violence, of any sort, in his county.

Ammon’s scenario was presented to Ward. Ward would not comment on the subject.

Lengthy discussion of whether OMD can take an action without the consent of the Hammonds. Discussion ensues over the right of choice of the Hammonds to want our help, or not. (This demonstrates the purpose of OMD with a larger board.)


Voting regarding “Door 1”, tacit support -Affirmative.

Voting regarding “Door 2”, Hammonds agree not to turn against us – Affirmative.

Voting rereading “Door 3”, Act without the consent of the Hammonds:

Closed: Hunt, Foley, Ritzheimer
Open: Payne, Dickenson (informant – holding the more violent and unsupported position)
“Door 3” is closed.

Discussion on the same subject continues.

Note: Discussion regarding Pete Santilli would be only with regard to a demonstration. Santilli was not knowledgeable about this discussion, and has made this clear in subsequent disclaimers. He was never in support of anything beyond the demonstration, and was never aware of anything beyond the demonstration until he decided to cover the takeover of the Refuge.

Dickenson wants one of the Bundys to join the conversation.

Confirmation that Payne and Dickenson supported “Door 3”.

Decided that we need to get more information from the Hammonds before any final decision can be made.

Random discussion for the remainder of the recording.


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